Top 10+ Best Anime Online Stores To Buy Anime and Manga

Best Anime Online Store

Anime has long been regarded as a sign of enormous impact, not only in Japan but also around the world. For many people, the practice of cosplaying as their favorite characters or collecting books, newspapers, tales, and even models has become a source of delight. However, owning goods linked to the Anime world is tough due to geographical limitations as well as each country’s policies. As a result, Janbox will compile a list of several best anime online stores in Japan, as well as the best places to buy Anime merchandise.

1. Why do we need to buy anime merchandise in Japanese online stores?

Best Anime Online Stores
Buy anime merchandise in Japanese online stores

Many individuals are hesitant to buy from Japan since many of the items and supplies offered on Japanese e-commerce sites are only available in Japanese. Because English is not widely spoken in Japan, Janbox will assist you in learning what Anime Merchandise is and why we need to buy it.

1.1. What is anime merchandise?

Anime merchandise, often known as “goods,” is a product created for a successful anime or manga series. Anime goods include a wide range of things such as stationery, anime figurines, soft toys, and more. Anime merchandise is generally developed after a series has gained popularity owing to increased fan demand.

Anime goods can be created either by the official animation studio or in partnership with another firm. Furthermore, anime goods are occasionally made and sold illegally by persons who do not have permission to do so.

1.2. Reasons to buy Anime products from Japanese stores

Best Anime Online Stores
Choose from hundreds of alternatives and place 

If you don’t reside in Japan, your options for anime products are restricted to what is currently available. When you buy your goods from a Japanese retailer online, you can also choose from hundreds of alternatives and place a pre-order to ensure that you obtain the sought new product as soon as it becomes available. If you’re searching for something more unique or older, many reputable businesses sell gently used secondhand products.

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2. Top 15 best Japanese anime online stores to buy anime/ manga merchandise

2.1. Aniplex Plus

Best Anime Online Stores
Aniplex company’s official Japanese online website

Aniplex Plus, often known as Aniplex+, is the Aniplex company’s official Japanese online website. The Aniplex production business, founded in 1995, has planned, produced, and distributed several successful anime programs, including Darling in the FranXX and Banana Fish. They also distribute all of Sony Computer Entertainment’s video game music and soundtracks.

The Aniplex Plus Japanese store provides anime DVD/Blu-ray releases for series that are only available on the website, as well as bonus items that can’t be found anywhere else. They occasionally offer items that were only available at specific events. The Japanese Aniplex Plus online store includes stationery, food, unique figurines, and much more in addition to their vast digital media collection.

While the US branch has its website, Aniplex+, the inventory is far smaller than that of the Japanese shop. Because you are purchasing straight from Aniplex, the pricing on the Japanese website is generally lower.

2.2. Pokémon Center Online

Best Anime Online Stores
The Pokémon Center Japan

The Pokémon Center Japan is a group of Pokémon-only stores. The Pokémon Center Japan includes physical locations around Japan, including Tokyo and Kyoto, as well as an online Pokémon Center that can be accessed through their website or Janbox.

The Pokémon Center Online Japan is well-known for its extensive collection of Pokémon goods and memorabilia. Every item they offer is 100% authentic, and the stores are managed by The Pokémon Company. Along with Japanese Pokémon Cards, the Pokémon Manga, figurines, Pokémon plush toys, and almost everything else you can think of, Japanese retailers, carry goods you won’t find anywhere else.

For example, do you want a sleeping Pikachu collection for your child? The Pokémon Center Japan released it as a limited edition.

2.3. AmiAmi

Best Anime Online Stores
AmiAmi is one of the most well-known online manga and anime retailers

AmiAmi is one of the most well-known online manga and anime retailers. Many anime fans are familiar with AmiAmi, which sells a broad variety of figurines, plushies, sundries, and other items. The best part is that the website is updated daily and offers the best daily deals on nearly anything!

If you’re an anime or manga fan, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by purchasing figurines or other related products from AmiAmi. They have a fixed cost of 500JPY for shipment, so you may buy as much as you want without worrying about domestic postage especially when you buying with Janbox!

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2.4. Animate Online Shop

Best Anime Online Stores
Several special items are exclusively available at Animate Stores.

Animate is one of the most popular animation websites in Japan. They have virtually everything you could want, from the greatest anime figures to keychains featuring your favorite characters! They also sell several special items that are exclusively available at Animate Stores.

The Animate store has an auto-translate button directly on their website, which is one of its best features! You may click the icon in the top right-hand corner to have the webpage translated into a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, Russian, and others. You may also note that they established an international store in 2017. The greatest disadvantage of their foreign store is that it lacks the same vast range of anime and manga products as its Japanese counterpart, especially recent releases.

