How much anime figures cost in Japan | 3 tips to save money

How much anime figures cost in Japan and 3 tips to save money

How much anime figures cost in Japan? This may be the question you’re asking yourself right now in order to start collecting anime figures. And we believe we have the answer.

Many boys and girls love reading and watching Anime, it is a cultural uniqueness of Japan. They not only read and watch but also wear customs in anime style or collect anime figures. You can see many Japanese anime figures store when you visit this country. Or you can search for a variety of anime figure stores online because anime fans are not in Japan only. So how much are anime figures in Japan? And how to collect anime figures at the cheapest rate possible?

I. How much are anime figures in Japan?

Anime figures cost

For many anime fans, collecting anime figures is more than just a hobby. It is a passion. Now, you might be wondering how much anime figures cost in Japan, or are anime figures cheaper in japan? How much are they? The answer is yes. Some of them are expensive.

The premium figure releases for popular series and characters can start at ¥10,000 and go up from there. For example, the currently-airing My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU’s or Sword Art Online’s offers retail at the ¥10,000 – ¥40,000 price range. Even if some cheaper models aren’t this expensive, seeing prices like these online or on the shelf of a brick – and – mortar retailer can make it difficult for anime lovers to consider paying.

But thankfully, there are ways to get them at an agreeable price.

II. The story of collecting anime figures

Anime and Manga are what makes the Japanese culture so famous. They also loved by millions of fans from all over the world and many wish to own them. Firstly, anime is just comic, but because anime figures are demanded by the majority of comic lovers, Japanese manufacturers decided to manufacture and sell these beloved figures. Characters in comics now are more lively. A lot of people, especially teenagers love to touch, to have, and to keep their favorite character in their room.

Anime figures cost

Collection of anime figures

Collecting anime figures is considered a popular pastime. You can create your own miniature worlds in your room with your favorite characters. Anime figures are manufactured in many shapes, customs, etc. Manufacturers always try to create figures that are exactly the same as described in anime. So that customers can have a much better experience playing and living in the world of famous heroes.

Anime figures are not limited. You can see many different figures. These figures help us build and get lost in a world of our own making.  Anime figure’s shapes are different. We have famous structures, well-known foods, popular models such as trains, airplanes as well as other forms of transportation. They are characters in comics, too. Manufacturers are able to create two or three-dimensional replicas. And the realism and imagination are balanced. 

We also have a wide range of anime figures’ prices. Size, materials are two factors that affect figure price. But generally, they are extremely expensive. So, before you start to collect anime figures, you should think about the expense you have to pay for these and your budget. 

Anime figures in Arcades game

Anime figures cost

Anime figures in Arcades game

In Japan, we find many stores/shops online selling anime figures. But Otaku has another way to add more anime figures into their collection. They visit some places where offer them arcade games. Many arcade games in Japan are related to anime figures. Try the game and if you win prizes, you can receive anime figures.  Young people usually love playing these arcades. These games are very interesting. 

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III. 3 Tips to save money on Japanese anime figures

Many people have a passion for collecting anime figures. But they have a problem with their budget, too. Some people don’t have money enough to purchase what they want when these figures have been released. They have to find another way to get their favorite anime figures and at the same time, save money. So how to save money when purchasing anime figures in Japan? 

Let us show you 3 tips as following:

1. Find the shops that offer cheapest rate

As mentioned above, the prices of these anime figures are not the same at all of the stores. Because their size and material, or colors and popularity are different. You also choose figures in stores or on the website – e-commerce website or shop online. Find out the store/ shop online where anime figures are sold at a cheaper rate than most stores. 

And if you don’t care so much about old/ used figures, purchase your loved anime figures at the second-hand shop. Mercari is a famous website to search for old items. You can visit Mercari and see what you can buy for your own collection. Someone can stop collect figures or they have some problem and are forced to say goodbye to their lovely anime figures. And you have the opportunity to add your own anime figure collection. 

2. Decide the quality of the anime figures you want

Itis a fact that the quality of anime figures affects the price. Besides, the character’s popularity also determines their later market value. 

Collectors have to consider is it worth buying or not. Are they suitable with their collecting standards? Some anime figure fans always care about every detail of their figures. They want everything to be perfect. They love to have a unique collection and have many unique figures. Other people just want to have famous anime figures. However, others don’t care about these issues so much. These people can accept a few small faults on figures if they are not too serious.

Anime figures may be very expensive because they are figures of famous characters in anime. Or they are created by famous manufacturers. In some cases, manufacturers sell only a few figures. The scarcity makes the price more expensive. 

How much do details of anime figures mean to you? You have to answer to question before you start searching and purchasing anime figures. These help you save money and avoid dissatisfaction.

3. Lower expectations when looking for anime figures

The last tip is set expectations for the characters. The more popular the character is, the higher price you have to pay. High prices derived from this phenomenon can take two distinct forms:

  • Popular anime characters sold by well-known brands demand a premium fee;
  • Fewer goods are produced for a less popular anime results in more proportional demand.

Do you want to collect anime figures, right? But, do you love these characters? Or are you just collecting because they are in anime? To save money, you should purchase figures that are created from your loved characters. If you don’t like that character, you collect its figure for what? It may be a waste of money. 

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You have your own collection of anime figures and save money when you try our tips mentioned above. Anime figure collection is not an expensive hobby anymore. Show us your collection if you can.