How to buy anime accessories on Animate shop?

how to buy from animate shop

Animate Shop is the largest anime, manga, and video game retailer in Japan. It has over 100 physical store locations. As Japan’s leading anime goods retailer, it also has its own dedicated online shop for fans who can’t make it to one of their physical locations. The Animate shop is the best place for many anime and video game fans to buy or preorder the latest merchandise from their favorite series.

I. Popular items on Animate shop

From keychains and can badges to digital goods and even jewelry and clothing, the Animate Shop has something for everyone. If you’re unsure what to buy or simply looking for ideas, here are just a few of the top items that people like to buy from Animate Shop!

1.1. Figures

How to buy Japan Anime Figures

Animate online shop Japan has a plethora of figures. They have a large inventory of ready-to-ship figures as well as pre-orders for figures that are still in production. What better way to express your affection for your favorite characters than with a beautifully crafted statue of them? 

1.2. Blu-rays, DVDs & CDs

animate online shop

If the opening or ending theme of your favorite anime keeps playing in your head, you might be interested in purchasing the soundtrack! Or perhaps your favorite character’s song is about to be released? Whatever the reason, the Animate online shop offers hundreds of CDs, including full albums, character songs, and drama CDs.

Animate also sells DVDs and Blu-rays for a variety of series. But it’s not just an animated series! If you’re a fan of 2.5D musicals and stage plays, there’s plenty of merchandise available for them as well.

1.3. Manga and comic books

animate jp shop

Animate Online, Japan’s largest retailer of Manga and other anime comics, is the best place to get those limited-edition items you want, such as Tokyo Revengers, Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Elios Rising Heros merchandise.

1.4. Doujinshi

For those who want to see more content about their favorite characters in different situations, Animate Shop has thousands of doujinshi for sale. They’re available brand new, and they can also be preordered for future doujinshi.

animate online shop

1.5. Cosplay items

If you enjoy cosplay, check out their cosplay selection! On the Animate online store, you can find hundreds of cosplay items to use in your costumes. They have glasses, geta, ProPublica swords, and a variety of other props. Cosplay makeup is also available.

buy from animate shop

II. Does Animate ship internationally?

So now, you are so interested in buying anime accessories from the Animate shop. But you may wonder: Does it ship aboard? Sadly, Animate online shop Japan does not ship overseas. Instead, it will redirect international shoppers to its website Animate International. Unfortunately, their dedicated international online shop has a more limited selection than their Japan site.

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III. How to buy from Animate online shop?

Many people around the world hold a special place in their hearts for Japan and its culture. Whether it’s anime, delectable cuisine, kawaii characters like Hello Kitty, or traditional elements like kimono and tea ceremony. And we all know one thing for certain: Japanese products are wildly popular.

However, purchasing from Japan can be a difficult task. When shopping from Japan elsewhere, you’ve almost certainly encountered the following pain points and concerns:

  • How can I learn about an item if I can’t read Japanese?
  • If I don’t speak Japanese, who can I rely on to properly communicate my requests to a seller?
  • Where can I find out if a store on an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay is legitimate?
  • Why can’t I ever find truly Japan-exclusive products that can be shipped internationally online?

But now there is no need to struggle about these concerns. Because Janbox is here to assist you! Simply follow the steps below to order your favorite anime accessories from Animate Shop.

  • Step 1: Go to the Animate Online Shop Japan.

To begin, you must first go to the Japanese Animate online store.

  • Step 2: Look for the products you want

There are three drop-down menus at the top of the page that, when hovered over, will give you different options to choose from:

  • Title Search – You can use the title of a series to find it.
  • Categories Search – You can search by categories such as 2.5D Stage, OVA, Idol, and much more.
  • Product Category Search – This allows you to search for products based on their categories, such as figures, games, or music.

