What is Amazon FBA? The Ultimate Guide

What is Amazon FBA? So first, let’s discuss “What is Amazon FBA?”. Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA for short, is a service that allows you,...
Shipping-to-Amazon-FBA (1)

Shipping to Amazon FBA – The Ultimate Guide

The shipping to Amazon FBA service provided by the e-commerce giant - Amazon - to independent merchants on its marketplace is known as Fulfillment...

What is Jomashop? Is it reliable to shop online? (2023 Guide)

What is Jomashop? Why is Jomashop so cheap? and Is Jomashop reliable? In this article, we'll cover all of the questions and present two...
fcl vs lcl

FCL and LCL in logistics | What is it?

If you're shipping goods in any quantity by ocean freight, you'll soon be wondering whether LCL or FCL shipping makes the most sense. Depending...
Top 5 Famous Second-hand Stores in Japan

Top 5 Famous Second-hand Stores in Japan

Japanese products are regarded as reliable not only by locals but also by buyers worldwide. Used Japanese goods are still highly well-liked and are...
thc container

What does THC stand for? THC in shipping terms

In trade, import, and export activities, surcharges are incurred costs that the owner of the goods must pay according to a careful agreement between...
mugiwara store

Mugiwara Store – Big Fans of One Piece Must Know

If you are a fan of anime, you will surely know One Piece - one of the longest and most popular series in Japan....
Related to Commercial Sample

What does a commercial sample mean?

Businesses often have a number of commercial samples for customers to try and experience. Thereby, customers will have a better understanding of products and...
donguri sora in jp

How to buy Anime items online from Donguri Sora

Unfortunately, the Donguri Sora online store does not provide worldwide shipping. In this situation, Neokyo is useful. Making purchase requests on Janbox makes it...
weight restrictions in logistics

Weight restrictions in shipping from Japan – Janbox Express

Currently, container transportation is the most common and widely used kind of transportation. It allows you to transfer items across continents across large distances....

What are BAF and CAF in shipping?

The US dollar is the most frequently used currency in the world, with exporters, importers, agencies, and transportation lines. In reality, you'll see that...
Out of gauge cargo-Notes you should keep in mind

Out of gauge cargo (OOG) – Notes you should keep in...

What is out of gauge cargo (OOG)? This is a concept that some of you are still vaguely aware of or know but do...
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