Mechanical Keyboards from Japan – How to buy [2024]


In your line of work as a gamer, programmer, or developer, you would want a sturdy and ergonomic mechanical keyboard. And when compared to the typical rubber dome keyboards found in many built-in computers, the perfect mechanical keyboards from Japan offers a more pleasant typing experience.

While these types of keyboards are typically much more expensive, it’s best to be an expert in the field before going to the market. Here, Janbox will include everything you need to know before making a purchase of mechanical keyboards from Japan.

I/ Tips to buy Mechanical Keyboards

You may get your hands on a number of distinct mechanical keyboard in Japan. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a keyboard, and they vary based on the task at hand. There are a lot of different aspects to consider, such as how fast and accurate it is, how well it’s made, and how it feels to type on. 

Tips to buy mechanical keyboards from Japan

Select a keyboard based on the switch type

Switch technology is one of the main components that contribute to mechanical keyboard qualities such as efficiency, long-term durability, and high sensitivity. If you are a fan of mechanical keyboards, you should be aware of the following Switch technologies:

– Red Switch: This is a linear mechanical keyboards Japan that requires users to utilize 45g of force to type smoothly, with no force feedback or loud clicks. The red switch is appropriate for office employees with minimal typing requirements.

– Black Switch: This kind requires up to 60g of pressure to feel the feedback force but makes no noise or rattling, making it ideal for office workers, late-night workers, and so on.

– Green Switch: This Switch technology requires a 50g impact force to provide pressure and feedback, creating a true hand sensation when operated. This line is ideal for persons who work alone or from home since it makes no noise.

– Brown Switch: This line has a design that is quite similar to the red Switch; it just requires a light hit and makes no noise while yet providing a sense of force feedback; this is a keyboard type that is suited for quiet environments.

– Topre Switch: A new form of switch on the market that only takes roughly 30 – 50g of pressure, this keyboard is a mix of spring and rubber hammer, for excellent durability, amazing bounce, and, most importantly, no tension.

Choose your keyboard based on its design and size

The size of the mechanical Japanese keyboard is another consideration that customers should have in mind when purchasing a keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are available in a variety of sizes, including:

  • Full-size 104-key keyboard.
  • The TKL keyboard type is around 80% of the actual full-size, since it lacks the number key on the left.
  • Lastly, the tiny mechanical keyboards from Japan have a compact design, but one disadvantage is that it lacks a few critical keys.
The size of the mechanical Japanese keyboard

Aside from size, many people are interested in the design of the Japan mechanical keyboard. The keyboard has a luminous LED design that will be suited for games, while a basic mechanical keyboards from Japan will be suitable for office employees who need experience.

Consider the substance of the keycap

Although the material of the Keycap is a crucial item to consider, many people overlook it. Customers should consider the materials used while purchasing mechanical keyboards, the two most prevalent being ABS and BTS. 

ABS material is softer and less robust than BTS plastic; nonetheless, ABS keyboards are less expensive than BTS keyboards. By doing this. customers may be certain that their letters will not be lost if they use laser-printed keyboards more often than regular-printed keyboards.

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Additional features and connection specifications

Most mechanical keyboards from Japan on the market now accept USB 2.0 connection standards or bluetooth mechanical keyboards, making them compatible with all contemporary PC or Laptop devices. 

The mechanical keyboards, in particular, is incorporated with additional features such as a color display, illumination, waterproof function, and a separate controller for the keyboard called control keyboard. However, the more features that are offered, the greater the price of the product.

Purchase based on brand and price

Mechanical keyboards from Japan are increasingly being marketed from model to model, therefore customers must be careful to choose items from trustworthy businesses with a clear provenance. Only then can the Japanese mechanical keyboards guarantee the highest levels of quality, durability, usefulness, and performance.

Customers must carefully evaluate their finances while selecting the proper keyboard model, since the current price range of mechanical keyboards spans from $30 to $500.

II/ Why should you buy a mechanical keyboard from Japan?


