Collect: 10+ Most Expensive Dragon Ball Figures


Figures, also known as toy models, are a very popular hobby today. With unique and sophisticated details, the figure model has quickly won the hearts of some young people who love comic books and blockbuster movies. The most expensive Dragon Ball figures are still models that simulate the shapes of Manga – Anime characters and superheroes of the Marvel or DC Comics universe. Especially, there are a lot of figure model players who love the Seven Dragon Ball model. 

Currently, toy manufacturers have released Dragon Ball models in large quantities but still cannot meet the needs of players with Dragon Ball models. This is enough to show that the Dragon Ball model has a great attraction for those who are passionate or interested in collecting Dragon Ball models.


For sincere fans of this Dragon Ball model manga series, in addition to reading stories and watching movies, they also have a hobby of collecting Dragon Ball toy models. The Dragon Ball model sets are the shapes of the characters appearing in the story such as Son Goku, Piccolo, Frieza, Bulma, and Krillin with the appearance and poses like in the Dragon Ball model story.

In this article, let’s explore the top 10 most expensive Dragon Ball figures with Janbox.

I. Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Final Flash 1/4 Scale Limited Edition Figure

Vegeta is a fictional character in the hit anime series Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, and Dragon Ball Super. He was created by author Akira Toriyama. In Dragon Ball, he is Bulma’s husband, Trunks’ father, and Tarble’s brother Bulla. He is also the prince of the Saiyan race. Besides Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Piccolo, he is one of the most prominent characters in this manga. Vegeta has always considered Goku as his greatest rival.

Final Flash is an energy attack technique used by Vegeta. It was created by Vegeta during his training in the Room of Spirit and Time. This is one of Vegeta’s strongest moves along with Galick Gun and Big Bang Attack. To perform this move, Vegeta raises his hand horizontally to focus Ki, then puts his hand forward and shoots a large energy beam at the opponent.


From the traditional anime, Dragon Ball Z comes a restricted version statue of Vegeta with the use of his Final Flash attack. This incredibly detailed 1/4 scale statue was sculpted by artist Aslan Ay, with art direction from the Ryu Design Team, and is limited to just 600 pieces worldwide. With appropriate sensible info and anime-correct coloring, enthusiasts can acquire and personal one of the maximum iconic scenes in Dragon Ball history!

Product Specifications

  • 23.6 x 13.77 x 16.14 inches (60cm x 35cm x 41cm)
  • 1/4 Scale 
  • Based on the Dragon Ball Z anime series
  • Sculpted by Aslan Ay
  • Limited edition 600 pieces

II. Dragon Ball Arise King Piccolo Ver.C (Special Color Ver.)

Piccolo is a character from Dragon Ball created by Toriyama Akira. He is the son and final copy of the original (Piccolo Daimao). He was born to avenge his father’s death at the hands of Son Goku. Piccolo has no sense of humor, even rigidity. Piccolo does not know love, nor can he understand what love is. He is intelligent and has a hearing far beyond ordinary people.

He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is willing to do anything to accomplish his goal, no matter how many innocent lives need to be taken in the process. For all his displays of arrogance, he had been completely terrified of its affected Demon Control Wave before, and completely froze in horror as soon as it was done.


The next Dragon Ball Arise figure is the Great Demon King Piccolo, who sits on his throne with a serious expression on his face. The figure sits just under 12 inches tall and comes with his throne as a base.

Product Specifications

  • 11.81 inches (30cm)
  • From Dragon Ball
  • Made of PVC
  • Special color version

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III. Super Saiyan Broly 1/4 Polystone With LED Light Statue

Broly is the villain appearing in the movies Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan and Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming. He is considered a “legendary Super Saiyan” that only appears once every 1000 years. Broly has shiny brown skin, dark eyes, shoulder-length black hair, and earrings.

When he was born, his strength reached 10,000 and he was quite angry when he heard Goku crying in the cage next to him. His father Paragus created a bracelet that controlled his powers, causing his anger to subside and he returned to a gentle state.


Broly is very hungry to fight strong opponents (just like Goku). When he transforms into the legendary Super Saiyan, he becomes ferocious (Piccolo calls him a monster). He fought frantically but did not completely lose his sense of control, Broly was still aware of what he did but he could not control his anger.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 1/4 H: 90 W: 68 L: 71
  • Weight: 60-65KG (including transparent parts about 20KG)
  • Material: Polaroid, imported transparent PU, LED light group

IV. Dragon Ball DORAGON BALL Kurilyn Figure Garage Kit Overseas TSUME Exclusive Resin Statue

Krilin is a character in the Dragon Ball manga series, along with Son Goku who are students of Mr. He is one of the strongest Earthlings, with a gain of 510,000 units.

As Songoku’s classmate and best friend, Krilin is a good and gentle friend (although the series is a bit shy in the beginning). He also participated in the Martial Arts Festival 4 times.


Krillin is an ordinary character, has all the bad habits of humanity, and is not as perfect as the guy Son Go Ku. From a young age, he was very intelligent and wise when he liked his master and everyone.

Product Specifications

Product name: Dragon Ball DORAGON BALL Kuririn Figure Statue

Details: Person body + pedestal + LED 

Quantity: 2000

Material: Resin, PU, ​​PVC, Handmade finished product 

Size: 1: 6 Proportional 55cm (H) x55cm (W) x55cm (L) 

Weight: Approximately 20kg [Including packaging] 

V. Son Goku Ultra Instinct Dragon Ball Extra Large Figure

Ultra Instinct is a technique used by Angels that allows the body to move and fight independently of thoughts and emotions. This causes Goku to move purely on instinct, so he attacks and defends without thinking. Son Goku Ultra Instinct makes his defense almost perfect, he can easily dodge enemy attacks and then counterattack.

