Top 15 Best Japanese Clothing Stores Online To Buy

Top-15-Best-Japanese-Clothing-Stores Online-To-Buy

Shopping in Tokyo is a fantastic experience, but what if you can’t go to Japan but still want to order Japanese clothes? In this article, Janbox will show you the top Japanese clothing stores online that offer high-quality Japanese clothing and ship globally! These are all genuine Japanese goods, and the majority of the websites ship straight from Japan! So, if you’re seeking to get some incredibly adorable Japanese fashion online stores, make sure to keep reading with Janbox!

1. Top 15 Best Online Japanese Clothing Stores

Technology is rapidly evolving and dominating the modern world. As a result, establishing online shopping sites and placing their items on the official websites of clothing companies aids in making their trademarks known throughout the world. Japanese clothing stores online not only help merchants reach more clients, but they also make it easier for shoppers to find the goods they want. Here are 15 Japanese apparel brand websites for your convenience.


Uniqlo is an online clothing brand that has been in existence since 1949. They have activewear, formal wear, and casual wear available. Department shops already exist in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

How could this list be complete without mentioning this fashion behemoth? You can create an account on Uniqlo website to check prices and place orders. Uniqlo is a Japanese apparel retailer that specializes in casual wear.

Uniqlo’s wearability sets it distinct from other brands. Every item they sell, from basics to new collections, is timeless and can be worn right now as well as ten years from now. This transcendental character is what genuinely distinguishes them. They take pride in their traditional aesthetics. Uniqlo’s popularity and cult following can be attributed to its ageless aesthetics.


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This isn’t to say that the company is trapped in its ways. Uniqlo is constantly experimenting with new product categories and forming new collaborations with well-known celebrities and other creatives. Walt Disney, local anime artists, and other artists have collaborated to create a variety of apparel for people to wear.

People may be confident in their style when they choose a reputable brand like Uniqlo, and their apparel quality is second to none. The brand is known for its consistently high quality, and its fabrics are always skin-friendly and come in fashionable styles.

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1.2. BAPE

Bape, which stands for “a bathing ape,” has been around since 1993 and is considered one of Urahara’s pioneers. Nigo, who has collaborated with Pharrell Williams and Hiroshi Fujiwara, founded the company. For more than two decades, it has served as a hallmark of modern Japanese street fashion.

BAPE is a well-known brand within the fashionista enthusiast group. BAPE will pique your interest if you enjoy a modern lifestyle and a slick streetwear aesthetic. With 19 locations across the country, the company’s success can be attributed to its founder’s foresight and commercial acumen.

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While foreign buyers may remember BAPE for their long-awaited collaborations with Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, and Kid Cudi, no endeavor can compare to their collaboration with the Hello Kitty brand. BAPE’s hallmark designs, such as graphic tees and camouflage prints, are still available today. Jackets, pants, knits, footwear, and accessories have all been added to the collection.

Unfortunately, BAPE does not ship internationally, so fashionistas outside of Japan will have to rely on alternative shipping channels like Janbox. Easily buy Bape products from Japan through Janbox.

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COMME des Garçons, one of the most well-known Japanese fashion brands, was founded by Rei Kawakubo in the 1970s in Japan. The brand manages to create a remarkable balance between avant-garde fashion and practical day-to-day wear. They continue to get a lot of attention and admiration from both fans and critics due to several remarkable accomplishments that no other Japanese brand has achieved.

Although the CdG clothing line was born in Japan, they display their best work during Paris Fashion Week, the Met Gala, and other renowned events. If the audience closely follows the brand’s display, they will be overwhelmed by the sculpture-like outfit and theatrical presentation.

1.4. WEGO Online Store

If you’ve ever visited Japan, you’ll be familiar with the WEGO fashion store chain, which is immensely famous among young people! It was founded in 1994 in Osaka. The shop sells a wide range of trendy items, including kawaii and streetwear.

WEGO is also known for its energizing mix of casual and Harajuku-style clothing. The objective of this brand is to provide the most fashionable clothing to young people in their twenties. Because they are so in tune with the pulse of fashion, they have grown to become a household name among the youth, with over 150 stores across Japan.

