The Proxy Shopping Service from Amazon Japan

The Proxy Shopping Service from Amazon Japan

Online Shopping in Japan

Japan is one of the leading e-commerce markets in the world today. It has progressed greatly over the last decade, taking care to shift to online stores and increase customer convenience. The Japanese products have an unmatched quality that customers from all over the world acknowledge. Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to visit Japan physically and get their hands on these items. For this reason, Japan has pushed all of its local industries to sell their products outside of their own population and own country.

This has proved beneficial for Japan as it has helped their economy to export countless products to customers from different countries. It also helps the foreign customers because they have the opportunity to order their favourite Japanese products directly from authentic dealers. Japanese websites are the best platform to make purchases as they deal with the widest range of goods. From home appliances, to groceries and garments, anything can be found on the most prominent Japanese online shopping websites.

With the help of the internet, online shopping has become too easy and can be accessed by any age group. In Japan, customers are rapidly moving over to online outlets of their favorite brands. This is happening due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the prices are drastically different online as in physical outlets. Online stores also offer better promotion deals for the customers to buy, in an effort to expand their audience. The shopping experience is also smoother and quicker. The best part is that it can be carried out with the ease of being in your own home. You do not have to leave your house to purchase anything.

Amazon Japan

Amazon is currently the largest online retailer in the world, and it offers prime memberships in about sixteen countries including Japan. It ships to all over the world and the Japanese Amazon is no different in this matter. Amazon Japan strives to deliver your orders as efficiently as possible, and also right in front of your doorstep. Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, it is especially difficult to travel to Japan for buying any of these items. Therefore, Amazon Japan proves to be an extremely useful and fast service in these times of need.

The Proxy Shopping Service from Amazon Japan


A trusted customer of Amazon Japan wrote a review confirming this, “I’ve been a long time customer with Amazon Japan since 2014. The only things I ever buy from here are Japanese manga, books and magazines. It’s a wonderful thing that they do international deliveries which makes my life so much easier. The prices are decent and deliveries are usually fast too.” There are a number of Japanese online shopping websites that do not ship to remote areas or countries that are out of reach. However, if you are shopping with Amazon Japan, you do not have to worry about your location as your order will almost certainly reach you no matter where you are. Amazon Japan ships exclusively to customers who are residents in the US.

The Proxy Shopping Service

Janbox Japan has partnered up with Amazon Japan, and therefore it offers its customers a proxy shopping experience. The service stands out from other wholesale dealers because of its ease and convenience. It offers customers the ability to buy any Japanese item that they want. The sellers in Japan will simply buy the product for the customers and ship it back to them. However, there is a small handling fee involved in the process. This is because the sellers may have to go through some inconvenience to purchase and ship the goods for you. Despite this, the handling fee is quite less if you compare it to the cost of traveling to Japan yourself and buying the product you want.

The Proxy Shopping Service from Amazon Japan

With the proxy shopping tool on Janbox Japan, you do not have to browse countless other Japanese websites, including Amazon. You only have to put in the product you are looking for on Janbox and the website will do the searching for you. No matter the obscurity of the product, you will almost always find a Japanese seller willing to buy and ship it to you. Amazon is the most trusted and favourite place to shop online for a large amount of people. Although some products may not be available to deliver in some regions, you can always import them and purchase them via the Global Amazon.

Japanese goods are shipped everywhere in the world because of their durability, quality, and reasonable cost. Since Janbox and Amazon Japan are  foreign-based websites that primarily deals with Japanese products, they become the most efficient online services to order from Japan.

Paying on Janbox

The payment on Janbox is made easy with EZpoints. If you want Japanese products shipped to your address, all you have to do is type in your credit or debit card details on the website and purchase a handful of EZpoints. Work out the number of EZpoints you need for the items you want to purchase. Once you have received your EZpoints, you do not need to give your bank details any further on any item you shop for. The payment will simply be deducted from your EZpoints wallet.

Paying on Amazon Japan

For obvious reasons, there is no COD (Cash on Delivery) option available for online customer shopping at Amazon Japan. The alternative is to use a debit or credit card or Paypal, this is the easiest option if you are living outside of Japan. You should also be careful of getting charged any