How To Buy Car Parts From Japan Online? [2022 Guide]



When you would like to buy car parts from Japan, you need the appropriate source as well as the necessary expertise to locate what you’re searching for. There are numerous methods to acquire vehicle parts from the Rising nowadays, but you must first understand what auto components are available, where to buy car parts from Japan and how to have them sent. Before ordering Japanese components and having them sent overseas, there is a lot to know. The following instructions will help you learn how to acquire vehicle components from Japan.

1. What are the benefits of buying car parts from Japan?

You’re undoubtedly curious as to why you’d want to buy car parts from Japan. You won’t have to deal with car parts stores selling items at inflated prices if you buy straight from the source. You won’t have to deal with intermediaries like export freight services or the ultimate car parts merchant if you buy straight from Japanese producers. Instead, you’re buying your components straight from the manufacturer, which cuts the cost of parts from Japan in half, sometimes up to 70% on the most in-demand car parts.


When you import anything from Japan, it’s also simpler to find exactly what you’re searching for. Whether it’s a Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda, or any other Japanese vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Pistons, boost controllers, connecting rods, air-line compressors, and fenders are all readily available. Don’t worry, you don’t need to schedule your next flight to Tokyo to get any of these Japanese vehicle components: simply search an electronic parts catalog with thousands of auto parts to discover the part you’re looking for.

Furthermore, purchasing directly from a Japanese business ensures that you receive high-quality, genuine car parts. Having a one-on-one connection with a Japanese business that will go out of its way to make sure you have the high-quality car components you need may save you a lot of time.

Proxy bidding and shopping platforms such as Janbox allow you to search through Japanese firms and sellers to get the greatest bargains on new and used components. Rather than the restricted alternatives available from local import parts merchants, this provides you with a lot more options for obtaining high-quality components directly from Japanese suppliers.

2. Which car parts should you buy from Japan?

If you believe buying car parts directly from Japan is the way to go, you’ll want to know what you can order and have delivered without encountering any issues once the parts arrive at customs. There are other parts that proxy shipping providers will not be able to locate and ship. The following are some of the parts that may be imported from Japan:

  • Bolts, nuts, and specialty fasteners
  • Tuning chips and electrical components
  • Parts and finishes for the inside
  • Lights, glass, and plastic components
  • Meters 
  • Muffler 
  • Shift 
  • Interior Panel

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3. Which car parts should not be purchased from Japan?

When they reach customs, the above car components may be ordered and sent from Japan without issue, but some cannot. Due to customs difficulties, you should avoid purchasing the following parts:

  • Combustion engines (because of oil and gas usage)
  • Transmissions of information (because of lubricant usage)
  • Greasy parts
  • Engine-related components (pistons, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, etc.)
  • Carburetor
  • The suspension has been lifted (shock absorber, dumber)
  • Battery
  • The condenser of an air conditioner
  • Tires on the wheels

Many shipping firms refuse to receive mail containing the goods listed above. As a result, stay away from these parts and anything else that might contain oil, gas, or flammable substances. You can examine the rules and restrictions of Janbox to see what parts you can order and have sent without issue.

4. How to buy car parts from Japan?

Importing car parts from Japan to other nations is rapidly increasing. Japanese car parts stores are also expanding their business forms to make it easier for buyers to buy car parts from Japan online. However, you cannot buy car parts from Japan if you are a foreigner. 

A proxy shopping and bidding service company would be your safest bet for ordering your parts. Janbox is one of these companies that can assist you in locating and bidding on the components you require in order to obtain the best prices. Janbox also has worldwide export and trading experience, so we will know what can and can’t be transported.

Any components containing liquids or dangerous materials will not be sent through proxy services. The proxy service will have access to the appropriate sources in order to locate the most cost-effective parts.

Step 1: Create a Janbox account to make purchases.

To begin buying on Janbox, you must first create a Janbox account by enrolling on the exchange’s official website. All you have to do now is click on the link. Create a Janbox account, fill in the required information such as your email address and password, or register using your Google or Facebook account.

Step 2: Go to Janbox and look for Japanese vehicle components.

You may search for goods in three different ways.

• Search by a link to a product 

• Search by category 

• Search by keyword or highlighted keyword

Step 3: Place an order with Janbox.

Check the item’s details: condition, photographs, price, seller, and expected delivery time when you find anything you wish to buy.

If you like the item, fill in all of the essential order information, such as number, color, and size. After you’ve finished inspecting the product, you’ll need to fill in some more information to make delivery easier:

  • Nation
  • Zip Code
  • State/Province/City
  • Nation
  • A complete address
  • Full name and surname
  • Your contact information, including your phone number

Step 4: Make a payment.

You must pay the value of the order you just purchased after finishing it at Janbox.

Janbox accepts two different payment methods.

  • Method 1: Pay using your Janbox wallet. That is, you will make a deposit into Janbox’s wallet. One point is equal to one yen. If you select this approach, Janbox will automatically deduct the appropriate amount of points when you pay for your order. The points you have left will be used to pay for your next order.
  • Method 2: You can pay using your PayPal account or a credit card. To finish the payment procedure, simply send the money matching to the order value to Janbox.

Janbox will prepare an exact price for you after receiving your order. If you agree to buy, all you have to do now is pay a deposit for the order through domestic transfer, online banking, or cash at the company’s headquarters. The payment procedure is straightforward, quick, and easy.

After you’ve completed the Janbox payment. The item will be delivered to your address. A tracking number is assigned to each shipment method. This tracking number will be sent to you, and you may monitor the status of your order on the Janbox website. Depending on the shipping option you select, delivery will take 7-10 days.