WEGO is known for collaborating with other fashion houses such as Kappa and Disney. These items are only available at WEGO and have gotten a lot of attention from fans and industry insiders. Because of these unique collaborations, fashionistas have continued to flock to WEGO to obtain these limited-edition items.

WEGO recently created its website, so you don’t have to go to the store to get your hands on the latest collections. The site is also available in two languages: English and Japanese, making it incredibly user-friendly. Simply visit their websites and place an order in the blink of an eye. WEGO, on the other hand, does not deliver abroad. There are a variety of workarounds available, including using the bundled package forwarding platform or proxy services.

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1.5. GU

If you like to keep up with the newest trends but are on a tight budget, GU may be able to help. It was created in 2006 and sells basic clothing. GU, which is owned by the same corporation as Uniqlo, is seen as a cheaper counterpart of the other lifestyle clothing brands without sacrificing quality. It’s a well-known apparel business that offers both basic and modern and stylish items at reasonable pricing!

GU’s flagship product is a pair of jeans that costs only $990! Traditional Japanese garments such as yukata and kimono are also available. Traditional clothing is sometimes prohibitively expensive, but one Japanese brand makes it accessible without sacrificing its authenticity.

GU’s products are mostly basic, but it does occasionally showcase unique ones that represent Tokyo’s fashion culture – from eye-catching designs to funky embellishments, you’ll be surprised at what this iconic company comes up with. Collaborations are also encouraged at GU, particularly with local artists and brands.

One famous cooperation is with the popular anime series Sailor Moon, which offers graphic tees and other limited-edition items. Unfortunately, GU does not offer international shipping — but, like WEGO, there are workarounds. You can access the website and buy anything you want.


ZozoTown is Japan’s largest online fashion retailer with over 700 popular brands. ZOZO, a custom-fit apparel business, and ZOZOSUIT are two of its subsidiaries. Like ASOS, ZOZOTOWN is a popular Japanese website that sells a large range of brands and items. The site is fancy without the expensive costs, and it’s available in English under the brand name Buyee. 

With the website Zozo, you may buy shirts, shoes, jeans, and much more for a few hundred yen and up. Used items from well-known brands such as Chanel, Nike, Beams, and United Arrows are also available at discounted costs. Every product has many photographs to introduce it, and browsing is a lot of fun.

They offer two separate shopping pages: one for Japan and one for the United States. Zozotown does offer international shipping, however, there is a distinction to be made. The Japanese site exclusively ships to all prefectures in Japan, whereas the US sites ship to many other nations across the world.

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Mercari is a customer-to-customer marketplace on the internet. The sellers on this site are unusual in that they can be anyone. This program allows users to trade used goods and create flexible delivery options, making it ideal for selling both new and used clothing. The Japanese culture of preserving commodities and products is what attracts many fashionistas to Mercari. Many old things with no evident flaws can be purchased for a fraction of the retail price.

Mercari website is available in two languages: Japanese and English. Each company exclusively caters to its buying domestic market and does not offer international shipping. If you want to buy something from Mercari Japan, receive the link, and leave the rest to an overseas shipping provider.


Rakuten is sort of like a cross between Amazon and eBay. Many of Rakuten’s products come from a small number of resellers, which can include brands or manufacturers, but certain things can also be sold directly by customers. Rakuten is truly Japan’s largest e-commerce behemoth since it offers so much more than just apparel. If you like Japanese cosmetics, electronics, or home appliances, or any other type of product, you’ll be able to find your favorite items. Rakuten’s products are both reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

Rakuten’s items are always in demand, with the inexpensive ones worth every penny, thanks to their healthy mix of wholesalers, manufacturers, and small resellers. All resellers who are willing to fulfill orders abroad are included in the international version of the site. While this version of Rakuten is more limited than the original, it is nevertheless a viable option when there are no suitable alternatives or local sellers for the goods you require.

As Japan’s No. 1 auction and shopping website, with a global English edition, Rakuten enables international shipping. Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, and Diners are just a few of the payment options available.

1.9. BEAMS

Beams has been around since 1974 and has already gained a significant international following. Beams is a clothing business that also sells home items, interior décor, furniture, accessories, and shoes. Beams, an international favorite label, offers a full unique appearance for purchase.