Get Japanese mechanical keyboards with high-quality

Get only the best when you get Japanese mechanical keyboards, since they have a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Japanese goods take your gaming experience to a new level with their innovative design, dependability, and cutting-edge technology. Products made in Japan are also noted for their high quality and reasonable price.

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High-quality yet affordable

Shop in Japan and you can get superior mechanical keyboards at shockingly affordable costs, especially compared to the rest of the world. Japanese mechanical keyboards tend to be the cheapest of their kind when compared with those made in other nations. 

The great economy of scale for the Asian nation is the explanation for the reasonable pricing. Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, which means it can afford to produce goods—like mechanical keyboards—at far cheaper costs than other countries.

Up-to-date technology

The Japanese are often regarded as having unparalleled technical capability. Mechanical keyboards from Japan are not immune to the spread of cutting-edge technology. Every day, new brands of mechanical keyboards hit the market in Japan, and when you buy one, you get to play games in a way that seems more like you’re really there.

Structure of Japanese mechanical keyboard

Multiple options to choose from

If you’re looking for a high-quality product among mechanical keyboards, you have countless options to pick from. You have the option of purchasing brand-new or pre-owned mechanical keyboards made in Japan. The hundreds of Japanese exporters that use online stock platforms and other portal sites make it simple to find and buy your favorite brand.

Strict procedure

Japan’s stringent testing requirements ensure that consumers can buy with confidence knowing that a product has been thoroughly examined for flaws and is of the highest quality before it hits store shelves. You may be certain that the mechanical keyboards from Japan you purchase are not only high-quality but also harmless to you and your loved ones.

Comprehensive product descriptions

The majority of Japanese retail outlets provide comprehensive product details for each keyboard brand they carry. All of the products have detailed descriptions that should assist you decide which ones to buy. The characteristics of different mechanical keyboards from Japan are comparable. All of the stores provide clear, succinct, and easy to digest descriptions of their wares.

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III/ What mechanical keyboards can you buy from Japan?

Among the many great choices for mechanical keyboards available, consider these top Japanese mechanical keyboard brands as your guided preferences:

1. Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)

Recommended Keyboard Model: HHKB Classic

Professor Eiiti Wada, the company’s namesake and namesake, had an original idea for a keyboard; he wanted a “iconic digital companion” that put efficiency, precision, and speed first.

Inspired by this radical idea, the HHKB design is one of a kind and visually beautiful mechanical keyboard made in Japan. The Aleph became the standard by which all other mechanical keyboards from Japan were measured, making it much simpler for professionals to touch type quickly and accurately. 

Even though their mechanical keyboards from Japan are expensive, their longevity and durability are worth the investment. In addition, they brag of a two-year guarantee that will allow customers to type worry-free for the duration of the warranty period.

Mechanical keyboards from Japan – HHKB Classic

The “Aleph Keyboard,” the first product under the Happy Hacking Keyboards (HHKB) brand, was a cardboard model released in 1995. For the sake of touch typing, this keyboard eliminated the ‘extraneous’ function keys.

Many companies have taken cues from their size and simple approach to making keyboards. As a result of their advocacy, manufacturers have begun producing keyboards with smaller form factors, such as 60%, 65%, and 75% layouts.

However, seasoned mechanical keyboards from Japan’s fans agree that the HHKB keyboard provides a typing experience unlike any other.

The HHKB brand first catered only to programmers, but it has now broadened its target audience to include more seasoned touch-typists. Since the HHKB company values the comfort of its customers, typing for extended periods of time is not a problem on their keyboards.

As a whole, HHKB products are revered for their sleek simplicity and high quality of design and functionality. Some popular mechanical keyboards from Japan have Topre switches, which may be found on a few different manufacturers’ keyboards. 

In addition, they had a large impact on the keyboard industry, inspiring several companies to imitate its layout and produce similarly high-quality products for touch typists.

2. Filco

Recommended Keyboard Model: Filco Majestouch 2

Another well-known Japanese keyboard manufacturer, Filco produces versions suitable for both typists and gamers. Their 2011 invention, the Filco Majestouch 2, will be the focus of additional discussion below.