Under those dropdown menus is a blue bar with five categories to which you can also navigate:

  • The left one is “New Products,” and it takes you to a page that only shows new or upcoming products that may still be available for preorder.
  • Following that is “Limited Edition, Rewards,” and the products displayed will only be those that are limited edition or come with an Animate bonus. Bonuses can range from a keychain to postcards, animation cell replicas, and much more.
  • Fair Events” will take you to a page with a list of events taking place at various Animate locations. These events frequently include limited-edition event-only merchandise.
  • Using the tabs on the ranking page, the “Ranking” page displays which items are the most popular and best sellers for that day, week, or month.
  • The option on the far right is for products that are currently on sale. The new price and percentage discount will be highlighted in red.

In addition to these, there are numerous banners on the front page of the Animate online store. These banners will appear on many popular series and special events. If any of those are your favorite series or events, you can click on them to be directed to the product list for that series or event!

  • Step 3: Inform Janbox of what you want to purchase from the Animate shop.

If you’ve finished shopping and are ready to place your order, Janbox can assist you! You only need to go to the Janbox website. Once there, you’ll need to copy and paste the link or name of the products you want to purchase. After clicking “Enter,” you will be redirected to a page where you can enter additional product information.

buy traditional japanese ring via Janbox

Then tell us how many of each product you want to purchase. The price is listed under the product name in red font and includes the tax. If you are purchasing an item that has multiple sizes or options listed on the same page, simply let us know which one you want by filling out the “size, color, and description” field. When you’re finished, simply add the item to your cart!

Repeat these steps if you need to buy more items. If you’re ready to finish your order, click the checkout button and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Step 4: Consolidate, repack and ship your packages

Janbox Express provides free consolidation and repacking services. If you have multiple items in your mailbox, combining them into one package is the best way to save money on shipping. When you are ready to ship your package, we will provide you with a list of different shipping methods from which you can select the one that works best for you. Choose the method you want and then we will send it to you as soon as possible. Especially, we will notify you when your packages arrive. So just wait for our notification. 

IV. Why choose Janbox to buy from Animate shop?

Janbox is a Cross-Border Ecommerce Platform that assists customers in purchasing and auctioning billions of products from Japan and the United States. So, what are the advantages of using Janbox to explore the Japanese market, and how can we assist you in overcoming the challenges mentioned earlier? Let’s take a closer look.

4.1. Best selection of items at competitive prices

We have included the most popular Japanese online shopping sites, such as Rakuten, Mercrci, Yahoo! Japan Auctions, and many others. As a result, Janbox is home to hundreds of storefronts and millions of items. In short, whatever you’re looking for, you’re bound to find it.

4.2.  Smooth and pleasurable shopping experience

You shop, and Janbox ships! That is one of the most important takeaways from the service we provide.

We handle the entire logistics side of things, giving you more time and energy to focus on what you came to do: browse, search, and shop fantastic Japanese products! We’ll make sure your journey through the Japanese marketplace is as smooth and enjoyable as possible, based on our many years of experience purchasing, selling, and exporting goods abroad.

4.3. No language barriers

Janbox has a dedicated team of multilingual customer support managers available around the clock to assist you in communicating with Japanese store owners, whether it’s for questions, requests, or other matters. We’ll be adding more language versions over time, all staffed by friendly, professional native speakers who can help you in your native language at any time.

Do you want to learn more about that item you’ve had your eye on? In seconds, ask about it directly from the item page — our multilingual support staff will translate your question into Japanese and forward it directly to the seller for clarification. There are no language barriers here!

4.4. Support both local business and global ties

You can put an end to the concept of “Japan-only” by using Janbox. We’ve curated a treasure trove of unique Japanese products and manufacturers, all of which have never made their way into the international market before, thanks to our extensive experience and professional connections in Japan. It’s all about building and strengthening a global community, and we’re glad you’ve joined us!

4.5. Customized shipping options that are most appropriate for your order

We have strong relationships with couriers and postal services all over the world, allowing us to ship your items using different shipping methods. 

V. Conclusion 

So, if you live anywhere but Japan but want to buy from Animate shop, shopping online with Janbox may be the best choice. Make a journey to our website, find the items you want, and get them arrived at your warehouse without any hassle.