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5. Notes when buying car parts from Japan

Nobody wants to deal with problems when they buy something, especially when they buy from a foreign country. As a result, the following tips will come in handy when acquiring products from Japanese car parts websites.

5.1. Check the current models on the site

If you like a car, contact the seller to inquire about the current model. It is ideal if you inspect the vehicle with your own eyes before bidding. Check the car’s condition with your own eyes in the location where it is parked. According to experts, the following items should be checked:

  • Repair history (presence or absence)
  • Suspension and engine
  • Electrical component operation
  • The inside and exterior of the building are in good shape
  • Verify that all of the paperwork is in order

To minimize problems after purchasing a car at auction, make sure it is in good condition. These tests are generally performed by experienced personnel at a used vehicle dealership to evaluate if it is safe to sell. However, because it is an auction that reduces these expenses and sells for a low price, you must perform these duties yourself.

5.2. The approved bid 

If there are many buyers, you must compete for the goods. Be aware that this may result in a greater price than the original.


5.3. Transportation arrangements on land

It is simple for the automobile to get to you since used car sellers provide land transportation at the time of purchase. However, if you’re buying a car at an auction, you’ll have to do everything yourself. You can drive the automobile yourself after passing the vehicle inspection, but you must first get optional insurance. The term “land transportation” refers to having your automobile delivered to your specified address by a car carrier or via surface mail. Please keep in mind that the cost of moving an automobile to Hokkaido or Okinawa may surpass 100,000 yen, depending on the vehicle’s size.

5.4. Payment and deposit

Once land transportation has been arranged, deposit the winning bid and obtain the right to the automobile. It will be decided whether to transfer or pass over the property after a conversation with the seller.

5.5. Car registration paperwork

Get the registration documentation from the vendor once you’ve made a deposit. You must go to the Land Transport Bureau for regular cars. The Light Vehicle Inspection Association is the place to go for light vehicles. Whether you do it after or before you acquire the vehicle is dependent on the conversation you have with the seller. If you have a car that has passed an inspection, you may finish the registration process by following the steps outlined in the manual. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to pass a car inspection first. Preliminary maintenance is also necessary, and we may discover additional flaws.

5.6. Purchasing a car on Yahoo Auctions with carefulness

There is no intermediary margin since the auction does not include a trader. As a result, you can save money by purchasing an automobile rather than purchasing one from a used car dealer. However, as you can see from the preceding description, you will be responsible for all registration work.

5.7. Some issues when buying through Yahoo Auctions

It’s not uncommon for issues to develop throughout this procedure. Here are some common issues that arise while purchasing and selling automobiles at auction.


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5.8. Changing names problem  

The most prevalent issues are those relating to name changes. Even after the automobile has been handed over, the opposite party will usually not change the name. The car tax will be levied on the former owner forever if the next owner continues to ride without changing his name.

In the event of an accident or a breach, we may be entitled to hold the prior owner responsible. At first sight, the issue may have little to do with buying a car. However, there are drawbacks, such as the inability to alter the name since the previous owner did not pay off the auto loan.

5.9. Delivery issues

The most prevalent issue after that is delivery. Because auctions are individual transactions, there are many instances where promises are broken. Because used vehicle sellers treat their business as a profession, you will not be able to maintain your word. In an auction, however, everyone trades secretly. Due to a variety of factors, we may be unable to finish the operation before the deadline.

5.10. Locating a service that can help you order car parts from Japan

You’ll need to select a reputable proxy shopping and bidding service to buy used car parts from Japan or new things. These services can assist you in locating and bidding on the components you require to obtain the cheapest prices. They’ve also worked in foreign commerce and exports, so they’ll know what can and can’t be transported.

Parts containing liquids or dangerous chemicals are usually not shipped by proxy shopping and bidding services. The proxy service will have access to the appropriate sources to locate the most cost-effective parts. When your components arrive, the bidding service will be able to assist you with the projected costs of shipping and import taxes. When you have your components sent, you should be aware that there may be additional customs taxes to pay.

5.11. Checking Shipping Costs and Ordering Parts

Even with the assistance of a reliable proxy service like Janbox, shipping and import tax charges must be considered. As a result, double-check the order to ensure that any additional shipping or import taxes have been factored in. When the components arrive at a customs control facility, you will most likely be responsible for paying the import taxes.

You should be prepared to pay these import fees for the components to pass through customs and arrive at their final destination. This means you’ll have fewer issues with delayed shipment and the components will arrive on schedule.


5.12. Ensure that you receive your car parts from Japan promptly

You want to make sure you don’t run into any issues since you’re buying car parts from Japan. As a result, double-check all part numbers, shipping charges, and customs taxes before your item is delivered internationally. Cars sold in one market may have different components and serial numbers than those sold in another, so double-check before placing your purchases.

When ordering Japanese car parts online, it helps to know what you’re searching for. The parts listed above will give you a general idea of what you can have shipped. However, you should factor in costs such as taxes and compare them to authorized local import parts dealers. Purchasing your components from a proxy service is usually significantly less expensive than purchasing them from a local parts merchant.

When you require the correct vehicle components from Japan, utilize a reputable proxy buying service like Janbox to guarantee that your purchases are delivered on time.

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The ideal approach to buy car parts from Japan for your vehicle is to know all of your vehicle’s key data, such as these details will offer the exporter a clear image of your car and make it easier for them to deliver the most suited component as per your demand. So, just enjoy riding your favorite imported automobiles in any area of the world for years to come. Using a proxy buyer like Janbox is a great step to save money on high-quality vehicle components. If you want to acquire vehicle components at the lowest possible price, import Japanese car parts.