Mechanical keyboards from Japan – Filco

The Japanese company Diatec Corporation, located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, is responsible for manufacturing Filco keyboards. The date June 17, 1982 marks the beginning of the company’s existence. Popularity of the Filco keyboard series in South Korea peaked around 2008, when many professional South Korean StarCraft Brood War and WarCraft III players began using them.

In addition, Filco deserves recognition for their contributions to the keyboard industry, since their mechanical gaming mechanical keyboards from Japan were among the first of their kind on the market before the trend became widely popularized in 2010. Since then, several other variations of keyboards have been created, from the traditional full-size to more portable tenkeyless (TKL) and even smaller 60% variants.

3. Realforce

Recommended Keyboard Model: Realforce RGB

Realforce keyboards are manufactured by Topre Corporation, and the brand name seems to do the product justice. Topre switches were first produced by Realforce, another name in the industry. Topre switches are exclusive to Realforce, making their keyboard models stand out from the crowd.

Mechanical keyboards from Japan – Realforce RGB

In 2001, the Realforce name was introduced to the public. Their keyboards were made for the mass market. Eventually, they came up with the “RealForce R2” series, which became popular among Japanese keyboard enthusiasts.

Since then, they’ve developed two distinct product families: one for regular consumers and one for gamers. These two mechanical keyboards are from Japan and both include the popular Topre switches.

Many people who are into mechanical keyboards can testify to the fact that Realforce offers a superior product and a novel typing experience. Because of its long history in the industry and consistent commitment to providing a premium typing experience with its Topre switches, the brand is among the most sought-after in the Japanese mechanical keyboard market.

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IV/ How do you buy mechanical keyboards from Japan?

If you want to save the most money on your new mechanical keyboard from Japan, it is recommended that you use a proxy shopping and bidding site that accepts customers from all over the world.

When dealing with Japanese merchants, a proxy service may serve as an intermediary on your behalf. In Japan, this is the most convenient and simplest method to purchase a mechanical keyboard. 

Buying a mechanical keyboard via proxy services is the simplest and quickest method to obtain your merchandise. Janbox will place an order with the vendor, have the goods sent to a storage facility in Japan, and then deliver them to you, no matter where you happen to be located.

Buy mechanical keyboards from Japan – Janbox

If you’re looking for a reliable proxy or bidding service, go no further than Janbox, one of the industry leaders. All you have to do is go to a store’s website or a marketplace like Amazon Japan and look for the mechanical keyboard brand you want to purchase, then follow the shipping guide to get the product securely and effortlessly.

Now, let’s look at how to shop for mechanical keyboards at Janbox.

Step 1: Create An Account

Visit at now second to get started with making your new account. This process is very simple to carry out.

Step 2: Find “mechanical keyboards”

Try to track down some mechanical keyboards from Japan. Simply enter the name of the product or the URL you have and check whether it appears. We’ll be able to see a clear display of the item’s specifications. Be sure to carefully examine the fine print and the associated costs.

Find mechanical keyboard

Step 3: Making purchases and payments

If you have seen anything you want, you can either add it to your cart and keep looking or you can immediately make the purchase by clicking the ” Buy now” option. The initial sum owed will cover both the price of the merchandise and the cost of domestic shipping.

Please note that Janbox will send you an email confirming your purchase once it has been finalized. Now we only have to wait for it to arrive at our warehouse in Japan.

Step 4: Pay the second invoice

After making your choice in selecting one of our shipping options, you’d be responsible for all local and international shipping costs. Janbox Express uses only reputable carriers like DHL, EMS, and ECMS to ensure the safety of your shipment from start to finish.

The second payment will be due when your order reaches our Japan distribution center.

Making purchases and payments

Step 5: Receive your package from Japan!

You’ve successfully accomplished the full process and payment of your order now. Congratulations, you now own your very special piece of mechanical keyboard from Japan! 

Don’t be hesitant to contact us if you have any inquiries or problems regarding the products we offer or the orders you’ve made.

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We hope these buying tips and advices will help you safely choose a mechanical keyboard among many mechanical keyboards from Japan. If you have any question, you can send a message to our email and we will try our best to reply as soon as possible.