How to buy cameras from Japan online?


If you are interested to buy camera online from Japan or looking for a place where you can buy cameras from Japan, then you are in the right place. We are here to guide you regarding all the matters from ordering a camera in Japan and delivery of your parcel at your doorsteps. Many Japanese websites deal with electronics. They have all kinds of items ranging from watches to mobile phones.

If you have good experience buying online, then you must know about how the websites function. But if you are a newbie Japan online buyer, you can visit Janbox auction proxy services which contain several resellers and shops to order cameras from Japan from worldwide.

How to buy camera from Japan online?

I. Advantages and disadvantages when buying Japanese cameras

Japan is well-known for producing many brilliant cameras and for having many well-established manufacturers that were founded in the country. Top brands such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Fujifilm are among them. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages you should take into consideration when buying a camera from Japan.

1.1. Disadvantages

Let’s go with all the disadvantages first. 

  • Japanese-only 

The first drawback to consider when purchasing cameras from Japan is the language – specifically, the language option for menu navigation. Some businesses differentiate their cameras for local Japanese use from those for foreign consumption by developing various models for each country.

For example, Sony and Lumix digital cameras only support Japanese. What is the goal of all this nonsense? To protect Japan’s market from low-cost imports (of cameras made by the same company in other countries). This brings us to the second disadvantage when looking to buy cameras in Japan. Scroll down to find out.

  • Higher prices 

You may be aware that buying cameras from Japan can leave a significant dent in your wallet. Most cameras in Japan are now significantly more expensive than comparable models in nearly every other market around the world. True, some of this is due to currency exchange rates, but Japanese companies go out of their way to keep low-cost cameras off the market.

Sony, for example, does not release most of its lower-end and less expensive cameras in Japan until months after they are released in the United States, if at all. And, unlike in the United States, where cameras begin at full price and gradually decrease in price over time, pricing in Japan is much more rigid, with products remaining at full price for months, if not years, after they hit the shelves.

1.2. Advantages

So, is there nothing left in Japan for the camera enthusiast? Of course not. These are mostly abuses aimed at low-level and uneducated consumers, but Japan has a large population of camera hobbyists who are well taken care of.

There are numerous reasons to be happy in Japan for DSLR or film photographers. While new camera equipment is just as expensive as used equipment in this country, used equipment is both affordable and plentiful. If you ask any Nikon fan in Tokyo where the scene is, they will quickly point you to Fujiya Cameras in Nakano, which is well known for its large stock of cheap used lenses.

When money is no object, high-end professional equipment that is rare and difficult to obtain in most parts of the world can be found on the shelves of your local Yodobashi Camera or Bic Camera. A replacement bulb for your lighting rig may not be cheap, but for a professional photographer on the job, it could mean the difference between a good session and a costly reshoot.

II. Where to buy cameras in Japan?

The know-how and quality of Japanese photography equipment have been widely reported in specialized magazines, so they don’t need to be proven any longer. Everything will be determined by your requirements, goals, and even brand loyalty.

However, due to a large number of brands and models available, making a decision can be difficult. Put an end to your struggle. Here are a few pointers to assist you in deciding where to buy cameras in Japan.

2.1. CANON

Goro Yoshida established CANON in 1934. In 1935, he developed his first prototype, the Kwaton. It was a failure, but he did not give up, and three years later, inspired by the Leica brand, he had his first success. After WWII, the company took off and changed its name to the one it is known as today, Canon camera co.

The Canon AE-1, introduced in the mid-1970s, ushered in a period of rapid development in amateur photography. This was a 35mm SLR with an accessory system designed to make it easier to create high-quality images for the general public. Canon introduced the first consumer SLR camera, the EOS 300D, in 2003, as the first digital model to be commercially available.

Canon now manufactures cameras for all types of photographers, including professional and consumer DSLRs, hybrid cameras, high-quality film cameras, accessories, and a wide range of lenses and optics. Canon’s products provide exceptional image quality and durability to all of its users, and the company deserves to be considered one of the best camera brands.


The company FUJIFILM is best known for its work in the development of film and film for the cinema. The Fuji 6 was not invented until 1948.

The name of this company is derived from Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest peak. It’s a grandiose and magnificent site that is renowned as a true symbol of Japan, located two hours south of Tokyo.

Fujifilm introduced the first digital camera with a memory card, the Fuji DS 1P, in 1988, and continued its success by introducing the first 3D photographic system that did not require a telescope.

Fuji, Fujinon, Fujica, Fujifilm, Fotorama, Instax, and FinePix are some of the brands of cameras and lenses it produces. Fuji is known for producing the high-quality film, optics, cameras, and medical equipment.

Digital cameras are the most advanced models today, with models ranging from small compact cameras to medium-format cameras to hybrid cameras with APS-C sensors, the latter being especially popular with professionals and photography enthusiasts.

2.3. NIKON

NIKON is the oldest representative of Japan in the photographic manufacturing industry. Founded to combat German supremacy, it now specializes in the manufacture of cameras and precision instruments such as microscopes and optical accessories. For these reasons, this brand is extremely popular among photographers. Journalists were among the first to use these high-quality lenses, and their contributions to the brand’s growth have been significant. Nikon has a wide range of photographic equipment to meet your needs, regardless of your level of experience or needs.


