8 Websites To Buy Electronics From Japan Online


It’s very smart of you to choose Japan to buy electronics from. And if you’re reading this, you have come to the right place to buy electronics from Japan online. Let us help make your decision even smarter with our list below.

With the rapid development of the Internet over the past decade, now all we need is an electronic device, find a trusting E-Commerce website, and within a few clicks, you can buy anything. This way, you can even get the products you want from countries like Japan, sit comfortably at home and wait for the package to come to your door.

Japan is the leading country in producing electronics with undeniable quality. Now let’s go and get that quality with this list of 8 websites to buy electronics from Japan online.

1. Amazon Japan

Amazon Japan is part of Amazon, a massive online retailer, where consumers have access to many different kinds of products from many different brands and countries. 

Amazon Japan offers exclusive Japanese domestic goods. Everything from books, music instruments, housewares, or electronics is there for you to make your order.

Amazon Japan

Consumers from everywhere in the world love shopping on this website because they can find high-quality products made in Japan. It is the reason why this website has become a website to order Japanese electronics worth choosing and trusting. It’s best if you don’t waste any more time. Visit it now and lay eyes on many big promotions and extremely attractive offers that are available.

If you don’t know Japanese, don’t worry! Because you can change language from Japanese to English. To buy something on Amazon Japan, you have to create an account to be a member of Amazon, then search for the items of your needs and follow the instructions there. 

2. Mercari

Mercari is a website for second-hand goods in Japan. Old or unused items but the quality is still in extremely good conditions are usually resold. It is the habit of the Japanese. If you want to find a website where electronic products are sold at an affordable price, Mercari is the right place for you. Do you know, electronic products from Japan are always famous for their high quality. Although goods on Mercari are not totally new you can be satisfied with your order. Besides electronics, there are tons of other options for you on this site.

3. Rakuten

Rakuten is the same as Amazon. This site is also considered an eCommerce giant and an opponent of Amazon in the Japanese market. Many retailers and customers trust and choose Rakuten to sell their products and buy what they want. Besides a variety of choices ranging from household, skincare products, you can also find many different smart electronic products. They are from famous Japanese brands with high quality.

Shopping on Rakuten saves you more money because this eCommerce site has daily big promotions. It means you always receive discounts or some gifts, attractive offers when you make an order. This is part of why Rakuten has built a long list of loyal customers. 

4. Yahoo Auction

Another big e-commerce site for shopping lovers who are searching for the best electronics from Japan is Yahoo Auction. Everyone in the world can shop on this site and buy electronics from Japan. There are both new and second-hand products. And the way to buy goods is a bit different from other websites. Goods are sold or offered at an auction. Buyers have to bid to purchase. Therefore you can purchase some rare and unique electronic models that you can’t find at normal shops. Sometimes you are successful to buy something at an extremely cheap rate. 

8 websites to buy electronics from Japan online

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5. Biccamera

Biccamera is a big electronic retailer in Japan. Many electronic, smart electronic products are sold here. You can deal with sellers to receive a discount for some products such as a refrigerator, or washing machine…Biccamera usually has big sales or attractive offers to attract customers. This website accepts a variety of payment methods such as cash, credit card, gift card…

6. Bird- electron

If you are searching for some products related to your laptop, PC, or something like that, don’t forget to visit https://shop.bird-electron.co.jp/. Many kinds of keyboards, accessories, mouse, mouse pad, a walnut outlet for your laptop are on Bird-electron. Some stationeries are sold on this website, too. You have many different choices to buy the best electronics with Bird-electron.

7. Elecom

Elecom is a household name in Japan. The company was founded in 1986. They manufacture accessories for use with electronics, computers, and many other related devices. Products of Elecom are related to PC, smartphone, camera, TV and in-vehicle, computer memory or storage, printer, tablet PC. A variety of accessories are for you to choose from. 

websites to buy electronics from Japan online

The site’s interface is friendly and the product’s information is displayed in detail by specific categories, plain and simple, which makes searching and buying an enjoyable experience. 

8. Yodobashi

Another big eCommerce website for shopping lovers is Yodobashi. A very famous address in Japan where massive products from different brands await to be picked by customers. Yodobashi sells clothes, toys, books, and electronics and is best known as a leading for the last one on the list. You want to get some equipment for your home, visit Yodobashi and they are there for you.

Yodobashi has a huge distribution system in Japan. You can see hundreds of sale branches of Yodobashi. Televisions, refrigerators, phones, smartphones, or many kinds of electronics are sold there. And quality is not something to be worried about as all the products are manufactured in Japan. In Japan, many people said that, when you ask Japanese where to buy electronics from Japan online, Yodobashi is always mentioned on this list.

Hope this list has been helpful. Have you ever tried to buy electronics from Japan on an eCommerce website before? In case you did, we hope you could share some of your own experience, and what you think about Japanese electronic quality.

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