When Ultra Instinct is completed (Master Ultra Instinct), the user’s external appearance does not change much from their original form (Ultra Instinct -Sign-), although their hair has become silver. The hairstyle is a bit wilder and firmer than usual. The eyes have a stricter, more defined form. 


The user is surrounded by a complex amount of silver ki and a wavy blue aura, with silver sparks. After the first transformation, a bright white “shell” that surrounds the user gradually breaks apart to reveal a face and bright white hair.

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VI. Dragon Ball Figure Garage Kit Complete Trunks Son Goku

Trunks is a character from the Dragon Ball manga, and the anime Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT is a human hybrid Saiyan with Earth. In Budokai’s English Dubs and the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series, Trunks is called Kid Trunks, to distinguish him from his future counterpart instead.

Trunks has his mother’s hair and eye color (purple and blue, respectively), although the latter has the same appearance as his father, as a descendant of his grandfather, his hair and eyes remain variable and turn yellow and green when he becomes a Super Saiyan. 


Trunks also had his suspicions about Goku at first, who he initially believed was not as strong as his father. Trunks then feel great respect for Goku after seeing the mighty Level 3 Goku Super Saiyan fight. When growing up, unlike the naughty Trunks as a child, the older Trunks is more gentle and friendly with everyone.

VII. Dragon Ball Figure Brolly vs Gogeta Overseas GK Finished

Broly lived at the same time as Vegeta and was also a neighbor of the Goku family. At the time when the Frieza family came to invade Planet Vegeta, King Vegeta ordered Broly to go to the border. Despite being exiled to another planet, Broly lived well and attained ultimate strength by harboring hatred and constantly fighting.


Gogeta is a character created from the Fusion Dance between Goku and Vegeta. This character appeared in the original Dragon Ball and until Dragon Ball Super is considered one of the strongest fusion characters in the series along with Vegito, Kefla, and Fused Zamasu. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Gogeta will play an important role in defeating the villain Broly.

VIII. Dragon Ball Ryukin Saiyan 3 Son Goku Figure Garage Kit Overseas MRC

Goku is the main character in Toriyama Akira’s Dragon Ball manga series. Cheerful, brave, and also quite naive, Goku is a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta who was originally sent to Earth as an infant on a mission to destroy the planet. However, an accident occurs, Goku loses his memory, making him a pure soul, and later the great protector of Earth, as well as the unofficial leader of the Earth. Throughout his life, he trained hard and strived to become the strongest warrior possible, while at the same time using that strength and skill to maintain peace.


Super Saiya-jin 3 (SSJ3) is Goku’s strongest form in the manga. Goku transforms into this state when he gets in the way of Majin Buu to let Trunks get the Dragon Ball Rada. Goku’s hair grows to his feet, no eyebrows. At this level, speed, and strength increase a lot (3 times SSJ2 and 4 times SSJ2 at full power). However, it takes a lot of Goku effort, so Goku can only maintain it for a short time.

Product Specifications

Product name: Ryuken Saiyan 3 Goku Figure Statue

Details: Person body + pedestal 

Quantity: 199 bodies 

Material: Resin, PU, Handmade finished product 

Size: 1 / 6 Proportional 1/6: 45cm (H) x50cm (W) x50cm (D)

Weight: About 15kg [Including packaging]

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IX. Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu

Majin Buu is the common name for a monster that was born with the universe and has tremendous power. Throughout the Dragon Ball Z series, Majin Buu has transformed many times and each has a different personality and purpose.


Majin Buu was born at the same time as universe 7, absorbing evil and becoming strong. During this time, a magician named Bibidi used his magic to control and dominate Majin Buu as a killing machine, destroying most of the KaioShin. 

In much effort, the remaining Kaioshin defeated Bibidi and sealed Majin Buu into an orb, hidden on Earth. 5 million years later, Babidi, the son of Bibidi, and Dabura came to earth to break the seal and bring back Majin Buu.

X. Gigantic Series Dragon Ball Super God of Destruction Bill Approx

Beerus, also known as the God of Destruction Beerus, is a fictional main antagonist who first appeared in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, created by Akira Toriyama. A strong, confident, and fearsome character, he is the God of Destruction in the seventh of the 12 universes in Dragon Ball.

Beerus has the form of a human-cat, with large pointed ears, similar to the Cornish Rex and the Sphynx cat. He wears ancient Egyptian garb along with the same orange and white diamond jewelry as his neighbor, Whis.


Of the many gods in the universe, Beerus is the most feared. Even the Kaio and the Supreme Kai were terrified of him. As the god of destruction, he was tasked with maintaining balance in the universe. He slept for a long time and destroyed planets in the universe while he was awake. Destruction was necessary to create the new planet, but he did not act on the orders of the Supreme Kai, he destroyed it at will.

Product specifications

Overall height: Approximately 43 cm

Target age: 15 years old and over

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Final words

In conclusion, whether you’re a fan of the classic Dragon Ball or a Dragon Ball Kai beginner, it’s never too late to start searching and collecting the rarest Dragon Ball figurines to add to your collection.

Hopefully, through this information, you have more choices for yourself about the most expensive Dragon Ball figure. While you’re browsing the web to find certain statues, don’t forget to visit our Janbox website for more Dragon Ball merchandise and action figures.