Where to buy Japanese goods?

Where to buy Japanese goods?

Nowadays, the demands of owning genuine Japanese products have been increasing rapidly. Buying Japanese goods at a low price is not something that everyone can do. Therefore, shoppers tend to buy goods online right on well-known Japanese websites and ship to their country without fake product concern.

1. How to buy Japanese goods

Buying goods online from domestic Japanese websites is not easy. Not only you need to have a Japanese payment card but also the phone number and delivery address in Japan. Therefore, foreign customers are mostly impossible to buy from Japan. At present, there are 3 ways to own Japanese products: buy from stores selling Japanese goods in your country; have friends living in Japan send goods for you; and use Japan shopping proxy service and ship for you. So which is the best and economical way?

2. Compare advantages of 3 ways buying from Japan

The first option: Buying from stores selling Japanese goods

Basically, this is the simplest way. However, with the fake Japanese goods in the market, finding reputable stores to buy from is still a big concern for many shoppers.

The second option: Buying hand-carried Japanese goods

” Hand-carried goods” is a trend and preferent way. However, it’s only for people who have acquaintances living in Japan. This way depends mostly on the one buying for you and also cause pretty long time.

The third option: Using Japan buying proxy service 

With Japan buying proxy service, you will have no difficulty owning Japanese items, even you have no experience, no understanding of the Japanese language, and no Japanese payment card.

  • Quick purchase process
  • Active in ordering
  • Easy trading
  • Get unavailable items in your county

Where to buy Japanese goods

You can easily buy goods from the top Japanese websites right in your country. It is not only an opportunity to own ”Made in Japan” items, but it’s also an opportunity to do business. If you are passionate about business and specializing in a certain product, why not start a business with Japan buying proxy service. The service includes full invoices and shipping.

3. Some Top Japanese shopping websites

Ordering online helps consumers own genuine products and overcome fake goods anxiety in the market. Below are top Japanese websites:

  • Amazon: Top e-commerce websites, retail in Japan
  • Rakuten: The biggest websites selling new and used items
  • Yahoo: Yahoo shopping and yahoo auction are two website selling used goods in the form of auctions
  • Uniqlo: The most popular branded websites in Japan
  • Mercari: The websites selling famous branded items with bargaining function

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