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The recent e-commerce boom has enabled businesses to sell globally. However, some barriers remain, as some Japanese brands that sell online do not ship to specific countries for one or more reasons, the most significant of which is cost. So, what if you’re in Japan and want to sell your products to an American, but your company doesn’t offer shipping from Japan to USA? At that time, a third-party package forwarding service, such as Janbox Express, will be required.

Janbox Express is the world’s most well-known freight forwarder. It offers two-way freight services all over the world, including between Japan and the United States. And you should know that the shipping process is as easy as you want it to be. Especially, there is a piece of good news for you is that we have covered all these things in this article. So scroll down for more immersed information. 

us to japan shipping

I. The attractiveness of Japanese goods

The more society develops, the more products that meet basic human needs become available. Nonetheless, among thousands of goods from various countries, Japanese goods continue to be the first choice of many consumers.

So, what makes Japanese products superior to others? Without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of why Japanese goods are so appealing right now!

1.1. Japanese goods are rich in designs and types

Japanese goods are quite diverse and rich in designs and types, with many well-known international brands. As a result, whatever you desire, there will be a product made in Japan that meets your requirements. However, in order to get the best product that is perfectly suited to you, remember to pay attention to the product’s characteristics when purchasing Japanese goods.

ship from japan to usa
Japanese goods are always one of the best choices for their quality and prices 

1.2. Japanese goods are high-quality

Whether it’s technology, fashion, food, or art, Japanese goods are always known for their high quality, and workers take pride in their work. This is possible due to the Japanese people’s long-standing love of their traditional culture and way of life.

It’s also why, according to the locals, specializing in something is the only way to produce the best of it. Takumi – the Japanese word for skilled artisans – train for years to hone their craft, from whisky in Hokkaido to sushi in Tokyo to knives in Osaka. Even after reaching the rank of master, they strive to be better at what they do.

1.3. Japanese goods have low prices compared to those of other countries.

When purchasing an item, the price is the first thing that every customer considers. Japanese businessmen understand this customer psychology, so they always offer the most reasonable and affordable price possible.

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II. The full process of shipping from Japan to USA

Shipping a package to another country, no matter how far away you need to send it, can be stressful. Even if you are moving it to the next state over, you may discover that finding the right shipping company is a difficult task. Fortunately, there are some important steps you can take to ensure the safety of your package when it is being shipped to another country.

If you are ready to learn more about the process of US to Japan shipping, read on! 

2.1. Search for an exporter

If you want to successfully ship from Japan to USA, the first thing you should take into consideration is to select a reputable and professional shipping service unit. Janbox Express is one of the companies that many customers have trusted and chosen for express delivery services, transporting goods across the United States.

Janbox Express has always been respected for its dedication, professionalism, and good reputation. Janbox has always prioritized the interests of its customers and has pledged to continue doing so throughout its existence and development.

shipping from japan to usa
Janbox Express is a trusted exporter for shipping from Japan to USA

The transportation service provided by Janbox is always based on cutting – edge research and technology. An electronic weighing system for conveyor belts typically aids in accurately weighing every milligram of parcel weight. From there, calculate the customer’s exact delivery cost.

2.2. Send the goods information to Janbox Express

To ship goods from Japan to the United States or any other country, you must provide Janbox Express with sufficient information to facilitate the delivery process and customs declaration. The following information is required:

  • Information about the recipient: Full name, contact phone number, and address of the recipient are all required. 
  • Information on commodities: What is the total weight of the goods? What exactly is included? What kind of goods are they? (fragile, valuable, refrigeration, electronics, liquids, chemicals, and so on)
  • Information about the sender: full name, phone number, and contact address.

2.3. International payments

There are many different ways to pay for your service of shipping from Japan to USA, including

  • Paypal
  • Alipay
  • Master or Visa Card

2.4. Choose the form of shipping goods to the inland

With the implementation of the US – Japan Trade Agreement (USJTA) in 2020, which eliminated or reduced tariffs on a variety of goods, the ease of importing Japanese products into the US improved. 

But you may be wondering: “ How to ship a package from Japan to USA? Because of the great distance between the two countries, goods from Japan are shipped to the United States via air freight or ocean freight.

ship from japan to us

Should you use air freight or sea freight? 

