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If you want to purchase something from Japan using the Yahoo Auction Proxy service when you are from another country, we will guide you. In Japan, Yahoo auction is the biggest portal where auctions are arranged. Daily more than thirty million auctions occur on this platform. Best quality Japanese items, accessories, and electronics, both new and old are available on Yahoo Auctions. But the real problem arises when you want to buy these items, but you belong to any other country than Japan.

This is not a problem anymore. You can participate in bidding too if you are from another country except for Japan. You can use a Yahoo Auction proxy service to access and get your products. Many online stores in Japan give these options to their international customers to buy their favorite items from Japan online.

I. Requirements of Yahoo Auction

yahoo auction proxy

Yahoo Auction for

eBay closed its website in Japan after that Yahoo Auction is the biggest platform for buying goods in Japan. To bid at Yahoo Auctions, you must have a shipping address in Japan and a method of payment that is valid in Japan. Moreover, in Japan, many bidders speak Japanese that is not understandable for people worldwide.

Japan is famous for electronics and material goods because of its self-manufacturing capabilities and high-class products. People worldwide want to buy from Japan, but they cannot do so because of non-availability of Japanese address that is necessary for bidding. The companies like Janbox step in and provide Yahoo Japan Auction proxy services that you can use to bid for the Japanese products online.

II. How To Use Yahoo Auction Proxy Service?

You can use the Yahoo Auction proxy service anywhere in the world. It is not necessary now that you should belong from Japan to participate in bidding. You can contact a third-party that provides a proxy service to participate in bidding with the values that you had set already. Many such third parties are available in Japan who ship the products worldwide through the Yahoo Japan bidding service.

Here we will guide you to use Yahoo Auctions Japan proxy service through a third-party site online to buy your chosen products.

Auction site:

Go to the auction site and look for your product there. Yahoo Auction provides you with all types of used and new products online that you can buy. But wait, if you are not a Japanese person then you cannot participate in bidding. So you must have to go to some third party to buy the desired product.  Many Japanese auction sites are there in Japan, but Janbox is the most convenient one.

yahoo japan auction proxy

– Search for products:

You can use the search bar for the products that you want to buy. Many product details are in Japanese, but you can use Google translate services to translate the into your native language. Look for the specifications and features of the products and then go for the auction option. Many products are available in categories and subcategories. You can choose them to find your product.

Please find the complete detail about the product and ensure that it is the product that you were looking for. Check the time remaining to end the auction and choose the bidding value suitable to you. Copy the URL of your desired item from your browser’s search bar and go to your third party website. Janbox is the best Yahoo Auction proxy where you can easily buy your product if you are not from Japan.

– Go to the proxy service company

Many Yahoo Japan auction proxy services are there, but Janbox is the most convenient one. Paste the copied link of your desired item into the search bar on the site and then order the item. Janbox has excellent services for you. This Yahoo Japan bidding service has the most reliable service, and they ship your goods with great care at your doorsteps.

japan yahoo auction proxy

After pasting the URL in the search bar and select the item, choose the bidding values, and the company will buy the product if your bid is highest in the auction. Add your details about the shipping country and your address. Select the mode of payment that the company offers you and pay the charges. You will get your product at your doorsteps in the duration that the company had told you already.

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III. Notes When Buying At Yahoo Auctions Japan

When shopping at Yahoo Auctions Japan, you need to keep a few things in mind to avoid unnecessary risks:

  • READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY BEFORE PLACING A BID: the products sold at Yahoo Auctions are mostly second-hand, you need to carefully read the product description such as quantity, current condition, place of manufacture, the specifications,… If you are satisfied with the product, then you will proceed with the auction.
  • Current price of the product: is the minimum price of the product listed by the seller. You must bid higher than this price. Please consider your financial capabilities before bidding. Here’s our advice for you.
  • Auction time left: you need to make sure that there is enough time left for you to deposit to your account and participate in the auction.
  • A number of people who bid for this product: It shows how many people are bidding and your chances of a successful bid. The more participants, the less chance of winning.
yahoo jp auction
  • Domestic shipping fee: The seller will clearly write in the product information. If there is no information about the domestic shipping fee, it is possible that this fee is already included in the price
  • VAT: You will pay 10% more VAT in Japan. Usually, the seller will mention it in the product description. Pay attention to this tax
  • EVALUATE THE REPUTATION OF THE SELLER: This is also something you need to keep in mind. Reputable sellers will have many good reviews. So you can base on this to decide whether to bid on that product or not. With high-value items, you also need to pay more attention to this point. 

An advantage of Janbox is that we have a feature to warn the shoppers which has low reliability for customers. This will help you make informed decisions before bidding

jp yahoo auction 1
Janbox has a warning feature for customers to pay attention before placing a bid

IV. Why You Should Buy Our Services?

The Yahoo Auction international shipping service is not available. Then if you want to buy your favorite things from Japan and you are unable to find the best proxy service yet then avail Janbox proxy services to get those things at your doorstep without losing their quality. We offer one of the proxy services that you can find to buy Japanese products. so to get your desired Japanese products to buy our proxy services now.

Many companies in Japan provide proxy services to their customers. Customers tell them which product they need and the company then bids on this product in the auction on behalf of customers. Customers decide bids. So, in the case, if the bid set by the customer is high, then the auction of that product ends here, and the buyer receives the product. The companies then ship the product to the customer’s address worldwide.

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V. Why Should You Choose Yahoo Auction Japan Proxy – Buying Service From Janbox?

Janbox is an extremely reliable proxy-buying purchaser. We are here to help customers who live anywhere than Japan can order easily without having to worry about cumbersome procedures at Yahoo Auctions or even international shipping…. Below are the reasons that you should choose Yahoo Auction Japan proxy – buying service from us.

5.1. Full services

We provide a full package of services such as purchase, payment, international shipping… In addition, we also have additional services that include taking pictures to check goods, repacking, package consolidating… For this reason, you will realize that your purchases through Janbox are more convenient and secure.

5.2. Easy and convenient

Instead of having to register an account at yahoo japan auction – a very difficult task for international customers, you just need to register an account at Janbox. With this account, you can easily bid on any product that you want. In addition, you can also use this account to buy Japanese goods from other e-commerce sites. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

5.3. Buying international goods easily

Understanding the inconvenience when buying Japanese products from international customers, Janbox has optimized its website to make it easy for users to access and use. And we support users in many different languages: English, Chinese, Korean… Customers can shop at Yahoo Auctions without language barriers.

In addition, Janbox also has a mobile purchase application that allows you to participate in auctions at Yahoo Auctions anytime. You just need to register for a purchase account at Janbox and feel free and safe to buy from Yahoo Auctions and many other websites in Japan such as Amazon, Rakuten, Mercari…

5.4. Low service fee

When using the purchase service at any proxy buyer, you will have to pay the service fee. With other proxy-purchaser, you have to pay a service fee of about 8-12% total order value. However, this fee of Janbox is quite low. However, this fee of Janbox is quite low.

You only need to spend 300 JPY for the order and 200 JPY for the fee of proxy paying. To use Janbox’s package service, this fee is quite low and suitable for customers. We believe the value that Janbox brings to customers will make them satisfied.

VI. Conclusions

How can you participate in yahoo auction as a Yahoo Japan auction proxy service if you are not a Japanese national? We have answered this question in this article you can now choose Yahoo Auction Japan proxy services if you are outside and want to buy Japanese products. The bidding method in the auction through third party companies has also been told in detail in this article. So, now you must purchase your favorite items from Japan online by using Yahoo Auction proxy services.

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We hope this was helpful to understand that how to participate in bidding when you have no bank account that is functional in Japan. We have explained in detail how you can use the Yahoo Auction proxy service and buy your favorite product.