Top 18 Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan

Top 15 Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan

Searching to buy anime figures from Japan is no more only amusement, but a passion, a photographic hobby, an aesthetic beauty. With advanced Japanese technology and a production process under strict supervision, the figure products are born perfectly, they are well-organized, the colors are vivid, the details are sharp, and the expressions are accurate as the original character has satisfied and satisfied many fans around the world. How, on the other hand, do you know where to buy anime figures from Japan? Janbox has compiled a list of 18 trustworthy websites to help you pursue your interest. Let’s find out together by scrolling down!

1. Why should you buy anime figures in Japanese online stores?

Buying anime figures from Japan online is a type of business that soon grew in popularity, gaining the trust of many clients. When opposed to buying and selling directly, buying and selling products online offers several advantages. When you purchase anime figures from Japanese online shopping sites, you will be able to:

1.1. Save time by having products delivered to your house

This is the most significant benefit on which everyone agrees. In today’s hectic world, it is critical to make the most of one’s time. If you want to buy a specific product, you must devote time and effort to locating it, visiting the store… Instead of spending time like this, simply go to an online buying website and select a Japanese figures anime product.

After that, select the product you wish to purchase and hit the order or purchase button. The delivery team will deliver to the address you choose. As a result, buying online allows you to save the most time and decrease the stress in your life.

anime figures in Japanese online stores

1.2. Compare prices quickly and simply

All of the pricing may be found on internet sales platforms. You know the price before you buy, so pick the Japanese anime figures that fit your budget. Above all, you can compare prices to get the best deals on your favorite items, which is what everyone looks for while buying.

1.3. A wide range of options

Many individuals are unaware that they may use internet sites to look for and purchase daily items. You can easily select the appropriate product based on your needs and budget. It is simple to select the appropriate anime figure products without having to ponder and be perplexed about what to get.

1.4. In all situations, be active and safe

You’re thinking of paying for something online, but you’re not sure if you’ll get it. Don’t worry, you may use the COD (Cash on Delivery) delivery model to ensure you have the proper goods before paying, or you can use online payment methods with the temporary payment function, which completely protects purchasers. Customers may swap items, file complaints, make ideas, etc., and receive help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1.5. Worldwide shopping network

Because the global internet reaches everywhere, you can buy in other cities, even internationally, without having to leave your house. When clients have only a computer linked to the internet, they may shop all around the world from the comfort of their own homes.

Those who enjoy collecting anime figurines will find that purchasing them online is quite convenient. You will not be required to pay for travel expenses to go to the stores. Furthermore, you will not have to waste time looking for your favorite products at the shops because you can buy anime figures from Japan online in the comfort of your own house or anywhere else.

If you do not reside in Japan, you may browse from hundreds of alternatives and pre-order new items before it is released by purchasing from a Japanese retailer online. If you are searching for something more unique or older, there are many reputable businesses that sell gently worn second-hand products.

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2. Top 18 best websites to buy Japanese anime figures

Where to buy anime figures online from Japan? Otaku culture revolves around anime character figurines. Many fans of manga and anime like collecting miniatures and anime figures of their favorite characters. Some are exceedingly uncommon and can only be found in Japan. There are a plethora of Japanese e-commerce websites where you can buy anime figures from Japan, but many of them only ship to Japan.

Here is a list of our 18 favorite websites to buy Japanese anime figures:

2.1. Aniplex Plus

Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan
The Aniplex Plus webshop

The Aniplex Plus webshop is definitely worth a look if you are a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, the Fate franchise, The Promised Neverland, and other anime series. Aniplex Plus is the Aniplex corporation’s official Japanese online web store. Aniplex is a production business that plans, produces and distributes successful anime. On the site, they sell a lot of their full anime box sets. Figures, stationery, and even clothes are available for purchase, so it’s not only restricted to anime box sets.

2.2. AmiAmi

Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan
Simply preorder on Ami Ami

Square Enix, Bandai, Alter, and Good Smile Company are just a few of the brands available on AmiAmi. You will notice the overwhelming amount of new goods as soon as you begin exploring. On AmiAmi, you can simply preorder recent releases as well as preorder forthcoming figures. AmiAmi also includes a section dedicated to pre-owned figurines if you are seeking to save some money. AmiAmi rates each used figure’s condition, so you won’t be caught off guard by any serious flaws.

2.3. Animate

Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan
Animate – Japanese animation retail chain

Animate is a Japanese animation retail chain with locations all across the country, one of the most famous anime and manga stores in Tokyo, Japan. Most anime lovers have been at Animate or heard about it. Animate is an anime store chain. They have different shops in Tokyo. Many people said that they are on the list of the biggest and main anime figure providers here. Among them, the store located in Akihabara is the most well-known.

