Be the first to get ¥300 in your wallet – Download Janbox mobile App


Janbox is giving away ¥300 for all customers who are downloading Janbox app.  So what are you waiting for? Download Janbox app now to get more outstanding vouchers

1. Vouchers for everyone

 Janbox app is an application of Janbox on mobile to help consumers experience buying Japanese products and door-to-door shipping more quickly and easily.

From October 15, 2021, download the Janbox app on your phone and log in – users will immediately receive a gift worth ¥300 for shopping on Amazon Japan, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, and more.

On the first day of launch, Janox mobile app has gained a lot of interest and downloaded apps on both iOS and Android operating systems. With the Janbox app, as long as you have a smartphone connected to the network (3G wifi), you can actively buy and auction Japanese products at home.

Caroline Beth – One of many customers of Janbox said: “It’s so easy to buy Japanese goods at home! I normally use it through the Janbox website, this is the first time I use Janbox mobile app and it’s really convenient. After downloading the app I received ¥300 in my account and really happy about it since I still have vouchers ¥3000. It saved me lots of money and I really satisfied with it 

2. How to download Janbox app – receive ¥300 in your wallet

With just a few simple steps below, you will immediately receive ¥300 into your shopping wallet:

Step 1: Download the app through the link:

CH Play link:

Appstore link:

Step 2: Open the app and sign in/login

Step 3: You will receive 300 vouchers in your J- Point wallet. All you have to do now is shopping with a ¥300 voucher.


– This is only used for customers who have never downloaded Janbox mobile app before.

– The money can’t be transferred into cash. 

Download Janbox App
Download Janbox app now!!!

3. Why should you use Janbox mobile app?

Besides many attractive promotions, the following outstanding advantages will be the reasons why you should download the Janbox app today:

  • Convenient: With only a smartphone, users can buy Japanese products from everywhere, every time
  • Easy asset: Janbox application with an easy-to-use interface, supports 5 languages.
  • Update the shipping process quickly: All the notifications about the shipping process will be updated every step for customers to follow
  • Specialize offer for Janbox app: Thousands of attractive deals are updated daily on Janbox’s app!

What are your waiting for? Be the first to get  ¥300 in your wallet by downloading and login in/sign-in Janbox mobile app. 

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