How To Buy From Surugaya With Janbox Japan

how to buy from surugaya

Ordering Japanese cultural products on Surugaya is not easy for international buyers. Why? Partly because of the language barrier, you do not know how to buy from Surugaya without knowing Japanese, and largely because Surugaya does not provide shipping outside of Japan. At this point, Janbox’s proxy-shopping service is the perfect solution for you.

1. What Is Surugaya?

Surugaya or Suruga-ya (駿河屋) is one of the major e-commerce websites, a large Japanese online store. If other websites have a variety of product categories such as fashion, home appliances, electronics, anime goods…

Surugaya is a website dedicated to Japanese cultural products. Products sold at Surugaya include CDs, comics, books, Blu-ray, and other small items. These products are available in both new and used items, gathered from all over the country of cherry blossoms. You can find anything that belongs to culture in Surugaya. This is the best place where you can find quality products as well as rare or limited edition items.

Surugaya is a website dedicated to Japanese cultural products

Suragaya has a very long history. Few people know that since its founding around the 15th century, Surugaya was just a small confectionery shop. Over 500 years of establishment and construction, Surugaya has changed its business form many times.

Nowadays, Surugaya mainly sells Japanese cultural products. There is an advantage when buying at Surugaya that you will definitely like. That all products you buy will be warranted, whether it is old or new. That’s why Surugaya is so successful and sells millions of products every day and there are a lot of foreigners who buy Surugaya’s items.

2. Why Should You Shop At Surugaya?

2.1. Items

The items are sold very varied at Surugaya Specialty store. You can find all you want at this site. And it is not difficult to own very rare items. Surugaya not only sells but also buys back used items. So when they receive a new item they will immediately post it on the page. If you regularly check Surugaya’s website, you’ll see that new items will often appear randomly.

New items will often appear randomly

2.2. Good Price

The price of each product that is sold at Surugaya is very affordable. Because they are used goods, they will be cheaper than new ones.

Although they are old products, the quality is still good and Surugaya always guarantees customers both new and used items. If there is damage, the seller will also specify it in the product description. So you don’t have to worry about product quality. Believe us, if the quality is not good then Surugaya won’t be so successful.

2.3. Careful Packing

Another advantage of Surugaya is the careful packaging of orders when they are sent to customers. They pack the goods very securely to avoid unnecessary risks for customers. Even those are delicate and small items. Therefore, there is no damage when your order to be sent to Janbox’s warehouse in Tokyo.

Surugaya’s only weak point is its popularity and success. There are millions of transactions happening every day. So they need some time to process your order. Maybe you will most likely have to wait 7-10 days for shipping. But we think that with the advantages of Surugaya, it is well worth the wait.

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3. Could We Buy Items From Surugaya When Living Abroad?

Like other Japanese websites, Surugaya does not ship overseas. They only deliver domestically. But this doesn’t mean you can’t shop at Surugaya if you live abroad. You need to use a proxy-buying service. That’s why Janbox appeared. We will help you buy from Japan easily, fastest, simple, and bring it to your home.

does surugaya ship internationally

Although Surugaya is an ideal website for buying cultural products in Japan, ordering directly on Surugaya has never been easy for foreign customers. Here are a few of the common challenges international customers cope with when making a purchase on Surugaya:

  • Language: Finding any Japanese item online can be hard if you cannot understand and write in Japanese. This is true to navigating and buying on You merely don’t feel confident buying things from a website in a language that you are not proficient in. This is when a shopping proxy service, a third-party website that will help you order from shops that don’t offer to ship outside Japan, takes the upper hand.
  • Payment method: There are two types of fee when buying items on Surugaya: domestic shipping fee and handling fee.

The way Surugaya calculates domestic shipping is relatively complicated, especially to those collectors unfamiliar with international online shopping. It is based on your total order. If your order is below 1000 yen, the domestic shipping fee is 432 yen, from 1000 to 1500 yen, it is 378 yen, and above 1500 yen, it is free.

For all orders below 5,000 yen, you have to pay 216 yen for a handling fee.

Speaking of payment methods, Surugaya accepts Paypal, credit cards, bank transfers, cash, etc. This payment policy requires customers to register a Japanese bank account, Paypal account, etc. which becomes trouble for those not living in Japan.

  • International shipping: Since Surugaya does not provide overseas shipping, so if you are outside of Japan and want to buy items presented on, it is essential to use a shopping proxy service, such as Janbox. This type of service is easy to use. Basically, you tell them what you want from what shop and they will order it for you with a service fee.

4. How To Buy From Surugaya With Janbox Japan?

Janbox is a reputable proxy buyer in the market. Coming to our website, you just need a few simple steps to buy Surugaya products comfortably.

Janbox is a reputable proxy buyer in the market
Janbox is a reputable proxy buyer in the market

With advantages such as flexible payment methods, simple and easy-to-understand ordering process, and high security, Janbox’s shopping proxy service ensures you will get your desired item in the shortest time, at a reasonable cost.

Our goal is to make buying Japanese goods online from Surugaya or any other Japanese online shopping website as smooth as possible.

