Big Sale On Amazon – Amazon Upcoming Sale 2024


Buying on Amazon has never been so hot. When e-commerce develops, users not only look for domestic websites to buy goods but also especially like to order from international websites, in which is always the first choice. Knowing the Big Sale Days in 2024 and how to hunt for sale items on Amazon will help you have the most efficient and cost-effective buying process. Let Janbox show you the Big Sale on Amazon with the upcoming sale 2024 and how to hunt for your favorite items! 

I. Big sale days on Amazon

At Amazon, there will be many big sale events throughout the year that take place at many different times. Right here will be the biggest sale days on Amazon and the most awaited by users.

1. Prime Day 

Prime Day was first celebrated in 2015 with a lot of big discounts. Up to now, Prime Day has become a big sale on Amazon event, giving consumers the ultimate “promotional deal”.

Big sale on Amazon – Prime Day

During Prime Day, there are items with discounts up to 50% or 70%, especially electronic items. Besides, every 5 minutes, Amazon launches a promotion, and users are free to choose their favorite items into their shopping cart.

Prime Day is usually held in July every year. In 2023, Prime Day took place on 2 days: July 11-12. In 2024, the upcoming sale on Amazon for Prime Day will be from July 15th to July 16th . Don’t forget to follow for the exact sale on amazon date, not only Prime Day but many other discount programs. 

2. Black Friday

Big sale on Amazon – Black Friday

Referring to the big sale days on Amazon, it is a must to mention Black Friday. On Black Friday, products on Amazon can be reduced by 70%-90%. If you know the right time and how to hunt for discounts on Amazon, you will surely buy many branded products at super affordable prices.

Black Friday is usually held on the last Friday of November every year. In 2024, Black Friday is counted on November 25. However, retailers run promotions during the period before and after Black Friday. You can rest assured of shopping and hunting for sales on Amazon.

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3. Cyber Monday

If you miss Black Friday, don’t worry as Cyber Monday comes right after that. Cyber Monday is a big sale event that takes place on the first Monday after Black Friday. This is one of the sales opportunities on Amazon, with high discounts on all items.

On Cyber Monday, you can hunt for many interesting items at super savings, especially electronics ones. Amazon will constantly update promotional deals for users to freely choose.

Big sale on Amazon – Cyber Monday

In addition to the big sale times as above, Amazon also has many other sales programs that take place on occasions such as Christmas, Happy New Year, and Father’s Day. You can refer to these promotions for more information to buy more products that suit your needs at a low price. Keep follow Janbox to get the latest updates. 

4. List of Amazon upcoming sale days in 2024

Every year, Amazon organizes numerous promotional events and large-scale discounts, which have become a tradition eagerly anticipated by consumers. In the upcoming year 2024, just like in previous years, Amazon will also host major sale events. Below is a list of predicted significant sale dates on Amazon in 2024 that Janbox has researched and would like to introduce to you:

Upcoming Sale 2024Expected Dates
Amazon Women’s Day Sale5th March – 8th March 2024
Amazon Summer Sale4th May – 8th May 2024
Amazon Father’s Day Sale13th June – 15th June 2024
Amazon Laptop Days3rd July – 7th July 2024
Amazon Mega Fashion Days5th July – 9th July 2024
Amazon Prime Day Sale15th July – 16th July 2024
Amazon Great Freedom Festival6th August – 10th August 2024
Amazon Black Friday Sale22nd November – 25th November 2024
Amazon End of Season Sale26th December – 31st December 2024

In addition, Amazon has many other significant sale days that will be continuously updated throughout the website: You can visit it to ensure you don’t miss out on these big sale on Amazon.

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II. How to hunt for sales on Amazon 

Janbox would like to reveal to you the simplest, easiest, and most convenient way to hunt for sales on Amazon without any challenges such as not having an international payment card, or not knowing how to pay for orders. You can choose to purchase at Janbox is a cross-border shopping application that helps you quickly update promotions on reputable e-commerce websites like


Janbox has an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, we also support both computer and mobile devices. You will easily order products on Amazon or hunt for sales at any time without fear of missing the golden time of the sale.

With a team of professional staff grasping the promotional times on Amazon, Janbox will help you buy goods from Amazon simply and easily. Visit Janbox to explore and enjoy cross-border shopping.

III. Notes when buying on sale on Amazon

– Before buying anything during the sale, you should carefully research information about the product, purchases, and reviews to choose the best quality item.

– You had better choose the days with the huge discounts in the overall promotional period to save money.

– To hunt for Amazon sales on Prime day, you need to be a Prime member.

– Sale items usually have a limited quantity and will not be returned, you can consider carefully before buying.

– The sale time only takes place on certain days, please pay attention to the time not to miss special sale programs.

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IV. Tricks to find the best deals on sale days

Amazon will only spend money and resources promoting the most promising products, so you may be missing out on what you need. Janbox has spent time researching and displaying many products in many different fields to help customers have more choices.

Tricks to find the best deals on Amazon sale

You should keep track of sales before a few days. Amazon often rolls out a few teasing live deals. It’s not the most important part, but it’s probably got what you need. That could be Audible, Music Unlimited, and Kindle Unlimited, so it’s a good time to sign up.

There is a little tip that you should keep an eye on Amazon Warehouse. Here often takes place a discount program of up to 20% on all used products. These items have all been inspected, tested, and approved by Amazon prior to resale. If you have got any problems with the products, you can return the item just like when you are buying a new one.

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In this article, Janbox has given all the information you need for the big sale on Amazon in 2024 and how to hunt for sales on Amazon. Not only Prime Day, but there are also many other programs that are worth it for customers to take a look at. We hope that our tips and tricks can help you get your favorite items at the most affordable price. 

If you have any other questions that need advice and answers about a big sale on Amazon, please contact Janbox via email at, we will provide you with thoughtful support. Open Janbox and start shopping for high-quality Japanese products right now!