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How to order from Amazon Japan

Amazon is known to be the Top of Ecommerce in the World with a Huge warehouse. With high appreciation from customers, Amazon now becomes one reliable shopping address. However, To this time Amazon is limited to a few countries : United States, Canada, Japan,… It’s sometimes difficult to buy from Amazon when you live abroad. Therefore How to buy from Amazon Japan? Let’s find out.

I. What is Amazon Japan?

Amazon Japan is one of the well-known online shopping sites in the “cherry blossoms’’ country. The online traffic and shopping here are always on the top of the Japanese and global market. 

What is Amazon Japan

Similar to Amazon US, Amazon JP also sells a variety of different products with reasonable prices, good quality and safe during use. There are some popular items at Amazon Japan such as: Millions of books, CD, DVDs, movies, toys, electronics, household items, computers and thousands of other products. 

Japanese goods are known for their high quality whether they are products made with advanced technology or even toys and figures from movies. Many of them you can only find at Amazon Japan that are not available on any other website.

II. How to order items from Amazon Japan by yourself?

The bad thing is not all sellers on Amazon Japan support international shipping so It seems to be so difficult to buy from Amazon Japan if you are a foreigner. During the purchase process, you will have a lot of troubles : language barrier, payment method,…

Like other E-Commerce sites, in order to purchase on Amazon you must to have an account with the following information:

  • Japanese phone number
  • Delivery address in Japan
  • International payment cards

Besides, you need to resolve a lot of complex problems about international transportation, customs clearance,… If you do not have any relatives in Japan you can follow a step by step guide:

1. Steps to buy from Amazon Japan

Step 1: Register an account on Amazon

Access to :

Full fill the information and follow the instructions

how to make a japanese amazon account

Step 2: Search for Items

There are two ways to find the items on Amazon:

  • Option 1: Look for items by it’s name on search bar
  • Option 2: Search by catalogue on the left of site.
can i use my us amazon account in japan

Step 3: Purchase and Payment

After finding your favorite items, you can process to purchase or add to carts. Payment processes in Amazon with other E-Commerce are the same, Wait for purchase confirmation and you will be sent an order itinerary from Amazon Japan.

does my amazon account work in japan

2. Is it possible to buy on Amazon Japan from other countries?

There are many international users wondering if they could buy Japanese items from other countries. The answer is you can completely make self-purchase from Japan wherever you are. The strong point of this way is that you don’t have to pay proxy fees. However, you will have a lot of difficulties such as:

  • You need to know basic Japanese to search for items, or steps to order and make payment…
  • Most sellers on Amazon do not provide international shipping. Therefore, you need to have a delivery address in Japan, if not you couldn’t finish your purchase process. 
  • You are required to have a local payment card in Japan. This is a must-have for purchases in another country.
  • When buying directly from Amazon Japan, you have to hire a carrier to ship the products to your address. 
  • Moreover, if you have never made a purchase on Amazon Japan, you might face some risks on low quality items from non-reputable sellers. 

The above shortcomings have made many customers meet difficulties when directly ordering from Amazon Japan to ship overseas. However, don’t worry! Janbox will help you to solve the above problems.

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 III. Instructions for order Amazon Japan on Janbox

How to buy from Amazon with Janbox

Janbox is an e-commerce website allowing customers to shop directly from Japan. Here are the steps to buy from Amazon with Janbox:

  • Step 1: Access website and then sign up/ log in
  • Step 2: Type the item’s name on the search bar and choose search with Amazon
  • Step 3: You can choose ” Buy now” or add your item to the shopping cart
  • Step 4: Place an order and pay for the item’s value
  • Step 5: Wait for the item to arrive at Janbox warehouse, choose one international shipping method and pay for the shipping fee.
  • Step 6: Get your package delivered

IV. Experience when shopping on Amazon Japan

1. Avoid buying the goods are sold by Amazon’s partner

There are 3 types of Seller on Amazon:

  • Type 1: The Goods are sold and distributed by Amazon. This types provide high-quality products.
  • Type 2: The goods are sold by Amazon’s partner and Delivered by Amazon. With This type, Amazon has inspected the quality so never mind.
  • Type 3: The Goods are sold and distributed by the Seller that Posted to sell on Amazon Website. You must be careful when deciding to buy this type of goods because Amazon is not responsible for its quality.

Sometimes, you can see one item with a lot of prices. Be careful!

