How to buy from Toranoana: [Guide Step-by-step]

How To Buy From Toranoana Japan

If you’re a lover of Japanese anime, manga, or light novels, you’ve probably seen the terms Doujinshi or Doujin appear more frequently on social media and the internet recently. If you want to find a place to buy good Doujinshi items, you should consider Toranoana. In this article, Janbox shows you how to buy from Toranoana Japan step by step.

1. What is Toranoana?

Comic Toranoana (コミックとらのあな) or Toranoana is a doujin store run by Toranoana Inc. (株式会社 虎の穴). It is also known as “Toranoana” or simply “Tora.” It is the industry’s first major doujin store, which debuted in Akihabara Tokyo in 1994 and specializes in “Doujinshi.” The world’s largest otaku shop and the first pioneer in the domestic doujin mail-order industry. 

In Toranoana, there are over 100,000 creator circles registered. The amount of work for women, in particular, is unrivaled in the business, with over 50,000 pieces accessible at any one time. Toranoana deals with a wide range of creators’ work, so you could come across something you can’t find anywhere else.


Toranoana shop has stores in key cities including Tokyo and Osaka that it manages directly, as well as Taipei outlets in other countries. In addition to doujinshi, an e-commerce site ( has been created, which sells CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, Hobbies, Games, and other items. The proxy-buying service is used by a large number of international clients.

Toranoana is also a producer and investor in animated films. In 2018, artist 40hara released the doujin anime “I Want You To Make a Disgusted Face and Show Me Your Underwear,” and a sequel was scheduled in 2019.

2. What to buy from Toranoana 

The main page of Comic Toranoana has a slider with the latest releases and most anticipated pre-order products. This slideshow displays the best-selling doujinshi for men and women. Then there’s information on new goods that have been introduced to the shop. Amateur works can take a variety of forms, including:

  • Fanfictions and light novels are frequently connected with fan-created artwork.
  • Manga is a well-known Japanese comic book.
  • Anime is a cartoon version of manga that is distributed on DVD or Blu-Ray.
  • Figures, which usually depict characters from manga, anime, or video games.
  • Video games are frequently influenced by works from other media.
  • It can be original soundtracks, Vocaloid, or more typical J-Pop music (available as MP3s or CDs).

Manga is a hot product at Toranoana

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3. Toranoana international shipping – Does Toranoana ship internationally?

The Comic Toranoana online shop does not provide international delivery. But it isn’t an issue! It will no longer be required to acquire plane tickets to Japan to purchase doujinshi in a physical store. The Janbox Proxy Purchase Service may assist you in purchasing any of the Japanese products, even adult-only ones.

We’ve put together a little lesson to show you how to use Janbox on buying from Toranoana. You’ll find it down below. We hope to be able to respond to all of your inquiries. If you have any more queries, please contact our support team or send an email to our advisers.


4. How to buy from Toranoana – Step by step Guide

Many individuals are curious about how to purchase from Toranoana. There are two methods to order Japanese goods from this well-known retailer. You have the option of purchasing straight from the store’s website or through Janbox.

4.1. Order directly from Toranoana website

Step 1: Navigate to the Comic Toranoana website and choose a product category.

The online shop for Comic Toranoana may be accessed at You may navigate the site in two ways: by using the homepage’s highlighted products list or by using the left side menu. The primary menu may be found on the left sidebar. This navigation bar is made up of the following sections:

  • 通信販売 (Tsuushin hanbai): Describe the tangible products. This category includes numerous sections that will allow you to specify whether you want to browse adult-only products or cultural items aimed at a male or female audience. Following that, we will go through these sub-categories in further depth.
  • 店舗 (Tenpo): If you wish to shop online, skip this section because it contains information on physical Comic Toranoana stores in Japan. 
  • 情報 (Jouhou): This section keeps you up to date on the newest news in the doujin world. All of this information is only available in Japanese.
  • クリエイター向け (Kurieta-muke): This section is only for creators. Unless you are a part of a doujin circle, it will not be of interest to you. We will not go into detail on this page.

