What is an Amazon gift card? The ultimate guide (2022)


Amazon is a US-based online retailer that operates in more than 75 countries around the world. With the rise in popularity of Amazon, there is also an Amazon gift card to go along with it. So, what is it about this particular item? And where can you get it? This ultimate guide will contain all the answers you need to know about Amazon Gift cards.

I. What is an Amazon gift card?

Amazon Gift Card is a prepaid or gift card, that Amazon accepts as payment for orders. Customers can use their Amazon Gift Card to pay for Amazon orders in a variety of countries. 

It can be either an online code or a physical card. If you have a physical one, simply scratch the outer layer to obtain the code.  Each Amazon Gift Card code will have 14 to 15 characters, which will include numbers and letters. 

amazon gift card code

II. Does the Amazon gift card expire?

A common question customers are concerned about is the expiration date. Actually, no, they don’t. The amount of the budget can be used indefinitely and have no expiration date, and it cannot be transferred from one account to another. 

III. Where to get an Amazon gift card?

Once you know what an Amazon Gift Card is, let’s find out a few simple ways to acquire one.

1. Becoming an Amazon affiliate partner

The most common way to get a Gift Card is through this method. To get it, you can sign up as an Amazon Affiliate, promote Amazon products, and receive gift cards from Amazon.com. For each Amazon Gift Card you successfully sell, you’ll earn a percentage of the total sale price, ranging from ten percent to thirty percent.

how to check amazon gift card balance

2. Purchasing an Amazon Gift Card from someone else

To get the Gift Card without becoming an Amazon Affiliate, you can buy one from another person. Many people have cards they no longer use and are willing to sell them on websites, groups, and forums. The value of an Amazon Gift Card and the price offered by the seller determine the card’s price.

3. Purchase Amazon Gift Cards from Websites

The two most prestigious Amazon Gift Card websites are currently on sale. These are Premier Gift Club and Triple Mars:

  • Premiere Gift Club offers a variety of Amazon gift cards, including $50, $100, and $500, for 1 to 2 percent off. For example, the $100 Amazon Gift Card will cost you between 101 and 102 dollars.
  • Triple Mars has a wide selection of the Gift Cards (the lowest of which is $100), but there is a 3 percent service charge. Furthermore, you must contact customer service if you wish to set up a Triple Mars account.
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IV. Where can I use the Amazon gift card?

Normally, gift cards can only be used within Amazon services. A few stores accept it, but you should double-check before using your gift card to make an online purchase somewhere other than Amazon.com. Some of the online merchants such âs ihome, bodybuilding, carpart,… When making a purchase from one of these sites, be sure to use the correct payment method (Amazon gift card) and have your claim code handy.

Let’s discover some of the Amazon services that you can use your Gift Card.

1. Kindle books

Amazon’s Kindle store accepts gift cards, but you cannot use your gift card to pay for Audible subscriptions. It appears as if there are an infinite number of books available on Kindle. Everything from tabloid magazines to comic books to historical biographies to science textbooks is available to you.

Any reading material is better than a third viewing of the same batch of memes for stimulating your brain.

how to add amazon gift card

2. Amazon-Whole Foods Market.

The gift card can also be used to purchase goods from Amazon’s Whole Foods Market. With Amazon Fresh, you can get groceries and other necessities delivered right to your door in a hurry. If you buy more than $35 worth of goods, you may be eligible for free delivery on the same day. Tips for delivery drivers cannot be paid with a gift card, so make sure you have cash on hand or use a different method of payment.

3. Amazon’s Physical Stores

Amazon has a stranglehold on online shopping, and they appear to be planning to expand into physical retail. They are opening brick-and-mortar stores in a growing number of major metropolitan areas. As a matter of fact, all physical Amazon locations accept both physical and digital gift cards.

4. Amazon’s Prime Membership service

You can also use it to pay for your Amazon Prime membership monthly ($12.99/month) or annually ($119/year).

If you are a regular user of Amazon Prime’s video service, you may have noticed that Amazon allows you to buy and rent shows that are not included in the service (unlike Netflix and Hulu). If you have a gift card, you can use it to pay for digital rentals and purchases. You can also put your Amazon gift card to good use by purchasing music or video games from Amazon!

pay with amazon gift card

5. E-commerce Amazon

Obviously, with an Amazon gift card, you’ll be able to buy anything from Amazon.com and Amazon Marketplace (their third-party retailer platform). Depending on the item’s availability and your preferences, Amazon delivery drivers will bring it to your door. If you don’t know how to shop on Amazon internationally, you should check out this article here.

V. How to add the Amazon gift card to your Amazon payment?

After learning about Amazon Gift Cards, you may wonder how to add Amazon Gift Cards to pay for your purchases. Let’s follow these 3 simple steps to pay with an Amazon gift card on Amazon

Step 1

In order to get started, go to the Amazon home page, create a free Amazon account, or sign in if you’ve already got one.

Step 2

After logging in, click “Account” and then find the section on your account page that relates with gift cards while you’re there. Simply click on “Apply a gift card to your account”

does amazon gift card expire

(Alternatively, you can search for products you want to buy first, and add them to your cart. When paying, at the “Shipping and Payment” step, click “Add a new card.”)

Step 3

This is where you’ll enter your claim code. There are typically 14 or 15 characters in the claim code, with a mix of letters and numbers. When entering your claim code, you may or may not include any dashes.

Then, make sure you double-check your claim code before submitting it. There are times when we all make mistakes when entering a code, so don’t worry if you get an error message and think the card is faulty.

Then, click “Apply to Your Balance” after verifying the code. At this point, you should be greeted with a message stating that your new gift card balance has been successfully added to your account.

To avoid any confusion, make sure the value on the gift card matches the value on the account.

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VI. How to check the Amazon gift card balance?

Your Amazon gift card balance can be checked online by signing in to your Amazon account. Select “Gift Cards” from the menu at the top of the page after logging in. You can see your balance at the top of the page. If you haven’t yet added the gift card to your account, click the “Redeem a Gift Card” (on the Amazon app) or “Apply a gift card to your account” (on the website) to add your Amazon gift card to your account.


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