By Air Freight from the USA

Airfreight, as the name implies, is a method of transporting goods by plane. This method is ideal for transporting items that must be delivered quickly, such as food. The most notable advantage of air freight is the short transit time it provides. Shipping via cargo airlines is much faster, with orders arriving in the United States in as little as 2 to 4 business days.

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By Sea Freight

Your package will be shipped to the United States on a ship using this method. This can be considered the cheapest way to ship from Japan to US. However, it creates difficulties for the sender because it necessitates a large number of documents and invoices.

Furthermore, when shipping from Japan to USA, sea freight is the slowest option. Japanese shipments typically arrive on the West Coast in 15-20 days. Ships arrive at East Coast ports in 25 to 30 days.

2.5. Wait for the goods to arrive at the domestic warehouse and pick up the goods

All of the necessary tasks have now been completed. Let Janbox Express handle the rest. Then you can sit back and wait for the goods to arrive and get them to your warehouse.

III. Shipping from Japan to USA – How much does it cost to ship from Japan to US

Shipping products overseas can be costly. However, you can be confident that if you use Janbox Express’s shipping service, you will pay the most reasonable fee. A package weighing less than 10kg will cost around 1500 to 2000 yen to send from Japan to the United States.

However, you should keep in mind that there are several factors to consider when determining shipping prices. Here are some of the most common: 

  • Size and weight classifications
  • Dimensional mass
  • Delivery distance
  • Surcharges
  • Taxes and fees

IV. How long does shipping from Japan to USA usually take?

If everything is in order, your package will arrive in the United States in 8 to 12 days. However, as you may have heard, there is a severe shortage of shipping containers worldwide, as well as shipping delays caused by congestion and labor shortages at major ports, particularly in North America.

Shipping time can be delayed by many different factors 

As a result, a significant delay is anticipated. Most shipments to the United States are experiencing delays ranging from one and a half months to more than two months. In other words, transit times are only estimates and cannot be guaranteed to be completely accurate. Again, shipping time from Japan to the United States is affected by a variety of factors such as: 

  • Natural events like bad weather and natural disasters
  • Political instabilities
  • Documentation error
  • And many other reasons

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V. What items can’t be delivered when shipping stuff from Japan to US?

The United States has a thriving economy and is very strict about goods imports and exports. As a result, if you have prior experience sending goods to the United States, you should be aware of the items that can and cannot be sent. And, for your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of all items that cannot be delivered below. Check out the list to avoid making costly mistakes when shipping from Japan to USA.

There will be some items that cannot be sent to the US
  1. Drugs, addictive substances, alcohol, narcotic substances, nerve stimulants;
  2. Weapons, ammunition, military equipment;
  3. Depraved and reactionary cultural products, publications, and documents with defiant contents cause insecurity, undermining national solidarity;
  4. Explosive substances, dangerous substances, or unhygienic, polluting the environment;
  5. The types of products are banned from circulation, trading, export, or import;
  6. Living organism;
  7. Prohibited items from import according to the World Postal Union (UPU);
  8. Currency, checks, and papers of value such as money;
  9. Letter in the parcel;
  10. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum,…), gemstones, or other products made from precious metals;
  11. Publications for the blind;
  12. Types of medical equipment that are not yet allowed to be used;
  13. Medicines for human treatment, vaccines, medical-biological, cosmetics, chemicals for insecticidal and bactericidal in the field of household and medical use have not been permitted for use;
  14. Illegal Items or products with an unclear origin that cannot be proved for their source will be confiscated by the authorities and not be compensated;
  15. The types of medical cosmetics have not been announced to the competent authority.
  16. Products from wild animals such as ivory
  17. Antiques, second-hand, high-value, bulk, and fragile items.
  18. Second-hand electronics: Iphone, Ipad, Laptop…
  19. Poor quality products, imitations of big brands.

The world’s largest economy can be an important shipping destination for companies of all sizes. If you are in need of shipping from Japan to USA, Janbox Express’s fast and dependable service will get your shipment to its destination on time.

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We hope that the information provided above has helped you understand the entire process shipping from Japan to USA. Like Janbox’s fan page to stay up to date on the latest news and to experience the incredible online shopping process from Japan to the United States.