How to buy anime online from Japan?

How to buy anime online from Japan

Japan is a country that produces extremely popular anime items and is trusted by global fans. For anime lovers, they always want to find reputable online shopping sites to order anime items. Therefore, before exploring the way to buy anime online from Japan, we are gonna list out the 15 best online stores selling anime for you to refer. 

Top 15 best online Japanese anime stores 

How to buy anime online from Japan

1, Animate Online Shop

Animate is one of the biggest brands for manga and anime in the world. They have hundreds of stores in Japan and some overseas branches. Animate sells almost everything from anime models, manga to character keychains. There are also some exclusive items only available at Animate that you can’t find in any other Japanese online stores.

2, Mandarake

Mandarake is the world’s largest retailer of second-hand comics. It features toys related to comic book characters. If you’re looking to collect comics in series, Mandarake is a place that can satisfy your needs.

3, Anuplex Plus 

Aniplex Plus is the name of the top 15 Japanese anime online stores. If you are a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, Gintama, Fate series, The Promised Neverland,… Then Aniplex Plus is definitely an address that you can not ignore. On the Aniplex Plus website, there are a variety of complete anime box sets for sale. Not only that, but there are also drawings, stationery, food or even clothes.

4, Surugaya

How to buy anime online from Japan

At Surugaya, which specializes in popular video games and cartoons in Japan, anime items are sold in both new and used forms. 

One thing is for sure, if you are keen on hunting for the latest anime items, Surugaya may not be the top choice for you. Surugaya, on the other hand, is a place to stock rare items. Therefore if you want to buy full-set anime items, this will be exactly placed for your demand. 

5, Pokémon Center Online

Pokemon must be a similar name that everyone knows. Pokemon is also one of the most popular and beloved anime series in the world. At Pokémon Center Online, they always update quickly new hot models on the market about Pokemon. If you are a fan of Pokemon, you can not miss out because this will be a place to help you satisfy your passion for this character.

6, Premium Bandai

Premium Bandai is Bandai’s online store selling popular anime items. On the Premium Bandai website, there are exclusive items such as Gunpla kits, Dragon Ball series, or Kamen Rider.

Besides it, Bandai also expands into the fields of fashion, accessories such as watches, rings, necklaces … All are inspired by anime series or characters. If you love the above items, Premium Bandai is definitely an address you can not ignore.

7, Kotobukiya 

Kotobukiya is the world’s leading company in plastic figures and models. Kotobukiya has received licenses for Western brands such as DC, Marvel and movie franchises like Star Wars!

Kotobukiya is also known for its Zoids model set and Frame Arms series plastic model set. Moreover, they also produce other anime and manga items such as keychains, plushies and many other types.

8, Amazon Japan 

How to buy anime online from Japan

At Amazon Japan, there are many exclusive items that are only available in Japan. You can find everything on this website, from advanced technology equipment or even toys and figures from cartoons …

However, most items sold on Amazon Japan cannot ship overseas. Therefore, if you are a foreigner, you should use a proxy service to make purchases here.

>>> How to order from Amazon Japan 

9, Melonbooks

Melonbooks is one of the largest bookstore systems in Japan, where doujinshi items mostly are sold. In the Melonbooks online store, they sell both new and used items. Besides it, the products you can also consider here for instance dakimakura, anime CDs, magazines, eroge games..

10, Kyoani Shop

Kyoani is a well-known animation book store network in Japan. There are some significant movies such as Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Violet Evergarden and Tsukune. Kyoani online store sells exclusively items for the cartoon series they produce. Therefore, if you want to buy anime items here, you must pre-order or buy directly from Kyoani Shop.

11, Comic Toranoana Akihabara

The next popular anime store is Comic Toranoana. This store specializes in manga-related items.

It’s not just selling trending comics, Toranoana Akihabara is also more famous for doujinshi, which is self-published work often drawn by amateurs.

12, Pixiv Booth

The Pixiv Booth website is similar to the Comic Toranoana Akihabara above, which mainly sells doujinshi. You can find unique and new items of mangaka here.

However, there is a small limitation that although Booth’s website is translated into your language, this search may be limited in results. But no worry, you can solve these issues by using the shopping proxy service to buy the most satisfactory items.

13, Otamart 

Otamart is an online shopping address aiming to sell anime-related items. You can find varieties of rare products collected by fans and then resold to other fans. The products you can find here are: small statues, plushies inspired by Otaku culture, keychains, pins. In addition, there are also limited albums and photos of J-Pop, K-Pop brands or famous Japanese athletes.

14, Mercari Japan 

Similar to Otamart, at Mercari Japan there are many fans who will sell additional anime accessories to other fans. This site is extremely popular with Japanese users because there are plenty of rare anime items on sale. However, to create an account at Mercari you must have an address in Japan. But don’t worry! Just keep reading this article and you will find out the way to buy from Japan even if you are living abroad. 

15, Yahoo Auction Japan 

A name that must be on the list of anime stores is Yahoo! Auctions. Here, millions of items are traded every day. Anyone in Japan can post in here for sale, so it’s an ideal place to buy some rare and unique anime items!

Why should you buy Anime online from Japan?

In fact, if you don’t live in Japan, the selection of unique anime items is not much, we can only get common items. Therefore, buying anime directly from online stores in Japan gives you more options with anime types. Even at some websites, you can place a pre-order to make sure that you are the earliest owner of new anime items.

Or if you’re looking for an old item that’s rarely seen on the market, you can also find it from many second-hand anime stores in Japan.

How to buy anime online from Japan via Janbox

Now, Janbox is gonna guide you on an easy way to buy anime online from Japan even if you’re living aboard. 

How to buy anime online from Japan

Step 1: Access to websites and sign up/ login 

Before shopping, you need to have an Janbox account. The register steps are quite easy for you to follow. 

>>> Register for an account at Janbox

Step 2: Search for your favorite items 

Option 1: Paste the item’s link on the Janbox search bar or ‘’ quick order’’ tool. 

First of all, you go to one of the Japanese anime websites and search for your favorite items. After that, copy the item’s URL and paste it into the Janbox search bar. 

Or you can use the ‘’ quick order’’ tool to paste multiple item’s links at the same time. Note that each link is separated by space.

Option 2: Find the item by category 

On Janbox, there are available category lists for you to find the items easily. 

If you don’t find out your desired items, please contact us via for assistance. 

Step 3: Place an order and pay for the first charge 

After checking item information and its price, you can select ‘’ Buy now’’ or ‘’ add to card’’ and keep shopping. Then you process to make payment for the item’s value by clicking on ‘’Place order’’.

Step 4: After the item arrives at Janbox warehouse, you need to choose a transport unit and pay for the international shipping fee. 

Above is the detailed information for buying anime online from Japan. Hope it is useful information about anime figures. If you have any questions, please contact us via for assistance.