Beams has long been a well-known Japanese clothing company, and we think they’re worth mentioning if you’re looking for a nice place to buy Japanese clothing online. While not as well-known as Uniqlo, Beams is a small fashion chain with locations around Japan. Some of Beams’ major department stores include nearly seven stories of merchandise and items.

Beams offers a wide range of products, including shoes, handbags, trousers, shirts, casualwear, and classic wardrobe components. The artwork that goes with Beams clothes is funky and comical, which adds to the enjoyment of the discovery process. Beams cater to youthful Japanese consumers and avoid techniques that make them appear to be high-end items.

In reality, their success can be attributed to their unsurpassed quality at a relatively low price. If you want to buy Beams clothing from another nation, please remember to use their packaged World purchasing option as directed on the website. Another alternative is to select your purchasing service and pay that provider directly.

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If you enjoy Japanese culture, one aspect of it that will most likely pique your curiosity is their traditional dress. Salz Kimono is a fantastic website where we can get all of our antique kimono and yukata needs addressed. They sell not just authentic Japanese clothing as souvenirs or gifts, but also a diverse range of graphic t-shirts, outfits, and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Salz Kimonos online store ships worldwide, and the greatest part is that their delivery times are quite quick. If their present selection doesn’t appear to fit your style, you can make your kimono with your unique twist. The made-to-order service offered by Salz Kimono might be a godsend for anyone looking to construct their version of this unique Japanese attire form.


Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth that has already dominated much of America’s online buying experience, has a sizable presence in Japan as well. Amazon Japan website, on the other hand, has a distinctly Japanese flavor to it and functions similarly to Rakuten. Amazon Japan also has several products that are only available in Japan. If you’re looking for affordable Japanese clothing or resellers with a wide range of products, Amazon Japan is a great place to start.

While not every seller on Amazon Japan ships abroad, you’ll be astonished by what you can find. If you want to purchase Japanese clothing, make sure you use the “Integrative” filter. While not every seller on Amazon Japan ships abroad, you’ll be astonished by what you can find. If you’re looking for something from Japan, make sure to turn on the “International shipping” filter before starting your search.

Amazing runway outfits, on the other hand, may not be very practical in everyday life. Check out their Play range if you’re looking for something more informal and wearable. Get all of the finely designed T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sneakers and get a taste of the CdG brand’s inexpensive entry-level luxury.

All of the garments with the renowned heart logo can be purchased from resellers or stockists in Japan, as it is difficult to obtain goods from the COMME des Garçons Play range in Japan. Comme des Garçons has a large online consumer base since it features an amazing selection of men’s fashion as well as a more inexpensive luxury brand. 


Peach John is one of Japan’s most well-known brands. This brand, which is often referred to as Japan’s Victoria’s Secret, creates excellent, high-quality, and trendy designs. The company began as a mail-order company. They were an instant smash, and by the time this article was written, they had grown to be a behemoth with over 49 locations. Lingerie, intimates, loungewear, and everything in between may be ordered and shipped abroad from Japan. You will, of course, encounter the tagline “Healthy, Happy, Sexy.”

Mika Noguchi and her husband Shoji Noguchi started Peach John, in Tokyo in 1994. In the beginning, their ambition for the company was to sell imported American lingerie, particularly the Bomb Bust bra. This padded bra from America was an instant hit, propelling Peach John to create their line of bras and lingerie.

Everything began in 1998. Wacoal, another big Japanese underwear manufacturer, now owns Peach John completely. Peach John is the go-to brand for women who want cute, high-quality underwear at a reasonable price, with retail locations throughout Japan. Even though PJ doesn’t have a large online presence, you can probably find these adorable goods through resellers on numerous eCommerce platforms.

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DOKODEMO is a Japanese skincare and cosmetics website that also sells other things; however, they do offer a section dedicated to Japanese fashion! The website is one of the ideal recommendations because it is extremely user-friendly and is available in five languages. This is a fantastic website to look through to see what Japanese items are available for purchase! The website is competitively priced and ships internationally.


For fans of eccentric Japanese companies, United Arrows is probably not a new name. This high-end label offers apparel for both men and women. When buying Japanese goods on the United Arrows site, one of the best features is the ability to shop in a variety of languages. Consumers can currently navigate the site and make purchases in English, Japanese, or Chinese. If there is one phrase to describe United Arrows’ clientele, it is “an unorthodox free spirit who avoids trends.”