As previously stated, the sections covering physical and digital items are subdivided. There are five physical goods that we may think of:

  • 通信販売  (Tsuushin hanbai): All-purpose tangible goods.
  • 通信販売 R-18 (Tsuushin hanbai R-18): Physical items for adults only.
  • 女性向け通販 (Josei-muke tsuuhan): Tangible items aimed towards female consumers.
  • 女性向け通販 R-18 (Josei-muke tsuuhan R-18): Adult-only physical products aimed towards women.
  • AQUAPLUS通販 (AQUAPLUS tsuuhan): Products manufactured by Aquaplus.

There are four subcategories of digital products:

  • 電子書籍販売 (Denshi shoseki hanbai): Digital goods in general.
  • 電子書籍販売 R-18 (Denshi shoseki hanbai R-18): Digital items for adults only.
  • 女性向け電子書籍 (Josei-muke denshi shoseki): Digital items aimed at female consumers.
  • 女性向け電子書籍 R-18 (Josei-muke denshi shoseki R-18): Adult-only digital items geared toward females.

Step 2: Look through the subcategories.

Before you may access the list of hentai doujinshi on Comic Toranoana, you must certify that you are over the age of 18 in one of the adult categories. The structure of all pages in the product subcategories is the same. They all feature a left-hand menu where you may filter things using a variety of parameters. The following parts are located in the center of the page: Updates about the site as well as doujinshi circles. A list of items that have been featured. This subcategory’s product suggestions (by media type). This subcategory’s best-selling items. All you have to do now is look for items that you’re interested in!


Step 3: Analyze product pages.

When you click on a product, you’ll be sent to its own page. Additional images, features, and a description of the product can be found here. You can purchase volumes individually or in entire sets, depending on your preferences. We advocate purchasing full sets of Doujinshi to get the most bang for your buck. Buying a single Doujin at a time can save you money in the long term on shipping and processing fees.


Step 4: Fill the form of your account and credit card

To get to registration, click the link above the login box. Then you give your information and set up your credit card.  

Step 5 : Choose the shipping method 

When we have finished your order and received your shipment, you will receive an email notification. You can now request that we ship the package straight to your international address. However, if you wish to save money on international delivery, we may repack your item or combine many parcels. Once you’ve decided on a delivery option, you’ll have to wait anywhere from a few days to two weeks, depending on the method you choose.

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4.2. How to order from Toranoana with Janbox?

Step 1: Go to the official Toranoana Japan website.

Access the website of Toranoana online store and use Google Translate to understand the site.

Step 2: Search for things using Janbox.

Type the name of the product you’re looking for into the Toranoana search field. You may also search for what you’re looking for by using the product categories on the left side of this page. Janbox recommends using Google Chrome’s translating feature. You’ll have an easier time finding what you’re looking for. Use the categories on the right side of the page to find your favorite items.


Step 3: Verify and double-check the item’s specs.

Once you’ve located your desired items, please double-check the details on the number, color, and size. The title and description of the product will clearly display all of this information. We strongly advise that you read these criteria completely before making a purchase.

You should also look at the product’s pricing, VAT, and domestic shipping costs, if applicable. The seller is generally the one that provides this information. There will be things that are VAT-free and do not require domestic shipping. However, you will be required to pay these two additional prices for specific things. As a result, you must pay attention to this subject as well.

Step 4: Make your purchase.

If you agree with the product, please click “BUY NOW” to make a purchase. To proceed with the purchase, you must first create a Janbox account. The process of creating an account is simple and quick. Now it’s only a matter of filling in the blanks with your information. You have a Janbox account that you may use to make purchases. If you still want to buy something, go to your shopping basket and click “ADD TO BASKET.”

Step 5: Complete the Janbox payment.

After completing the order form at Janbox, you must pay the value of the order you just ordered.

Janbox allows two distinct forms of payment.

  • Option 1: Use your Janbox wallet to make a payment. It means you’re going to put money into Janbox’s wallet. A yen is equivalent to one point. If you choose this option, Janbox will deduct the appropriate number of points from your order when you pay. Your remaining points will be applied to your next order.
  • Option 2: You may use your credit card or PayPal to make a payment. All you have to do is provide Janbox the amount that matches the order total. The deal has now been completed.

Step 6: Combine your orders and choose a delivery method.

After your order has been delivered to the Janbox warehouse, you will get an email. You must now notify us of any optional services, such as consolidation, checking, repacking, and so on. Then you choose an overseas shipping method. Your order will be delivered ahead of schedule.

Step 7: Pay for international shipping and pick up your things.

