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Janbox is always up to date with the latest news on the international shipping situation. Tips to help you facilitate the process of sending goods abroad


Everything you need to know about the consolidated shipment

“I want to buy your products again!” One of the things a seller wants to hear is words like these. But what if the...
air freight logistics usa

Air freight from the USA: Time, cost & Process

Air Freight Logistics is considered promising in the near future as customer demand increases for faster delivery, cross-border e-commerce, low insurance premiums, fewer warehousing...

What is HS code? Application and How to check correctly?

We must remember to verify the current customs rates while importing products from other countries, particularly those outside the European Union. Some terminology, such...
shipping from japan to australia

How to ship from Japan to Australia [Detailed instructions]

Do you need to ship items to family and friends who live in Australia or do you want to know the shipping from Japan...
Shipping service From Japan to the UK

Shipping service From Japan to the UK

Import from Japan to UK Online purchasing is becoming more popular all around the world. You may shop for the item you desire from the...
Import Duty From Japan To USA

Import Duty From Japan To USA Guideline

When it comes to working on the freight forward process, you receive high volumes of inquiries for import duty. This is a significant part...

Shipping service From Japan to Malaysia – Janbox Express

When we need to send an urgent package, we are often shocked by the cost of such a service, which, given the distance of...

Shipping service From Japan to the Philippines

Are you a Filipino who has just returned from a wonderful trip to Japan but forgot to go shopping for that one important souvenir?...

Shipping service From Japan to Singapore

When purchasing Japanese items from another country, several issues occur. So what should you need to pay attention to when shipping from Japan to...
shipping japan to us

Shipping from Japan to USA – Janbox Express

The recent e-commerce boom has enabled businesses to sell globally. However, some barriers remain, as some Japanese brands that sell online do not ship...
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