2.5. Surugaya

Best Anime Online Stores
Suruga-ya- Japanese pop culture merchandise

Suruga-ya is a popular online store that specializes in Japanese pop culture merchandise. This covers Japanese CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, as well as manga and anime goods and clothing. Surugaya is recognized for its enormous area dedicated to thousands of second-hand products. They allow pre-orders for items that have not yet been launched. You’ll discover a lot of unique items here that you won’t find anywhere else! If there’s anything elusive on your wish list, it could show up on Suruga-ya at some point.

When exploring Surugaya, keep in mind that they may carry the same item in both new and used conditions. You may always use Google Chrome’s auto-translate feature (Right Click -> Translate) to translate the webpage, but knowing these two Japanese phrases will help you along the way:

[新品] Shinpin = New product

[中古] Chūko = Second-hand (second-hand)

2.6. Premium Bandai

Best Anime Online Stores
Premium Bandai’s online store

Bandai, being one of Japan’s and the world’s leading toymakers, has secured exclusive licensing rights to popular brands that other businesses are unable to get, such as the Sailor Moon licensing rights. Premium Bandai’s online store provides goods from several of these well-known properties, as well as super-limited partnerships with other Japanese firms. Bandai is also renowned for its Gunpla kits, which they frequently offer in limited editions on their website.

Give the Premium Bandai website a look if you’re interested in Gunpla, fashion & accessories, collectibles, and exclusive figures!

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2.7. Kotobukiya

Best Anime Online Stores
Kotobukiya – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of figures and plastic model kits

Kotobukiya, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of figures and plastic model kits, manufactures a variety of figurines based on anime and manga series. They’re also one of the few Japanese figure manufacturers that have secured rights for western franchises like DC and Marvel, as well as movie properties like Star Wars! They also make keychains, plushies, rubber straps, and other items in addition to figurines. All of these items are available for purchase on the Kotobukiya online store!

Kotobukiya is also renowned for its Zoids model kits and the Frame Arms series, a unique in-house line of plastic model kits. The Frame Arms series includes attractive heroines who act as frames for mecha additions such as armor and other weapon accessories.

Kotobukiya is certainly a shop to check out, especially for figure collectors or model kit lovers, because it has so much variety.

2.8. Amazon Japan

Best Anime Online Stores
Purchase nearly anything from Amazon Japan

You can purchase nearly anything from Amazon Japan, just like you can from Amazon throughout the world! They sell a lot of items that are only accessible in Japan. Here you may purchase figurines, books, music, and other items. There are a lot of third-party merchants on there, so you might be able to discover that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been hunting for! While some Amazon sites do ship globally, most of them do not due to their tiny size, thus it is advised that you utilize a proxy purchasing service to shop here.

2.9. Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Best Anime Online Stores
Yahoo Auctions is Japan’s most popular auction site

Yahoo! Japan Auctions must be included in any list of top anime and manga merchandise websites. Yahoo Auctions is Japan’s most popular auction site. Millions of items are sold every day on this site. Anyone in Japan may sell anything they want on Yahoo Auctions, so you can come across some unique, fascinating, or unusual items, including anime merchandise!

We always recommend reading the item descriptions thoroughly before placing a bid on Yahoo Auctions. Bidding on auction products might be hazardous because you are generally buying from a private individual, but if you are careful, it can be well worth it. On the website, many collectors have discovered rare and out-of-print anime goods.

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2.10. Comic Toranoana

Best Anime Online Stores
Toranoana – a fantastic website

Toronoana is a fantastic website for finding a variety of goods, including rare Doujinshi anime stuff. This is due to Toronoana’s backing of the indie manga movement, in addition to commercially accessible and well-loved Japanese comics. You’ll be able to read and discover some fantastic new manga!

However, be cautious when using the website… If you don’t translate the website and just browse around in the hopes of finding something, you could end yourself in the adult area by accident (R-18). That might be difficult to explain to your relatives or coworkers!

2.11. BOOTH

Best Anime Online Stores
BOOTH – An “indie art marketplace

Are you looking for one-of-a-kind goods made by Doujinshi creators? BOOTH is the website you should visit. BOOTH is an “indie art marketplace,” which means you’ll be able to find a wide range of unique and intriguing items from upcoming mangaka.

The fact that nearly everything is made by hand is one of our favorite aspects of BOOTH goods. This implies that most of the stuff available from BOOTH is not only unique, but also of higher quality than that available from larger corporations. Because our goods are handcrafted, quantities are limited, so if you see anything you like, act immediately before it sells out!

