[Guide] How to pay and cancel deal on Yahoo Auction Japan


You are a new buyer on the Yahoo auction. You have been a winner in the auction. And you don’t know how to pay on Yahoo auction? Please refer to this article. You will find the right method.

How to pay on yahoo auction?

Accepted payment methods on Yahoo Auction in Japan

At Yahoo Auction proxy service, the system accepts the following payment methods:

  • Payment from credit card
  • Payment by bank transfer/ ATM/ Internet banking
  • Payment
  • Pay through the convenience store (Konbini in Japanese)
  • Cash payment
  • PayPay application
  • T points (Yahoo Auction bonus points)

Depending on the scale and choice of the seller, each shop will allow different payment methods. The most used payment methods are internet banking and cash payment.

The payment process on Yahoo Auction

After winning the auction, the customer will have 7 days to pay. Depending on the regulations of the shop, the payment period may be shorter. Some shops require payment within 2 days after the auction ends. Some shops wait patiently until payment expires.

A product that is winning an auction typically goes through 3-5 stages in the checkout and purchase process. It includes some stages

  • Payment confirmation (By setting delivery address, phone number, and payment method)
  • Pay for the seller
  • Seller delivery goods
  • Buyers receive goods
  • Confirm on receipt of goods and evaluate the seller

Normally the payment process will be handled by a buying company or someone. Because people often cannot pay for their orders while they live in another country, not Japan. They have no payment card, they have no Yen to pay, and they can’t receive goods in Japan directly.

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How to cancel on Yahoo Auction

There is a special point that the method of buying on Yahoo Auction. Each product is launched for sale will have a lot of buyers at the same auction.  At the end of the session, whoever bids the highest price will be the winner of the auction and will buy the item. There is a case, you have already participated in the auction but you want to cancel the price that you have set, so what should you do?

Basically, you can’t cancel an auction while it’s in progress. When you have bid and confirmed the bid, this price has been recorded by yahoo. If you don’t want to buy that product anymore you have to wait until the end of the session. If you’re not the winner, you don’t have to do anything.

In case you are the winner of that auction. Your order has been initiated and you have to process with payment to receive it. If you no longer want to buy that product, you have to contact the seller and explain the reason that you want to cancel the purchase. If the seller agrees, your order will be canceled. However, you will get a bad rating from the seller. This affects your bidding on yahoo later.

Why shouldn’t the auction on Yahoo Japan be canceled?

The Japanese are famous for keeping their credibility. They work with principles and they are very careful. In business, they always put prestige first. Therefore, if they are Japanese, they very rarely participate in the auction and cancel the payment. That affects the reputation of the buyer as well as causes inconvenience and loss of time for the seller.

Advice for you: read the product description carefully and think about the price you can bid on before buying. Avoid canceling orders after bidding. This not only affects your reputation on yahoo as well as affects your nick. You will get difficult if you want to be a winner for another bidding later. Even the seller can block your nick. And you will be inconvenienced when you have to create a new nick

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In short, Yahoo auction is a very interesting E-commerce site in Japan. Although it has some strict regulations, it’s worth buying goods here. If you like old Japanese things and want to buy them at your own price, the Yahoo Auction is really suitable for you. However, you should find out the Yahoo Auction’s regulations. If you abide by these regulations, you will buy goods easily on Yahoo Auction in Japan.

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