aniplex plus jp

How to buy from the Aniplex Plus store

Many well-known anime characters from series like Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama, and the Fate series can be found on the items offered by the Aniplex...

What to explore about Urushi- Japanese lacquer?

Having a bowl that will change and enlarge as you do is quite satisfying, even though porcelain dishes and metal utensils are standard fares....

Anecdote Candles Review – What you need to know before buying 

This Anecdote Candles review will provide you with some intriguing suggestions if you're a romantic and a fan of scented candles. This business offers...
Best Japanese fishing lures High-Quality Fishing Tackle

Best Japanese fishing lures | High-Quality Fishing Tackle

Even if you don't have much experience with fishing, you still know that baits are critical. However, most expert fishermen opt for Japanese fishing...

Japanese kotatsu table-History of the Japanese Heated Tables

Japan is one of the countries with an extremely harsh climate. In winter, the temperature often drops to minus degrees, and the difference compared...
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Japanese Air Purifier: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Although you take the time and effort to grow plants and flowers that clean the air, you may still need an air purifier to...
japanese kendo

What is Kendo? How to buy Japanese Kendo equipment?

Kendo, Japan kendō ("way of the sword"), is the traditional Japanese style of fencing with a two-handed sword made of wood, originated in the...

Top 11 must-buy Nikko souvenirs from Japan

The hilly region to the north of Tokyo is home to Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a pleasant city with a...

Top 6 Amazing Japanese Appliance Brands – Janbox Market

Every time you cook in your own kitchen, it should be a pleasure. The equipment that makes cooking faster and easier is among the...
Everything to know about the Japanese bread machine

Everything to know about the Japanese bread machine

Let's face it: baking bread is a time-consuming procedure. Making bread over the weekend can be enjoyable, but during the workweek, when you get...
What is a keycap These types of keycaps are common today

What is a keycap? These types of keycaps are common today

Keycaps are not unfamiliar to those of you who are familiar with information technology. However, learning more in-depth and precisely about these items with...
japanese housewares

Where to buy genuine Japanese housewares?

In addition to cosmetics or technological items, Japanese household goods are also the favorite choice of most consumers, because of their aesthetics, convenience, and...
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