This is Japan’s largest retailer of anime, manga, and video games, with over 100 physical stores. The firm has lately begun to offer its products to anime lovers outside of Japan, and as a result, they have launched a new website called “anime international”. All of the anime figures are genuine and come straight from Japan!

The shop offers international shipping and a large selection of anime figures. They have merchandise for a variety of series, including My Hero Academia, Love Live!, Uta no Prince-Sama, and many others. The website is full of fascinating things to buy, including figurines, jewelry, clothes, and DVDs, among other items. It’s fantastic to be able to buy anime figures at Japanese stores without having to travel to Japan! This is a website that you must visit to buy anime figures from Japan if you value authenticity.

2.4. Surugaya

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Surugaya is recognized for its enormous area dedicated to thousands of second-hand products

Surugaya is a popular online store that specializes in Japanese pop culture merchandise. It offers Japanese CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays, as well as manga and anime goods and clothing. Surugaya is recognized for its enormous area dedicated to thousands of second-hand products. It allows pre-orders for items that have not yet been launched. You may discover a lot of unique items here that you will not find anywhere else! This website is also an ideal place for you to search for used items. Visit the website to choose what you love.

2.5 Janbox

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Janbox- A cross-border e-commerce platform

There are a lot of queries regarding the sites to buy online anime figures. People have been searching for figures online shops in Japan to get their favorite anime Japanese figures. At Janbox you can get your preferred Japanese anime figures online. We have numerous Japan figure stores and shops that deal in figures from Japan ensuring high quality.

We are a reliable e-commerce platform providing shopping and auction proxy service from Japan to cater to the requirements of our audience. From Japan figures shops to ordering from Rakuten, Mercari, Amazon, Rakuma, and other such platforms we are an all-inclusive cross border platform serving your needs.

Janbox is a cross-border e-commerce platform that allows you to purchase and auction Japanese goods over the internet. Simply select the item type, and it will purchase and ship on your behalf from A to Z. You can buy your favorite Japanese anime figures online at Janbox. They offer a plethora of Japan figure retailers and businesses that specialize in high-quality Japanese figurines. We are a trustworthy e-commerce site that offers shopping and auction proxy services from Japan to meet the needs of our target audience.

2.6. Mandarake

Mandarake – specializes in selling second-hand goods.

Mandarake is a well-known Japanese retailer that specializes in selling second-hand goods. Mandarake is not just one anime store. This is a chain of anime stores. In Nakano Broadway, they have two stores. Because these businesses are so well-decorated, you will be able to snap a lot of great photographs when you visit them.  So models and photographers will find Mandarake to be a great location. They’re recognized for having a large selection of old anime and manga, some of which are limited editions.

The Mandarake website has a range of their products. You may explore a variety of languages there, but we recommend looking on the Japanese website because not all of the goods on the Japanese website will be available in the other versions! Very interesting when you spend time walking around the store and find out something you love.

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2.7. Solaris Japan

Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan
Solaris Japan – a large collection of anime miniatures

Solaris Japan not only sells Japanese imported video games but also has a large collection of anime miniatures. This is a fantastic website that sells a wide variety of anime goods, with an emphasis on anime figurines. From classic series like Berserk to contemporary series like Demon Slayer, you can discover miniatures from just about every program. Solaris Japan’s extensive collection of forthcoming figures allows enthusiastic fans to pre-order their favorite statues. If you order early enough, you could be eligible for an early bird discount.

Solaris Japan not only has bargains on new figurines, but they also have great prices on old figures. Separate areas of the site are dedicated to used figurines with faulty or missing components, so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy. As a result, this is a fantastic store for people looking to acquire anime figures on a tight budget! There is also a large range of figurines and figure kinds on the website. Solaris Japan is a great place to go if you want to get figurines at a bargain.

2.8. Premium Bandai

Best Websites To Buy Anime Figures From Japan
the Premium Bandai website

If you want to have anime figures or many other things related to doujinshi but they are limited edition, even super limited ones, don’t forget Premium Bandai. This company is on the list of the largest toy manufacturers in Japan. Give the Premium Bandai website a look if you are interested in Gunpla, fashion & accessories, collectibles, and exclusive figures! Bandai is renowned for its Gunpla kits because they frequently offer limited editions on their website.

Bandai, being one of Japan’s and the world’s leading toymakers, has secured exclusive licensing rights to popular brands that other businesses are unable to get, such as the Sailor Moon licensing rights. Premium Bandai’s online store provides goods from several of these well-known properties, as well as super-limited partnerships with other Japanese firms.