2. Avoid buying from several sellers

If you see a reputation Seller, let choose a Seller for a Shopping turn. Because the more Seller you choose, the more shipping fee you have to pay.

amazon japan shop in english

3. Avoid directly transfer money

Because nowaday there are some scams that take advantage of customers’ trusts to make fraudulent behaviors. Therefore Do not accept transfer money directly.

4. Hunting sales experience

There are 3 ways to hunt the Sales on Amazon Japan:

  • Option 1: Type keyword Deals in search bar : deal of + “ name of items” you will find your favorite products quickly.
  • Option 2: Click on Home to find hot deals: Time sale on Amazon
  • Option 3: Receive Sale information from Janbox

In addition, you can leave an email to register for a newsletter at Janbox, we will send the sale information as soon as Amazon has that deal.

For more information contact via email

Amazon Japan is one of  the top shopping places in Japan. At the moment, Amazon Japan has been receiving lots of support and trust from consumers around the world. In this article, Janbox is going to share with you what Amazon Japan is and how to ordering from Amazon Japan with just a few clicks right at your home. 

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V. Why should you use the Janbox shopping proxy service

Janbox is proud to be one of the prestigious units specializing in shopping and bidding Japanese items for millions of shoppers around the world. We help you purchase easily genuine items on popular websites in Japan such as: Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Kakaku, Mercari, Yahoo Japan, Zozotown… we can satisfy all your needs.  Janbox constantly improves service’s quality to bring the best serving to our customers.

Buy from Amazon Japan
  • The Janbox customer support team is fluent in many languages, always dedicated to answer all questions and assist you in finding and purchasing the desired products.
  • Fast delivery, only from 7-9 working days.
  • Super-low service fee for shopping and bidding helps you save maximum purchasing costs.
  • When using the Janbox shopping proxy service, there is no need to worry about any purchasing, payment and custom procedures. Besides it, you can track your order easily in your ‘’order management’’ section. 
  • Automated system: You can check item’s price, learn about item information and estimate shipping costs. 
  • To ensure that your goods are safe during international shipping, Janbox provides protective packaging service that keeps your package from unexpected risks. 
  • Janbox also provides photo service for customers at the warehouse in Japan. This service helps you to determine the item’s quality and package status before shipping. 
  • Moreover, consolidation is a significant service at Janbox. You can use this service when there are multiple orders and you want to consolidate to only one shipment. That will help you to save maximum shipping costs and easily manage your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Amazon Japan ship internationally?

Amazon Japan’s worldwide shipping program currently covers 60 countries. This implies that some items can be sent to any mailbox in these countries without the need for a proxy-buying or forwarding service. Many products listed on Amazon Japan, however, cannot be sent outside of Japan. In that case, Janbox is the best option for getting your Japanese goods into your nation.
>>> View the details HERE

Q. How to shop on Amazon Japan in English? 

Normally, all Amazon Japan material is shown in Japanese. However, you may modify this by utilizing one of the two techniques we’ll teach you.

Q. Can you order from Amazon Japan by phone?

Of course, downloading Janbox application then you can order any items you want by usual manipulations.

Q. Does Amazon accept foreign credit cards or PayPal?

“No,” is the short response. Janbox, on the other hand, accepts PayPal payments. So, even if you simply wish to pay using PayPal, we can purchase things for you from Amazon Japan.
We also take Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards from all around the world.

Q. Can I use my own Amazon account in Japan? 

You cannot buy from Amazon Japan using your Amazon account from the United States, the United Kingdom, or your native country. To order items from Amazon Japan, you’ll need to create a new account with them directly.
If you wish to use your Amazon account from your home country while traveling in Japan, you may, but you may encounter import limitations depending on the items you buy.

Q. Can I buy from Amazon Japan and Ship to the US?

The answer is YES, Amazon can ship some of its products from Japan to North America. That includes the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, but not other unincorporated territories of the US.

Q. How much is shipping from Amazon Japan to the US?

The total shipping cost is computed by adding the cost of each item from Amazon Japan’s “per shipment” and “per item” costs. The cost of shipping is also determined by the seller and the location of delivery. By updating your account settings, you may make yourself eligible for international delivery. Also, look for this filter on the product you wish to purchase. This is because some items may not be accessible for international delivery at all times. Proceed to the checkout page once you’ve finished buying. You’ll be able to view the shipping and import fees that you’ll have to pay right here.

Q. Why do I see this error message: “ Sorry, this item cannot be shipped to your selected address”?

When you try to check out with an item in your cart that can’t be sent internationally, this notice appears. On Amazon Japan, you cannot utilize international shipping for most secondhand or licensed items.


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