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Anyone has the potential to be a hero! That’s the message that “My Hero Academia,” an anime TV series that debuted in 2016 and quickly became a hit, sends to kids all across the world. There are plenty of quality action figures that would be wonderful additions to the My Hero Academia figure collection if you’re a fan of the series.

I. Bakugo Figure My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo’s figure, from the popular anime series My Hero Academia, has a beautiful new look! Bakugo is captured in this posture when he uses his Explosion Quirk to shoot up into the air. The costume’s features are precisely replicated, and even pieces like the effects and foundation are meticulously carved, giving the whole thing a sense of reality.


Katsuki Bakugo is also known for his hero name Dynamight and his nickname Kacchan. Katsuki used to tease the oddball Izuku Midoriya as a kid. Katsuki began to perceive Izuku differently after they both entered UA High School and Katsuki lost to him in training. 

After Katsuki is kidnapped by the League of Villains, All Might loses his quirk while rescuing him, causing him to blame himself for All Might’s retirement, but All Might later assure him it was not his fault. Katsuki is subsequently shown to be one of the few persons who understand the true nature of Izuku’s strange One for All. 

II. My Hero Academia The Amazing Heroes All Might Figure

With this running position, All Might’s character comes to life. With vibrant colors and precise features, this statue is highly dynamic. You can see every muscle in this hero’s running posture, and he emerges looking gorgeous and mighty.

Toshinori Yagi, often known as All Might, is the main character in the My Hero Academia franchise and the main character in the spin-off My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


He is the ninth user of the One For All Quirk and the previous No. 1 Hero. He is presently a professor at the U.A, where he offers a course called Foundational Hero Studies. All Might resigned from crime-fighting after defeating All For One, using up all of One For All’s embers to vanquish All For One. This marked the end of his era. As the No. 1 Hero, he was succeeded by his adversary, Endeavor.

III. Good Smile Company Pop Up Parade My Hero Academia Dabi Figure

Dabi of the League of Villains is a figure based on the My Hero Academia series. Dabi’s distinctive cloak and threatening smirk have been meticulously replicated in figure form.


He is the Pro Hero Endeavor’s eldest son, who has been driven insane by his father’s carelessness and has turned evil to get retribution. He joined the League of Villains as a former member of the organization’s now-defunct Vanguard Action Squad, and later as one of the Paranormal Liberation Front’s nine lieutenants.

In the Forest Training Camp Arc, Pro Hero Arc, and Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he is one of the primary adversaries alongside his companions.

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IV. Good Smile Company Pop Up Parade My Hero Academia Tsuyu Asui Figure

Tsuyu is a small girl with a slim physique in comparison to her peers and noticeably huge hands. Her face is frog-like, with a broad mouth that dips down a little in the center, precisely like a normal frog’s, and oval-shaped eyes with huge, black irises and visible bottom eyelashes. She also exhibits certain frog-like characteristics, such as hopping on all fours rather than sprinting and holding herself in a frog-like manner.


Her hair is a dark sea-green hue and is extremely long, extending all the way to her waist and tied in a huge bow at the bottom. Her face is framed by two shoulder-length clumps and shorter bangs between her eyes, some of which are slightly brushed to each side.

V. My Hero Academia Himiko Toga Figure (beige)

Himiko is a fair-skinned, small girl who is prone to blushing and is generally noted as having a quite attractive face. Her bright yellow eyes are slightly inward-tilting and have small slits, giving her a cat-like appearance. Her broad mouth is likewise feline, as both her upper and lower canines are more pointed and longer than the rest of her teeth, giving her a vampire-like appearance.

Her hair is a dirty ash-blonde with a straight fringe and two chin-length side bangs to frame her face. It’s arranged into two sloppy buns with several wild strands jutting out at all angles.


She wears the same gear as a villain, but with a few extra gadgets and pieces, like her piping black mask, the knives strapped around her thighs, and a blue utility belt around her waist with several little green boxes attached to it on either side. The loose black mask she wears around her neck, which is studded with shards of pale metal in the shape of a ravenous grin, is the most striking new feature. 

Three enormous silver canisters are tied to the sides of her mask, each with needles coming out of their points and cables on their bases connecting them to the two bigger cylinders strapped to the back of her belt; this entire device is intended to suck people’s blood for Himiko to utilize with her Quirk.

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VI. My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Figure

This figure of Todoroki Shouto from the hit anime Boku no Hero Academia is dressed in his school outfit. He wears the typical male U.A. uniform during school hours, but instead of the traditional brown dress shoe, he wears a pair of casual pale cyan sneakers. Shoto is a well-built young man who is relatively tall and muscular for his age. His hair is long and doesn’t reach his neck, and he wears double-divided bangs to keep his vision clear.


His hair is evenly split between two colors: white on his right side and blood red on his left, due to his Quirk’s odd coloring. He also has heterochromia iridium, which causes his left eye’s iris to appear turquoise, while his right eye’s iris is a brownish dark gray.

His eyes are slender and reserved in appearance. He also has a big burn scar on the left side of the face that runs from his hairline to halfway down his cheek. He frequently has a solemn expression on his face. Despite this, some girls in his class have stated that he is attractive, with Mina Ashido even claiming that he is the best-looking guy in Class 1-A.

VII. My Hero Academia Banpresto Colosseum vol.7 Bakugo Figure

Bakugo’s posture has a lot of followers going berserk. Each line is really precise and appealing. It will be ideal for decorating or exhibition, with a height of around 10.4cm. Furthermore, this powerful position, combined with facial emotions, attracts customers at first glance. This is a unique addition to your My Hero Academia figure collection.


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My Hero Academia is a brand-new Japanese animation that has quickly become popular among our adolescent lads. And, in order to maintain their growing fan base, the My Hero Academia figure collection was created with adorable characters. To own these wonderful figures, you can go to the Janbox website now.