How to buy at the K-books store online


You may have come across a K-Books store if you’ve ever traveled to Otome Road in Ikebukuro or taken a stroll around Akiba or Namba (for Kansai aficionados). K-books stores are essential for anybody looking to complete a collection because they specialize in pop culture and anime/seiyuu hobbies. You will learn how to purchase from the K-Books shop in this post in a few easy steps.

I. An Overview of K-Books’ History

In 1992, K-BOOKS launched its first location in Sugamo as “Kenchan no Manga juku 1gouten,” or “1,” a recycling shop for manga. K-BOOKS was formed two years after launching its second location in Sugamo. To establish the first “K-BOOKS Ikebukuro Store,” the businesses relocated to Ikebukuro.

In 1995, a new store in Kichijoji opened alongside the reopening of the Sugamo location. In south Ikebukuro, a comic book store called “Hon no Mushi” also opened. The next year, the “K-BOOKS shop” in Ikebukuro and “Akihabara store” in Akihabara were both inaugurated. The Ikebukuro shop was formed in the same year by the merger of the Sugamo store, and Kichijoji store.

As “Hon no Mushi” was moved to east Ikebukuro and transformed into a larger store, 1997 was a year of expansion for K-BOOKS. The Akihabara shop went through a similar renovation. The Akihabara shop relocated to Akihabara Radio Kaikan, where it is now, in 1998.


K-BOOKS expanded outside of the Kanto area in 2002 when it launched the “Osaka Shinsaibashi Store,” which was also the first store to buy and sell doujinshi for female fans. The Shinsaibashi store moved to Nihonbashi in 2004 and, in a first for K-BOOK, housed all genres in one structure. K-BOOKS developed its own BL (boys’ love) CD label “Atis collection” in 2005 with a focus on more female-oriented content. Butler Cafe “Swallowtail” first welcomed patrons in 2006. In Nagoya, Aichi, K-BOOKS opened “Nagoya Frontier-kan” in 2017.

For ten years, k-books store online has grown beyond just selling comic books to include buying and doujinshi of sale, or self-published magazines, comic books or novels for both sexes, pastries and sweets, dolls, cosplay accessories, merchandise from games, movies, and other popular media, voice actors and actresses, idols, and just about anything else you can think of. Anything and everything related to Japanese pop culture may be found on K-BOOKS.

Butler Cafe “Swallowtail” has become well-known not just in Japan but also abroad, with the butlers appearing at events including CharaExpo USA in Los Angeles, California, Anime Matsuri in Houston, Texas, and C3AFA Singapore in Southeast Asia. You may engage with 13 different animals, including owls, bunnies, guinea pigs, and other adorable critters, at the animal café “Ikemofu,” which is run by k-books store. There are many snakes and other reptiles at “Ikemofu” for snake aficionados. A concept bar called “Bar Blue Moon” was also only recently launched, where butlers that work at Swallowtail during the day would work as bartenders at night.

K-books store has changed its stores over the last five years to focus on a variety of genres, including boys’ love, otome, idols, games, concerts, 2.5D, voice actors, doujin, games, historical titles, sports titles, VOCALOID, Youtubers, and even K-Pop and Hollywood celebrities. It moreover aids your endeavors by developing a shop that specializes in manufacturing supply Here is a list of Tokyo K-BOOKS retailers written by BL fans.

II. How to buy from the K-Books store 

Step 1: Create a Janbox account

To be able to buy books or other publications at K-books you need a account first. Just use your Facebook or Gmail account to log in and you can easily access the Janbox homepage. You need to pay attention to the correct and valid information to be able to receive the goods safely.


Step 2: Find the product 


When you know the name of the product on the k-books store Japan website, you can enter the name or URL of the item you’re searching for in the Janbox search field. It will be simpler for you to search that utilizing the categories on the left side of the website to search for your favorite items.

Step 3: Check the item’s information 

Once you’ve located the items you want, please double-check the details on the quantity, color, and size of your selection. We strongly advise you to carefully read these prerequisites before making a purchase. Check the item’s price, as well as any applicable VAT and domestic delivery fees. The vendor frequently provides this information. Products that are exempt from domestic shipping charges and VAT will be available. However, for some products, you will need to pay these two extra costs.

Step 4: Place your order

If you are satisfied with the goods, please click “BUY NOW” to make a purchase. You need to register for a Janbox account before you can proceed with the purchase process. All that is left to do is enter your info into the blanks. Click “ADD TO Basket” to add anything else you wish to buy to your shopping basket.

Step 5: Select a shipping option.


Then you decide on an international shipping option. Your order will arrive earlier than expected. Just pay for overseas shipping and wait for your items to arrive; that’s all there is to it.

Step 6: Complete the payment for Janbox


Janbox takes two alternative forms of payment. Pay using your Janbox wallet as option one. You are supposed to make a deposit into Janbox’s wallet. One yen is equivalent to one point. When you pay for your order using this method, Janbox will immediately deduct the necessary points. Your next order will be covered by the remaining point balance. The other option is that you may use PayPal or a credit card to make a payment. Only the sum that corresponds to the order value has to be sent to Janbox.


The broad selection of items in the K-books store is its key selling point. What you’re looking for may be found with ease. However, the price is so low since it mostly focuses on used goods. Animes or popular artists influence product changes pretty regularly. Why are you holding out? Follow the above instructions to buy outstanding k-books store online products right away.