Best way to Buy From ZOZOTOWN at Janbox

How To Buy From ZOZOTOWN

Zozotown is one large e-commerce site specializing in Japanese and international fashion brands. With Janbox now, you will find out what is Zozotown and the simplest and most effective way how to buy from Zozotown Japan.

1. What is Zozotown?

ZOZOTOWN is one of the biggest online fashion shopping sites in Japan where you can find any items from local and international brands. Some famous brands like Adidas, Uniqlo, Nike, H&M… regularly sell exclusive products on the Not only distributing the latest product lines but Zozo also allows selling used items. And of course, these items are sold at pretty cheap prices. 

Advantages when buying from Zozotown Japan

  • Fast delivery 
  • Having return policy 
  • Gift wrapping service 
  • Diversified products 
  • Selling both new and used goods

2. How to buy from Zozotown

2.1. Buy directly from Zozotown

Difficulties when buying directly in Zozotown Japan 

  • ZOZOTOWN is a website specializing in fashion and serving the Japanese market… Therefore, on this website, Japanese is the only used language. If you’re a Zozotown international client, you will meet many difficulties during the trading process.
  • Because only focuses on the Japanese market so you can not use international payment cards for shopping here.
  • Moreover, it does not offer Zozotown international shipping, so when you buy goods from Japan by yourself, you have to handle the shipping and customs procedures.

Some words to keep in mind when making purchases on Zozotown

  • 探 す (search): You can search items by using the website’s filter according to brands, and popularity ratings.
  • カ テ ゴ リ: Category
  • ブ ラ ン ド: Popular brands on ZOZOTOWN
  • シ ョ ッ プ ( store): Top popular stores 
  • 性別 ( gender): Allow you to choose items according to your gender (male, female,  kids) 
  • 価 格 タ イ プ (price): Allow you to choose your desired prices or between original price items (通常 価 格) and discount items (セ ー ル 価 格).

The steps to buy from Zozotown


Step 1: Change the website’s languages 

On, they only use Japanese. But if you use the Google Chrome browser, it will be easy to change the language by right-clicking and selecting Translate’’. Please note that this translation is automatically created. Hence, it might not be 100% correct, but still helpful. 

Step 2: Search for your favorite items 

After accessing the homepage of Zozotown, we will search for our desired items. 

If you know exactly what you are looking for, let’s search for it directly on the search bar. To get good results, you should use a keyword in the Japanese language or enter a brand’s name ịn Japanese. 

Besides it, if you’ve not found out what you really want, searching by category is a viable option. In this way, you can see the whole product being sold at Zozo. 

Step3: Find detailed item information

When finding out the item to buy from Zozotown, you need to read carefully the information related to the item: price, size, color, material… and see whether the item is still available. If you couldn’t find the item, let’s try with a filter. 

You can also buy used goods on this website. These types of items are often much cheaper than normal. But note that, these items are not allowed to return. 

Step 4: Place an order 

If you are satisfied with the item and its price, then let’s place an order. 

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2.2. Steps to buying from Zozotown at Janbox

Janbox provides a Japanese shopping proxy service and helps foreigners to buy products directly from any website in Japan. Let’s experience the best Japan proxy service with Janbox!

Step 1: Search for items

You can search for items in 2 ways: 

Option 1: Paste the item’s URL on the Janbox search bar or on the ‘’ Quick order’’ tool

Option 2: Find the item by category Zozotown at the menu bar

zozotown online shopping

Step 2: Find detailed item information

With the Janbox multilingual interface, you can trade without knowing Japanese. Moreover, you can see the item’s information in English or any other language as well as estimate domestic and international shipping fees.

buy from zozotown-japan

Step 3: Place an order & Pay for the first charge

When you find your desired items, we move to the payment process. Select “add to cart’’ if you want to continue shopping or select “Buy now’’. You need to enter the exact item’s information like size, color, quantity… and add them to the cart. At this step, you will make a payment for the item’s value.

buy from zozotown-japan-via-janbox

Step 4: Pay for the second charge

After the first charge, we wait for the item shipped from the seller to Janbox warehouse. When the item arrives, we will notify you. At this step, you select one shipping method and pay for the rest fees. 

Step 5: Receive your package 

After all, just wait for a couple of days to receive your package.

3. Why should you choose Janbox buying proxy service?

If you really want to buy your favorite fashion clothes but there’s no Zozotown international shipping, no worries! Janbox is the top Japanese shopping proxy service provider. We help our customers to buy genuine Japanese items wherever they are. 

  • At Janbox, only from 300yen service fee for each order. Especially, if you buy multiple items from the same seller, the service fee is still charged only one time. 
  • Delivery time is also one of the significant strengths of Janbox. Only from 7-9 working days, you can receive your item. 
  • Customer support service with multiple languages: With dedicated customer support staff, we answer and solve your questions 24/7 in many languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean…
  • Automated process system: You can check your item prices yourself, learn about your item information, and estimate shipping fees.
zozotown international shipping

Hopefully, through the information and instructions above, you have understood what is Zozotown and know how to buy from Zozotown. Using the prestigious Janbox buying proxy service for Japanese goods is not only a simple way to order fashion clothes on Japan but also the most economical way to buy Japanese domestic goods.

Don’t forget to search for your desired item now!

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