Top 15 Best Japanese Makeup Brands 2023 You Should Try

Top 25 Best Japanese Makeup Brands 2021 You Should Try

Nowaday, people often love to invest in expensive cosmetics, but they still fail to buy the perfect make for themselves. Makeup is not to transform your beauty; it just helps to make you look more defined. Japan is contributing a lot in cosmetics and promoting natural beauty by its brilliant light, natural and affordable cosmetic from japan online. Let’s discover top 15 Best Japanese Makeup Brands from this article.

I. Must-Buy Cosmetic From Japan

Well, Japan is a land of amazing beauty and beauty components. Japan is serving us with its brilliant cosmetic products since 1819, when Shiseido, “the very iconic Japanese cosmetic brand of this era” begins to sell its makeup. Still, this time japan has been rocking in the makeup industries of the world. No doubt Japanese makeup has amazing love, hype, worth in the heart of foreign people so buy cosmetics from Japan now.

Do you want to purchase affordable but high-quality cosmetics? Well, it is an amazing idea. Japan had worked a lot in the manufacturing industry, while the cosmetic industry is one of the most successful parts of Japan. Japanese are very well known for their amazing skincare remedies, makeup, and their fitness.  As a fact, Japanese beauty standards emphasize natural beauty, so their cosmetic to buy from japan are also based on those features, natural and soft.

You must buy cosmetics from Japan as they are very safe and manufacture in a highly in-door environment so that non-dirt and radioactive particles or substances attack the makeup production.  Are you aware that many foreign female visitors in japan invest a lot in Japanese cosmetics? Japan sells affordable makeup still with amazing quality and the Janbox auction proxy services make it easier for you to access these rare cosmetics.

As a fact, japan sells amazing cosmetics and even some of the Japanese cosmetic products have earned worldwide hype. To be very honest, those products are dead-end fantastic. If you are making a budget for cosmetic shopping, then must buy cosmetic from Japan. I am going to list down some amazing cosmetic product. Those products are very well known, and they are totally worth it.

1. CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder:

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder:

It sounds overwhelming just by the name. Grab your CANMAKE marshmallow finish powder as soon as possible. This CANMAKE marshmallow is a “gem of japan”. It is smooth and buttery setting power which vanishes all the open pores with an amazing finish. It comes in only four shades, and you are lucky if they have your shade. This CANMAKE marshmallow finish powder also has SPF++26. This product is such an amazing product. So it is recommended to invest in this unbeatable cosmetic product.  It is extremely affordable.

2. Kate Designing eyebrow 3D:

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Kate Designing eyebrow 3D

This product is a must-buy cosmetic from Japan because it is an amazing brow product is highly hyped cosmetic product in japan. This eyebrow product has three colored brow palette in powder form. It comes along with a tiny angel makeup brush so that you can perfectly design your eyebrows. The brush is two-sided one allows you to apply the product, while another end allows you to blend the brow for better results.

3. Opera Lip Tint 05 Coral Pink:

Japanese lip
Opera Lip Tint 05 Coral Pink

As Japanese girls are recognized for their glammed and soft pink lips so to promote that japan is serving the world since 2016 with this amazing opera lip tint, it provides natural color to your lips. This lip tint was invented in 2016, but till yet it is famous and very well-buying in Japan. It does not give you that fake painted look. This lip tint produces color by the moisture of your lips so you will good to apply it once a day and your lips will give it moisture to look well maintained.

4. FLOW FUSHI Mote Liner:

Japanese Makeup Brands 2021
FLOW FUSHI Mote Liner:

Girls believe that perfect winged liner makes them perfect as the liner plays a vital role in defining your eyes. FLOW FUSHI mote liner from japan makes your eyes look more defined and outline. This liner is truly reliable. It comes in pen form, which means it is easy to apply. No matter you are a fan of thick liner or thin liner. This liner will help you achieve your desire look.

5. Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize:

Top 25 Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize

Majolica Majorca shadow is one of the very iconic and popular eye shadows. This eye shadow is a very good yet amazing product to buy. Do not hesitate in investing money in this great makeup product as it serves you best most on it gives such an amazing result.