United Arrows clothing has a lengthy history and a lot of attention put into its design and function, even though it is quite selective in who wears it. The business caters to the atypical shopper who appreciates apparel that is free-flowing and comfy. While UA products are not widely available in the west (save for one minor sub-brand), you can have them delivered through a reputable forwarder.


The first Issey Miyake collection debuted in New York in 1971 and was quickly followed by a visit to Paris Fashion Week in 1973. From there, it was a thrill to marvel at the growth. This company uses a variety of human resources as well as cutting-edge technology to create garments. Issey Miyake has established a successful apprenticeship program, with some of its graduates going on to become well-known businesses!

2. Why Buy Clothing On Japanese Online Stores?

When it comes to a Japanese fashion website online, one thing to keep in mind is that they are serious when it comes to product quality. When you buy anything Japanese, you will be thrilled and pleased with your next purchase. So there are 3 main reasons why you should buy products in Japanese online clothing stores: 

  • The Japanese always pay close attention to their body type, therefore clothing sizes, seams, and designs are extremely accurate and comfortable. You won’t have to worry about sewing or design flaws if you buy items from Japanese clothing online stores. 
  • You may acquire good quality brands at low prices by browsing for Japanese clothing companies online.
  • You may easily buy the garments you want from Japanese clothing stores online if you use reputable delivery firms, for example, Janbox, Amazon Japan, Rakuten, etc. You only need to choose garments that match your style and tastes; the rest is taken care of for you.

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3. Which Stores Are Best for Which Japanese Fashion Styles?

UNIQLO, WEGO, BAPE, ZOZOTOWN, BEAMS, and even Mercari sell very stylish and current clothing in Japan. If at all feasible, attempt to purchase Japanese apparel from these businesses’ online clothing stores. They will undoubtedly satisfy you in no time.

  • UNIQLO: Uniqlo is a Japanese fashion brand that is well-known for its high quality. They have activewear, formal clothing, and casual clothes available. Uniqlo has a range of simple essentials that are essential in every wardrobe.
  • WEGO: WEGO is one of the most popular stores, especially among young people. This shop provides a wide range of clothing, including kawaii and street style.
  • ZOZOTOWN: At ZOZOTOWN, you may update your wardrobe with the newest Korean fashion trends. The cosplay things on offer are also fantastic.
  • BAPE: BAPE, a Japanese street fashion legend, has constantly delivered contemporary clothes over the past two decades.
  • BEAMS: Beams not only sells clothing but also shoes and accessories, allowing you to mix and match your outfits. The quality of the household items and furnishings is likewise excellent.

4. Tips on Buying Japanese Clothing Stores Online

Here are a few small tips to assist you to save money while fulfilling your desire to buy Japanese clothing online:

Purchasing things from Japan might be tough because some of their websites do not accept certain credit cards or do not ship to specific locations. However, you may now buy Japanese clothes without much difficulty using online proxy services. Then you should pay attention to the size. You should check the store’s return policy if the item does not fit. Keep in mind that if you return something, you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

Big promotions are generally conducted towards the conclusion of the summer and beginning of the winter, much as they are in Europe and the United States. So this is a chance for you to shop and save money. The sale campaigns are typically scheduled, although they might change from store to store, so check the individual website for details. They will give you information about coupons, points, special deals, and discounts in addition to advertising new items.

More approved proxy businesses, such as Janbox, have recently emerged to replace the door-to-door manner of purchasing Japanese goods. This service works as a middleman, assisting you in obtaining the goods you desire in a timely and secure manner. When shopping for Japanese garments on e-commerce platforms, you just need to spend a minimal amount of money and delivery charges, and you no longer need to be concerned about security and safety.


Are you ready to try Janbox’s selection of Japanese clothing stores online? Tell us what you think of each brand and how you feel about buying Japanese clothing. If you want to buy Japanese goods online but are worried about buying the wrong product, are afraid of complicated customs and customs procedures, or simply aren’t sure if you can order Japanese goods online, please contact Janbox right away. We’ll be the bridge to help you quickly access Japan’s vast and diverse warehouse of goods.