Top 10 Japanese Anime of All Time List

Top 10 Japanese Anime of All Time

You might have heard of Japanese anime which is gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. Japanese anime is an originated terminology of Japan which refers to the animations that are made in Japan. It has become one of the most well-known genres and not only in Japan but globally people are loving it.

The business of Japanese anime series has succeeded generously in Japan somewhat due to the reason that Japan has other Japanese pop cultures, for example, light books, manga, and video games. Some famous Japanese anime are variations of light novels, manga, and video games. Also, anime has thrived worldwide so quickly since anyone can get to the Japanese anime with English subtitles and dubs.

If you are willing to draft a watch list of the Japanese anime series, it can be hard to figure out where to start from as the movies and series are a large and diverse genre. And fortunately, there are numerous great Japanese anime series to start with. Here is a list of the ten best Japanese anime of all time that offers a great view into a number of styles and themes that can be seen in Japanese anime series and movies. Let’s find out with Janbox!!!

Top 10 Japanese Anime of All Time

Grave of The Firefly

The grave of the firefly is a well-known Japanese anime movie that is loved by everyone. It is one of the darker anime movies where two siblings are the main characters who are seen struggling to survive during the last few months of World War 2. The movie is quite painful as there are a lot of losses one after the other and is very emotional and hurtful in means of human pain.

The movie is recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy a playful genre of Japanese anime with a darker theme.

Spirited Away

Spirited away is a film by Studio Glibly depicting phenomenal visuals with incredible animations and great voice acting that makes it more enticing and draws you in the adventure along with the Japanese anime girl.

It involves a family who is on the way to their new home and finds an abandoned theme park where their daughter entangles in a strange spirit world while trying to rescue her parents.

Princess Mononoke

Story of a young prince who is cursed and exiled in a forest in some throes of a vicious struggle amongst the industrializing humans and ancient spirits.

The remarkable English voice cast has done a great job and made the Japanese anime movie a super hit. The movie is quite sympathetic to both sides in a number of ways you can see adventure, romance, and a wonderful theme offered by Studio Ghibli.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki’s Delivery Service is a sweet and fun coming-of-age tale where Kiki is an apprentice who opens a delivery by broom service. Sounds fun, no? You will enjoy this Japanese anime where the film is followed by various misadventures.

It is a fun and recommended movie for kids in particular. As the main characters of Japanese anime include children who are struggling to learn their place in the world.

My Neighbor Totoro

A family-oriented movie, My Neighbor Totoro, is a fantasy and sweet movie and a classic genre exclusively by the ever-great Studio Ghibli.

In Japanese anime, there is a family that shifts to the new house to meet a spirit that is friendly. The story begins from then onwards where the family learns more about the world of spirits and deals with the problems with their help.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Japanese anime movie, Howl’s Moving Castle, is an infusion of a funny, romantic genre with a beautiful story and animation. It involves a young Japanese anime girl named Sophie who is unadventurous. She has been rescued by an evil witch and finds herself cursed. It is an interpretation of a novel by Dianna Wynne Jones with the same name.

Castle in The Sky

The movie is all about a strange world which is rich in flying cities and air pirates. In the movie, you will be introduced to a young couple in a quest who ensure to keep away a magic crystal from a cruel man. A beautifully animated film with lots of fun, adventure, and action.


It is generally an anime classic that is also regarded as science fiction. The movie is quite strange with a disturbing climactic sequence. The lead characters are a motorcycle gang in Neo-Tokyo who are involved in a war with one of their rival gangs.

Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa)

A recent movie released in 2016 – is a tale with a complex story. The main characters are a high school boy and a high school Japanese anime girl. Both of them swap bodies with each other and the story continues with enticing yet complicated twists.

Nausicaä of The Valley of the Wind

The movie is about princess Nausicaä who is seen struggling to bring together a world that is changed due to the apocalyptic war. She is accompanied by a strange giant mutant insect that came from a toxic jungle. It is tragedy and hopefulness with a touch of some strange events.


Japanese anime is popular worldwide. People are fond of these Japanese anime series and movies. If you are thinking to enter the anime world this list of top 10 Japanese anime will help you greatly.

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