After you’ve finished paying for Janbox. Your item will be sent to the address you provide. Each transportation method comes with a tracking number. You will be given a tracking number, and you may check the progress of your order on the Janbox website.

The approximate delivery time is 7-10 days. It depends on the delivery method you choose. All you have to do now is pay for international shipping and wait for your things to arrive.


5. Try Janbox Shopping Proxy Service for ordering from Toranoana

While most Japanese Doujinshi stores like Toranoana do not ship internationally, Janbox allows you to shop for and have all of your favorite Doujinshi delivered to your home! Take a look at the below reasons why you should try Janbox to get Toranoana’s products:

  • Convenience: In Japan, you don’t need a received address, phone number, or any other information. With only a few mouse clicks, you can shop on Janbox as if you were living and experiencing Japan. Furthermore, you may order many things at once using the “fast order” option, which saves you a lot of time. Aside from that, you may estimate and determine the overseas shipping price without the assistance of our team. Let’s go shopping with Janbox to get the greatest experience possible.
  • Fast delivery: Currently, ordering via a domestic e-commerce website usually takes 2-5 days. However, with such a developed international shipping system as today, you only need to wait 9-12 days to receive your items.
  • Cost Minimization: Janbox will assist you in reducing expenses, simplifying customs clearance and tax procedures. All you have to do now is place an order and wait for the items to arrive at your place.
  • Official papers and invoices are fully provided: Customers may use Janbox’s worldwide shopping service to buy items with comprehensive and correct invoices and documentation. When products are returned home, they are accompanied by formal invoices, ensuring prestige and demonstrating the enterprise’s devotion to consumers.
  • Enthusiastic and attentive customer care center: Janbox supports and advises customers when choosing quality products and sellers. Our enthusiastic, knowledgeable service team will answer all your questions. Consulting and support activities 24/7 outside office hours. Moreover, if there is a risk of products such as fake, imitation, wrong, lack of goods, … Customers who intend to make a complaint with the supplier will be supported by Janbox. The client will be handled most favorably based on the seller’s complaint and return policies.

Toranoana overseas

6. Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Toranoana mean?

A: Although the official name of this retail chain is “Comic Toranoana,” consumers frequently refer to it as “Toranoana” or even “Tora.” Tiger Mask, a manga authored by Ikki Kajiwara and published by Weekly Shonen Magazine between 1970 and 1971, inspired the term “Toranoana.” This is the name of a professional wrestling organization in this Japanese manga.

Q. Where are Toranoana stores in Japan?

A: Toranoana is not just a website but also a network of stores. There are numerous Comic Toranoana outlets in Japan’s main cities, including:
– Tokyo has 16 businesses, including six in the Akihabara district and two in Ikebukuro. This statistic includes stores in the Japanese capital’s suburbs, such as Machida, Omiya, Chiba, Fujisawa, and Utsunomiya. 
– Osaka has three shops in the city and one in the commuting town of Sannomiya. 
– Sapporo, Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, Shizuoka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Fukuoka are among the cities with one Toranoana shop. 
– Outside of Japan, the lone shop is in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital.

Q. How to shop on Melonbooks in English?

A: Using translate the page – You will be able to read all of the key information you need to know about the product 90% of the time by utilizing Google Chrome’s built-in google translate function. Simply right-click anywhere on the page and choose “Translate to English” from the drop-down menu.
When placing an order, the following are the two most crucial pieces of information to pay special attention to:
Release Date (発売日): Check if the item has a release date, as both stores allow consumers to pre-order products that aren’t yet available. If you request a pre-order item, ZenMarket will purchase it on your behalf, but it will not be able to be sent to you until it is available.
Age Rating: There are lots of Doujinshi that aren’t suitable for children or aren’t suitable for work, which is excellent if that’s what you’re searching for. Look for any “18+” or “R18” audience rating warnings in the page listing. We’d hate for you to purchase a doujinshi expecting plot and instead of receiving – Plot… or vice versa.

Whether you want to see some of your favorite Japanese stories recreated in new ways, want something entirely different, or just want to buy exclusive products while supporting emerging artists, Doujinshi goods are a fantastic way to do all of these things. Because there are so many various sorts and options to choose from, we recommend referring to how to buy from Toranoana that Janbox guide to take the order.


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