The best 10 places to buy Matcha from Japan

Top 10 best places to buy matcha from Japan

Most matcha consumers know that its origin is from China but the highest-quality product belongs to Japan. Scroll down to see our list of the Top 10 best places to buy matcha from Japan

In many recent years, matcha is known as a trendy drink which many people are interested in. Many still wonder about the origin of matcha, is it from Japan or China?. Although it was discovered in China during the 7th – 10th centuries, it has become popular with the best quality in Japan. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to give chase to buy matcha from Japan to make sure they can use the best product. Let us take a look at these places.

1. Ippodo Tea Co – Top of 10 best places to buy matcha from Japan


best places to buy matcha from Japan
Ippodo Tea Co

The price of Ippodo matcha is various because it depends on customers’ tastes and demands. Their signature product, Kan-nor-Shiro, is about $16 per 40 grams. Kan-nor-Shiro is considered to be the best option for everyone because people can easily use it as a daily drink. 

If you have a chance to visit Japan, you can find their store in Kyoto. But if you don’t, you may order matcha from Japan or pay a call on another one in New York City where you can discover every type of their goods.

Ippodo was established over 300 years ago. With such a long experience, matcha lovers can totally believe in the quality of the product. Even, Ippodo’s Director claimed that their creation can satisfy all customers who are addicted to this kind of drink.

2. Mizuba Tea Co

best places to buy matcha from Japan
Mizuba Tea Co

This brand is also famous for many types of matcha, but their most popular one is Daily Matcha. Its price is about $20 for 40 grams. Like its name, users can use it every day because it is even suitable for freshers who prefer to start a drinking-matcha habit. 

Although Mizuba was founded in 2013, their reputation is still appreciated by a lot of people who are interested in matcha. Therefore, if you prefer Mizuba tea, you never wonder how to buy matcha in Japan because the brand even expands its products in many grocery stores in New York. If you need to buy matcha from Japan, you can search for any supermarkets and pick an item of Mizuba tea.  

3. CAP Beauty

best places to buy matcha from Japan
CAP Beauty

CAP is not a brand which is specialized in matcha. It’s a famous trade name of beauty where people can find natural cosmetics. However, they are confident to bring the best matcha because they make sure that it is organic in taste and even color, which protects customers’ health. Their best seller is the matcha with $36 for 29 grams. 

Although CAP Beauty has just been established for 6 years, their company has remarkable advancement. Their flagship stores located in New York and Los Angeles are welcomed by many buyers from all over the world to buy matcha from Japan

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4. Panatea

best places to buy matcha from Japan

The label was just organized in 2014 and has become more famous because of its quality. Their main slogan is creating worthy matcha for Japanese tea tradition. They also have a variety of matcha products but their most outstanding one is Ceremonial Matcha Tin which is about $39 for 30 grams. 

It’s not a surprise when so many people enjoy matcha from this brand because they use the materials from Nishio, the home of superior sources. Nowadays, you can only order matcha online since they don’t have any official stores. 

5. MatchaBar

best places to buy matcha from Japan

Another excellent brand of matcha is Matcha Bar with three stores in different cities Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Los Angeles. In spite of just having 7-year experience, they have created their own quality that makes people respect them. 

So, how much does matcha cost in Japan? It’s based on the types and net weight of each. The best choice of this label is Classic Matcha which costs $22 per 30 grams. MatchaBar’s co-founder confidently describes it as “the smoothest ceremonial-grade blends”. Moreover, it helps consumers feel awake because of its high level of caffeine. Therefore, you can believe that this healthy product is deserving of what you pay for. 

6. Marukyu Koyamaen 


best places to buy matcha from Japan
Marukyu Koyamaen

If you are a fan of the original match that doesn’t contain any additives, Marukyu Koyamaen may be the most suitable choice for you. It is considered to be one of the matcha-producing companies which have the longest history. The brand was established in 1704 by Mr. Kyujiro Koyama.

Through many generations, their matcha quality has remained at the highest level. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, you can drop by their store in Kyoto and pick some famous items for yourself.  

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7. Yamamasa Koyamaen 

best places to buy matcha from Japan
Yamamasa koyamaen

If Marukyu Koyamaen is a 300-year-old brand, Yamamasa koyamaen has had 800 years in the field. It is also another company with a flagship store located in Kyoto, Japan as well as a lot of retailers in this city. Despite having a wealthy background used through many heirs, they still try their best to optimize matcha tea with the best quality. 

However, you cannot order matcha powder because they don’t launch online businesses, which is one of their disadvantages in such a modern society. So is matcha cheaper in Japan? If you can directly buy it in their official store instead of asking someone to buy it for you, you can pay less money and even can experience the variety of matcha there.  

8. Gion Tsujiri 

It can be seen that Tokyo is like a hometown of famous matcha companies. The flagship store of Gion Tsujiri is also located in Kyoto and another one in Chiyoda City. You can go to any mega mall and easily find a package of matcha sold on supermarket shelves. Besides, you can totally believe in their quality because the company was organized in 1860. Until now, their leaders of the brand still wonder how to maintain traditional flavor and create something new to satisfy young clients. 

9. Chanoha 

If you want to find a type of matcha that helps you reduce stress and relax, Chanoha can be the most fitting option for you. Instead of taking care of products’ appearance, they focus on how to ensure the best taste of each matcha type. You can easily find their showroom in Tokyo and try some different tastes of tea. If you don’t have any chance to visit Japan, you can easily buy matcha in Japan on their online website. 

10. Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi 

best places to buy matcha from Japan
Tea Store Tokyo Marunouchi

Tokyo Marunouchi is another name that attracts many fans of matcha because they create a lot of special tastes. This famous brand was launched in 1717 with more than 300-year-old experience. But it was not until 2010, their first store was opened and located at Marunouchi Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. This was a good signal for their loyal customers because they can visit and order matcha tea directly in the official store.

Along with special tea with authentic flavor, they open some courses which help people understand more thoroughly about tea and how to really enjoy green tea. 

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Although there is an uncountable number of matcha companies in the market, here are the Top 10 best places to buy matcha from Japan. Each brand has its own creative method to provide the standard wares. Thanks to that, you can have many choices to find something that matches your preference. Hope that you can pick your suitable product soon and enjoy the taste of the leisurely drink.