2.9. Toysapiens

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Toysapiens – A big studio

Toysapiens not only provides famous Japanese anime models but also numerous unique replicas of Marvel heroes and iconic animation characters from the DC and Disney studios. Other products for sale on this site include bags, toys, clothing, caps, and character merchandise. For those who enjoy figures, this is a worthwhile trip.

2.10. Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop – A Japanese pop culture e-commerce site

The Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop is a Japanese pop culture e-commerce site with a large selection of products. Plushies, figurines, character merchandise—all of these items, as well as the latest Japanese fashion, are part of the TOM Shop’s immensely wide assortment. Through its website, the Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop, it sells goods relating to Japanese anime, comics, gaming, music, and fashion.

TOM aspires to be the world’s quickest supplier of globally recognized Japanese pop culture material. This is a website that not only provides you with new goods but also assists you in learning more about Japanese anime through articles on various anime series.

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2.11. J-LIST

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
J-LIST – A variety of genuine Japanese goods

J-LIST is a website that sells a variety of genuine Japanese goods. They sell Japanese food, toys, and household products in addition to anime figurines and accessories. This makes it a great location to go if you want to buy anime figurines and other Japanese products all at once. J-anime LIST’s figurines are incredibly affordable, plus they’re all real and sent straight from Japan!

The company is continuously upgrading the figures it sells, and it has one of the greatest selections of anime figurines on the market. All of the figures are of excellent quality and are well worth buying. If you are searching for Japanese anime figures online stores and want charming anime products, J-LIST should be your stop!

2.12. Crunchyroll STORE

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Crunchyroll – Anime goods and figures shop

You have certainly heard of Crunchyroll’s anime streaming service, but did you know they have their own store where you can buy anime goods and figures? The shop provides a huge selection of anime figures at great rates! A large number of the figurines are under $30, and the company provides free delivery on orders of $100 or more. The figures are of exceptional quality, and they are all genuine Japanese products.

This store provides a large selection of figurines from prominent anime series such as Black Clover, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and many others. The website also sells certain uncommon and little-known anime figurines. Crunchyroll is a fantastic place to search if you are a big fan of the specific anime figure or an anime figure from a lesser-known show.

2.13. JP Figures

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
JP Figures – A wide range of character models,

As a market supplier of high-quality components and accessories for figure models at a reasonable price. JP Figures has a facility, which allows them to wholesale their items to clients all over the world. If you are looking for a dependable e-commerce channel, this website is a good option because it offers a wide range of character models, including anime characters, chibi figurines, S.H. Figuarts, plushies, and more.

2.14. Luna Toy Store

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Cartoon characters with model items at reasonable rates, visit Luna Toy Store

What other website has as many goods as the Lunar Toy Store? You are looking for cartoon characters with model items at reasonable rates. The site’s strength is its variety of categories and goods. Pre-ordering allows you to obtain your goods in good condition and well-packaged in a timely manner. Furthermore, the website offers paint, paint spray cans, tools, and Gundam Maker so that you can freely add more features to your model or repair sections that have been damaged due to prolonged use.

2.15. HobbySearch

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
HobbySearch- A huge collection of anime miniatures

HobbySearch has a huge collection of anime miniatures that will not let you down. All of these figurines are imported directly from Japan, so you can be sure they’re genuine. The site’s main page may appear complicated, yet it has everything you need to begin your figurine search.

The site’s best-selling figures are shown in the center of the page, followed by tabs for preorders, new goods, and replenished items. Good Smile Company, Bandai, and Alter are just a few of the figure brands available on HobbySearch. Do not forget to check out HobbySearch’s release date list, which shows all of the future figures’ release dates.

2.16. Comic Toranoana

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Toranoana – A chain store

People also call this place Toranoana. Comic Toranoana includes many different stores and a popular site. Any manga and anime fans know about this place. Every day thousands of customers visit their online store.

Toranoana is a chain store, so you can find stores that close to you and visit easily. They have specialized in merchandises related to manga, anime, in other words- doujinshi culture in Japan. Toranoana offers you novels, video games, CDs, mp3. They have many rare or second-hand doujinshi products. Visit the site and have a good time!

2.17. Melonbooks

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Melonbooks – The best anime stores in Japan

It is not a store that specializes in anime or manga only. And they are a chain of book stores that includes 24 locations and an online store. Melonbooks was found in 1998 and has become the ideal place for doujinshi goods.

They also sell second-hand items. You can find here tons of goods related to anime, manga such as anime figures, anime CDs, anime or manga magazines, and games. It is the reason why this book store is on the list of the best anime stores in Japan.