Since 1936, Olympus has manufactured a wide range of cameras, including medium format, rangefinder, and 35mm film cameras, including the unique Pen half-frame 35mm camera. (The latter was the first camera used by the late fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.) The E-1 DSLR, designed around a 5-megapixel Four Thirds sensor, was released in 2003, and the business later transitioned to mirrorless using Micro Four Thirds (MFT) sensors.

Olympus was a pioneer in digital imaging, developing new features before any other company. For example, the E-1 was the first digital camera to give live view (although in a cruder form than today’s cameras). To mention a few cutting-edge features, the business developed a system that shakes dust off sensors. That experience prepared Olympus to include some remarkable technology into its current cameras, giving you a wide range of alternatives.

The company has now sold its digital camera sector, but many of its most popular products will continue to be sold under the OM Systems brand.

2.5. Some great websites for buying cameras from Japan

If you live in Japan, it’s as easy as pie to buy domestic Japanese cameras. But what if you live anywhere other than Japan? Does that mean you cannot purchase Japanese cameras? Of course, not. There are some camera shop Japan online such as:

However, it is worth noting that all of the above online stores are only available in Japanese. As a result, if you don’t speak Japanese, it may be difficult to make a bid. This is where Janbox comes in. This is a Japanese-only online shopping marketplace. People from all over the world have discovered some of their favorite items through us and have already fallen in love with Janbox shopping.

III. Why should you choose Janbox?

Easy shopping

Janbox provides an e-commerce platform to its buyers with an easy shopping facility. You can search for all the famous camera brands such as Sony, Nikon, and Canon from the search bar. You have to put the name of the brand or item in your search bar, and all the results are displayed to you quickly. So you can select the product and proceed further. Buying a camera from Japan online is much easier if you choose a reliable platform like Janbox.

Many websites such as Rakuten, Mercari, and Yahoo Auctions are also linked with Janbox. You can now buy a film camera from Japan online at great ease because with Janbox you can deal with many other online shops in Japan. Another advantage of Janbox to you is that you can buy the camera from Japan that you saw on some other website through our auction proxy services. Just copy the URL and paste it to the search bar and buy your product through this amazing online platform with infinite stores.

You can enjoy some real-time bidding while buying a camera online from Japan through Janbox. In Japan, the biggest online auction is hosted by Yahoo auctions, and you can do bidding there through Janbox. This website helps you in finding the item of your choice. You can purchase the best camera from Japan online without any worry. You will always find the item that you choose with great quality.

Customers can now buy film camera from Japan online. Janbox contains sellers who deal with all the brands in the market and helps you to find the right product. There is an option of language change too. Buying a camera online from Japan is much easier due to the amazing shopping services of Janbox.


Cameras and accessories are to be handled with great care because they are fragile items. Shipping them requires great effort. When you buy a camera online through Janbox, they store it for you in their warehouse for about a month and deliver you when you are available at your shipping address. All documents and information that are needed for worldwide deliveries are prepared by the store itself, and you don’t need to worry about it.

If you want to buy a film camera from Japan or buy a used camera from Japan, then you can order it from any store at Janbox. All the camera-related accessories such as lens stand and batteries are also available here. Janbox provides a platform for all Japanese products and delivers them worldwide, so there is no problem in which country you live.

Payment options

When you buy the camera from Japan online, you can face a problem of payment. Mostly there are two methods that are used for payment credit card and bank accounts. When to pay from bank accounts they change your currency to Japanese Yen it requires some fee too.

In Japan, using a credit card is hard, and you can only use the credit card of your country that is functional in Japan. If you use a bank transfer option, then you must have all the bank details of the company from you are buying a camera. Janbox provides you with the best service in this regard.

The shipping fees of Janbox proxy services are reasonable, and you can save a lot of money when you buy cameras and different accessories from different sites through Janbox. Many Japanese companies only deliver through the EMS method, but with Janbox services, you can buy a camera online with many other delivery options.


If you buy the camera from Japan online, then you must buy it from our auction proxy services. They have reliable proxy services. Mostly when companies order from online websites, they deliver them packed lightly because domestic services in Japan are good. Janbox repacks your goods, and no damage occurs to them. Moreover, they are available seven days a week and also serve a quick delivery service.

You can get the pre-shipment photos of your cameras too. Janbox also accounts for the losses that occur while shipping. This company handles your product with great care from ordering to shipping at your doorsteps. If you are looking to buy a film camera from Japan online, you can use Janbox for avoiding stressful shopping.

Enjoy shopping your camera of any brand Nikon, Canon, Sony, or Nokia from Janbox Japan, and get their carefree services. They are one of the best sellers in Japan. So, whether you want to buy the lens, camera accessories or buy a film camera from Japan online, you can go to the website of Janbox to buy your goods with auction proxy services.


Where to buy camera from Japan online? If you had the same question in mind, then we have guided you in this article. We hope you know how you can buy a camera from Japan online when you are in a different country. Janbox auction proxy service provides all brands of cameras in a single place where you can buy them easily. They make you feel at home and deliver your good with great care and responsibility.

We are sure if you choose Janbox then you are never going to regret your choice. They provide their services at great ease and comfort and allow you to trust online shopping. We say that buying a camera online from Japan is easiest if you do it through Janbox.

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