2.12. Mercari Japan

Best Anime Online Stores
Mercari is a mobile application and a website that allows users to sell to other users

Mercari is a mobile application and a website that allows users to sell to other users. It is highly popular among Japanese users and has a large number of unique goods. Many fans, just like Otamart, offer their surplus anime items for other fans to buy.

Mercari, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to buy from for international customers because you can only establish an account if you have a Japanese address, and the app has barred most proxy accounts from purchasing. White Rabbit Express is one of the few proxies still able to assist international fans in purchasing from Mercari Japan. As a result, we can certainly assist you in obtaining the unique goods you’ve been coveting!

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2.13. Janbox

Best Anime Online Stores
Janbox – one of the top Anime online retailers in Japan

Janbox, one of the top Anime online retailers in Japan, is a very successful e-commerce firm that sells both local and foreign Anime. Not only does the firm have a strong reputation for supplying or shipping Anime, but also clothes, footwear, game consoles, and other items.

The firm adheres to a philosophy of complete client pleasure, whether it is in terms of shipping, customer service, discounts, or anything else that contributes to the customer’s happiness. From Japan, the firm not only provides items domestically but also worldwide. The firm has a dedicated customer care staff that provides you with online helpdesk assistance throughout the week even on Sundays and Saturdays.

2.14. Mandarake

Best Anime Online Stores
It is one of Japan’s major anime and secondhand game shop chains

Mandarake began in 1987 with a shop on Nakano Broadway that is still operational today! It is one of Japan’s major anime and secondhand game shop chains, and it is highly popular with both anime fans and visitors. The Mandarake store in Tokyo’s renowned Akihabara area offers an impressive eight levels of merchandise ranging from cosplay to vintage gaming!

Most of the same things from their physical stores are available online, including antique toys, manga series, idol merchandise, and much more. If you want to get your hands on any uncommon things, go to their Japanese site instead of their English site, as the English site has a lesser variety.

2.15. Otamart

Best Anime Online Stores
Find numerous unique tems at Otamart

Otamart is an online flea market devoted solely to the sale of anime-related items. It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace where you may find numerous unique items. Many fans buy entire boxes of merchandise in order to obtain their favorite, then sell the items they don’t want on this site. Frequently, these items are brand new yet are labeled as second-hand!

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3. Buying online Japan anime’s notes

Shopping for anime and manga at these Japanese stores may be aggravating, especially if the website takes a long time to load and, once it does, the translation takes its own time.

Best Anime Online Stores
Buying Online Japan Anime’s Note

A package forwarding service like Janbox is the answer to this problem and more (by which we mean managing and sending your valuable anime). We can assist you in purchasing items from Japan and arranging for them to be handled and sent to your nation. This website intends to assist anyone who wants to purchase something from a Japanese shop, such as anime products but is unable to do so due to limitations such as no international shipping.

Moreover, there are plenty of untrustable companies and stores out there that selling fake products or low-quality products for users. Therefore, with trustful cross-border e-commerce services like Janbox by clients side. They do not have to worried about anything.

4. Buy your favorite anime merchandise with Janbox

Now, Janbox is going to show you an easy way to buy merchandise online from Japan even if you’re living abroad.

– Step 1: Access to Janbox websites and sign up/ login

To make a purchase with Janbox, you must first establish a Janbox account. This is a crucial step in ensuring that you can easily and quickly purchase your goods.

– Step 2: Search for your favorite Items

Option 1:Paste the item’s link into the Janbox search bar or the “quick order” feature.

To begin, you go to one of the Japanese anime websites and look for the goods you want. Then copy and paste the item’s URL into the Janbox search field.

You may also use the “quick order” option to paste numerous item URLs at once. It is important to note that each link is separated by a space.

Option 2: Find the item by category

There are category lists available on Janbox to help you discover goods quickly.

If you are unable to locate your desired goods, please slightly check Janbox’s help center or contact us.

– Step 3: Place an order for the first charge

After reviewing the item’s details and pricing, click “Buy now” or “Add to Cart” to continue buying. Then, by clicking on “Place order,” you complete the payment process for the item’s price. And remember, thousands of vouchers and promotions are releasing every day by Janbox, especially we are giving away 3000 JPY for first-time users. Don’t be hesitate, let create an account to receive all these benefits.

Step 4: Make a payment

To begin, you must pay for your entire order in full. This is a deposit toward your order. Once your order has been delivered to the operating center, we will notify you. You’ve selected the option for international shipping. Then you pay the domestic and international freight charges, as well as a service fee if you desire one. This marks the beginning of the second period. After making your payment on the Janbox website, you have completed your transaction.


That concludes our list of the finest and best anime online stores for anime and manga products. Of course, you may use our service to order straight from manufacturer sites such as Yahoo! Auctions or Booth, ensuring that you have access to all of your favorite goods.