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2.18. Lashinbang

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Lanshinbang provides some rare anime figures

You take the Yamanote Line to Ikebukuro station to reach to Lashinbang store. This anime figure store is located on Otome Road – one special road. For your information, Otome road is famous for anime and manga. A lot of anime figure stores are here with tons of anime merchandise.

So, what is the special thing in the Lashinbang anime store? You can save money so much when purchasing small anime figures here. They are in the sale. Buy it at a great price and add many interesting, unique figures to your collections. Or choosing a small japan anime figure as a souvenir for your Japan trip is a good idea.

Lanshinbang also provides some rare anime figures. You spent much time finding figures of your favorite characters, but nowhere to see them? Don’t worry! Try your luck once at Lanshinbang. Many anime figure lovers are surprised and very happy when they realized that what they are finding is here.

3. In Japan, what are the most frequent sorts of anime characters?

3.1. Action figurines from anime

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Action figurines from anime

Plastic anime action figures are poseable character miniatures. The Action Figure model is very adaptable. The figurines include articulating joints that enable a variety of action positions, as well as clothes, equipment, weapons, and vehicles. Action figures are made by putting together molded plastic components based on prototype models, which are then painstakingly hand-sculpted.

Japan is known for its anime action figure market, which is centered on Tokyo’s Akihabara. The most prominent Japanese businesses that make these kinds of figurines are Good Smile Company and Megahouse.

3.2. Pop-culture characters from anime

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Pop-culture characters from anime

Pop figures are part of a larger figure genre known as Chibi figurines. Funko Pop figurines are well-known all over the world. Some of these simple and adorable figures are based on characters from popular anime and manga series such as Naruto and Sailor Moon.

3.3. Chibi figurines from anime

Websites To Buy Anime Figures
Chibi figures

Almost every anime fan has seen these anime Chibi figures. Chibi is a term used in Japanese slang to describe anything little. The word “Chibiru” is derived from the verb “Chibiru,” which means “to dull.” It is a caricatural style with severely distorted characters. This type of figurine is currently quite popular in Japan, particularly with the Nendoroid series. Despite the fact that Chibis are frequently little, the fundamental feature of a Chibi Figurine is the disproportion between the head and the rest of the body, which implies a large head and a small body. It is charming and humorous.

4. Buy your favorite anime figures easily with Janbox

There are numerous Japanese figure shops online, but most of the Japanese sites require a Japanese address to proceed with the shipping. Therefore, to buy anime figures from Japan you can use Janbox offering a simple and reliable shipping procedure ensuring quality and seamless delivery.

Janbox is a shopping proxy service that allows foreigners to buy their favorite items directly in Japan from any of the e-commerce platforms or websites. The methods for purchasing anime figurines from Japan through Janbox are straightforward. The steps to buying anime figures from japan via Janbox comprise simple steps.

Step 1: Search the item

You need to first look for the item you wish to purchase. So go to Janbox and start searching. You have two options for searching for the item. To begin, copy and paste the item’s URL into Janbox’s search bar or into the Quick order option on the website. The second option is to look for an item by category.

Step 2: Locate the item’s detailed information

Once you have discovered the item you wish to buy, double-check the product details. Janbox has a bilingual interface that allows anybody, even non-native Japanese speakers, to access and trade. Furthermore, you may obtain product information in any language, including English. Calculate the shipping costs.

Step 3: Place an order and pay the deposit

We will move on to the payment method procedure once you have found your favorite Japanese figure. Continue to the next step after adding your Japanese figurine to the cart. After you’ve added items to your basket and clicked proceed, you’ll be taken to the payment platform. Choose an appropriate payment option and pay the initial charge of the product’s worth.

Step 4: Payment for the second charge

When you have finished with the first charge, you may move on to the second. We are waiting for the seller to deliver the item to the Janbox warehouse. We will notify you once the goods have arrived. At this point, you must choose the payment option for the second charge and pay the remaining balance. To avoid errors in the following step, double-check product information (including product images and videos), payment amount, and your details after completing all payment choices and giving personal information and delivery address stages.

Step 5: Parcel delivery and acceptance

You will get your shipment within a few days when all of the procedures have been completed. Pay attention to the website’s updated shipping information in order to schedule a suitable delivery time.


Because the world of websites to buy anime figures from Japan is so large, some expert collectors prefer to focus on only one sort of figure. We believe that based on this information, you already know which type of figure you want, and if you have made it this far, you are just a few steps away from becoming an expert in anime figures, unless you already are. Besides, these 15 websites of the shops at Japanese anime figures shops will satisfy your anime favor. If you want to learn more, visit the Janbox website.