Best Proxy Shopping Japan

best proxy shopping japan

Online shopping is no longer unfamiliar to consumers, and cross-border shopping services are also very popular nowadays. If you want to buy Japanese products and have them shipped to Vietnam, online shopping websites are undoubtedly the top choice. Let’s discuss the best Proxy shopping Japan online sites, which will help you buy and ship Japanese goods outside of Japan.

What is a shopping proxy site?

About the best Proxy shopping Japan

First and foremost, what is a shopping proxy service? Simply put, a proxy service allows you to place orders for any Japanese item you want. The service will buy that item for you in Japan and ship it to your address abroad. There are a variety of proxy services, some specializing in clothing / fashion, others focusing on electronics, and others still like the large online marketplaces, where we have become accustomed to items where stuff can pile up is.

How to use proxy shopping site

Using a proxy shopping service for Japanese goods is fairly simple, and will be similar to any other online shopping experience you’ve had before, but with a few extra steps. As the proxy service will go through the hassle of ordering and purchasing items for you, there is a small handling fee in addition to the international shipping fee, which will depend on your country but should be in the range of 1000 to 2500 yen. Overall, these fees are totally worth it when you consider the price of an international trip to Japan to purchase these goods in person.

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Now is the time to introduce and view some popular Japanese proxy shopping sites?


First up is Janbox, one of the most well-known Japanese shopping proxy sites. This allows you to buy from many different stores and even you can bid on Yahoo Auction Japan. The two shopping experiences are as follows:

To order from stores on Janbox, add items to your cart and calculate the total quotation based on the weight of the package. You just have to pay for your products or items and be waiting for your order to reach your door steps.

Bid on Yahoo! Auctions via Janbox are similar but with additional steps: Add funds to your account before bidding on an item. Like any Yahoo auction, you must be careful to pay attention to the auction deadline and make bids to win the item you want. Once you win the item, the shipping and payment are the same as above details.

Yahoo! Auction is very popular in Japan and widely used for the best Proxy shopping Japan, making it a great place to find more obscure or used items. Although the site is in Japanese only, Janbox item lists into English and makes the entire experience smooth and easy.

Japanese proxy shopping sites can certainly make your life a lot easier and assure that you are able to buy Japanese goods that you forgot or that were out of stock during your trip to Japan. Even if you can’t go on that second trip to Japan right now, don’t forget that you can use these great services to meet all your Japanese shopping needs!

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