Below is a guide on how to purchase from Surugaya proxy shopping service at Janbox.

Step 1: Go to the Surugaya website

Click here to visit the website Surugaya.

Please visit the link above to access the official website of Surugaya. A series of Japanese cultural products appear right in front of your eyes in a split second. Surugay’s interface is quite simple, so you can easily manipulate it on this page. A small tip for you is to use the Translate feature of Google Chrome. You can turn on Japanese to English translation or your country’s language. This will make it easier for you.

Step 2: Search for items

To search for products in Surugaya, you can use the search bar at the top of the page. For the best results, Janbox recommends searching for products in Japanese instead of in English.  If you don’t know Japanese, Let’s try to use “Google Translate”  to translate keywords into Japanese and search using the translation results.

In addition, you can also search by logo image by category at the bottom.

After clicking on each logo, the top most searched items will be displayed to help you have more diverse choices.

There is a more convenient way for you to use Janbox’s search engine. The Surugaya website has been integrated on Janbox, so you can search for your products by clicking on the category Surugaya icon. It will lead to all available products on the Surugaya website. And you can select which product you’d like to buy.

Step 3. Copy and paste product links on Janbox

Once you’ve selected the product you like, copy and paste the product’s URL into Janbox’s search bar. When the search results appear, you should read information related to the product such as:

  • Product description: quantity, color, size…
  • Item’s status: You should find out if the item is old or new, or any damage…
  • Product price: tax included or not?
  • Seller’s stock: means your item is available in stock or you have to pre-order it
  • Domestic shipping fee

Step 4: Pay for the order from your Janbox account page

After you understand the information of the product in step 3 and decide to buy that item and some other items, click on “ADD TO CART”. If you want to buy now, click “BUY NOW”. Then you need to pay the order value to Janbox.

There are 2 payment methods at Janbox:

  • Option 1: you can pay with Janbox wallet. It means that you will deposit an amount into Janbox wallet. Each Yen is equivalent to 1 point. If you use this method, when paying the order, Janbox will automatically deduct the corresponding number of points. The remaining points will be used to pay for the next order
  • Option 2: you can use PayPal payment gateway or your credit card. You just need to pass the amount corresponding to the order value to Janbox. This completes the payment process.

After our system records your transaction, our purchasing department will process the purchase for you.

Step 5: Consolidate and choose the shipping method

Once the order that you purchased is sent to our operation center by the seller, you will receive an email notification. You can choose to add additional services such as package consolidation, taking pictures, checking goods, repacking… If you already have an order at our warehouse, you should use the package consolidation service. This will save you on international shipping costs and your packages will be collected and sent at the same time. If you are not sure about your product, you can choose a checking the goods service.

And if Surugaya’s packaging is not safe enough, we can certainly repack it for you. You also need to tell us what international shipping method you choose. We will ship the item to the address you provided earlier.

Step 6: Pay the international shipping cost

This is the final step of the buying process. You need to pay the international shipping fee and wait for the delivery. We will give you the tracking number of your order. You can go to Janbox’s website to check your order’s journey for more peace of mind.

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5. Surugaya Domestic Shipping Fees And Handling Fee Price Guide

There are 2 types of fees when buying goods on Surugaya that you need to know: domestic shipping fee and handling fee

There are 2 types of fees when buying goods on Surugaya
There are 2 types of fees when buying goods on Surugaya

5.1. Domestic shipping fee

The way Surugaya charges domestic shipping is a bit complicated. It depends on your order value. If your order value is over 1500 JPY, you will get free domestic shipping. If your order value is from 1000 JPY-1500 JPY, the shipping fee is 378 JPY. If your order is under 1000 JPY, the domestic shipping fee is 432 JPY.

5.2. Handling fee

For all orders under 5,000 yen, you have to pay a 216 yen handling fee.

Most Japanese online retailers do not ship internationally, but there are always ways to buy high-quality items you want from Japan without hassle. Janbox will do it for you. We buy, consolidate and ship Japanese goods to your door. You can make purchases on Surugaya from anywhere else in the world.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

How to browse Surugaya in English?

Please use Google Chrome’s website translation feature. You just need to change the language from Japanese to English.

Does Surugaya accept foreign credit cards or PayPal?

Surugaya does not accept international payment cards or Paypal. So use an authorized buying service like Janbox. They will help you pay for your order.

Does Surugaya Specialty store ship internationally?

There is no service of Surugaya international shipping. Let’s use a Japanese buying proxy service. Because they will buy and delivery aboard to you.

How long does Surugaya shipping take?

It will take up to 1 – 3 days after Surugaya confirms your order


Cultural products in Japan are quite diverse. They are not only popular in the country of the rising sun but also in many other countries around the world. For example, Manga and Anime versions are always sought after by foreign young people. Japanese commerce sites and Surugay have never ceased to be “hot” for international buyers. Don’t let language barriers, payment, international shipping affect your purchase.

Use Janbox’s proxy purchasing service right away. We showed you how to buy from Surugaya. This is very easy and convenient, isn’t it? In fact, buying Japanese goods is not complicated at all if you trust and choose the right partner like Janbox. Hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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