These were some amazing cosmetics to buy from Japan. Now in this remote era, it is way more convenient you can easily buy cosmetic from japan online through our auction proxy services as we are usually investing in many waste products so why not give a chance to Japanese makeup product which is highly affordable, easy to apply and at the same time good for your skin. Japan had many more products which are very popular worldwide and have a good reputation.

These were some of the very famous Japanese cosmetic products that you can buy online as Japanese cosmetic is formed in a highly safe environment that is why the performance of Japanese product is different from other makeup products. Who does not prefer safe and amazing products? I guess everyone and each among us prefers safe and valued products, so the cosmetic buy from japan is amazingly best at safe at the same time.

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II. Advantages of Japanese cosmetics

1. Natural ingredients

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Natural ingredients

The majority of the components used in Japanese cosmetics are made in the country. As a result, Japanese cosmetic experts are highly creative when they try to use valuable essences from nature in their own country to create skincare, body care or hair care products.

2. A wide selection of high-quality masks

Japanese cosmetics will not disappoint you if you’re seeking sheet masks. There are many various types of masks available, each with a different function to help you achieve smooth and healthy skin. The mask’s components are also highly nutritious, giving essential nourishment for the skin while also aiding in its recovery and firmness.

3. Whether it’s low-cost or high-end, quality is always guaranteed

Best Japanese Makeup Brands

In a country that is constantly concerned about everyone’s health and safety, the quality of each product is always assured, whether it is a popular or high-end brand, and it is created with great care, with billions of dollars spent on research and development. From the packaging to the contents, everything is careful. That’s why Japanese cosmetics are famous in the global makeup market.

III. Top 15 Japanese Makeup Brands You Should Use For Your Skincare & Beauty

Consumers have long been drawn to Japanese cosmetics because of their high quality, safety, and dependability. The top 15 Japanese makeup brands that you should not overlook are listed below.

1. Isehan Heroine Make

Best Japanese Makeup Brands

Isehan Heroine Make is first on the Japanese makeup brands list. In the brand’s name, the term “heroine” alludes to a young female character in a novel or film. Heroine Make is a Japanese cosmetic company best known for its mascaras and liquid eyeliners. It was founded in 2005. Both of these products are highly regarded and recommended by beauty experts and celebrities. Both are completely waterproof, so they can withstand rain, tears, and everything else a heroine could encounter.

The mascara is one of Japan’s best-selling products, and it comes in a deep black hue that isn’t available in Western mascaras. Despite the Japanese language, the anime-style princess picture on the package makes it easy to identify this renowned Japanese cosmetics brand.

2. Dolly Wink

Best Japanese Makeup Brands

If you like eyeshadow, there’s no way you’ve never heard of Dolly Wink. This Japanese cosmetics company specializes in eye makeup! Dolly Wink – one of the best Japanese makeup brands, wants its customers to have fun applying natural eye makeup while yet appearing amazing and ready to take on the world.

Dolly Wink created numerous product lines with that goal in mind, ranging from artificial lashes to eyeliners and eyebrow pencils. Dolly Wink lashes are among the most popular options available. Dolly Wink’s artificial eyelash collection has sold over 10 million pieces globally.

3. CanMake

CanMake, unlike the other cosmetic brands mentioned above, is a Japanese cosmetic brand with reasonable costs. Their quality, on the other hand, is outstanding. Canmake, which was founded 36 years ago, has proved to have a strong ethos and competes effectively in today’s international market. They also provide a large selection of cosmetic items, ranging from eye to face makeup. Definitely give their goods a try!

CanMake is distinctive in its own right. CanMake embodies beauty and glitter by offering cosmetics products with chemicals that are gentle on sensitive skin and doll-like packaging. There’s no need to be scared by the intricate theme of this Japanese cosmetics brand. CanMake’s concept is to enhance natural beauty by providing high-quality ingredients and a diverse color range for their expanding Asian market.

Marshmallow Finish Powder, CanMake Cream Cheek, and Eyebrow Liquid are among CanMake’s best-selling products. But that’s not all; this Japanese beauty business also offers nail care and makeup equipment. Enjoy a wide range of cosmetic products adorned with the rosiest and sparkliest embellishments you could ever add to your makeup collection!

Visit CanMake website: or buy on Janbox HERE

4. Majolica Majorca

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Japanese Makeup Brands – Majolica Majorca

This company, which is part of Shiseido, is a more young brand that delivers high quality at a lower price than its parent business. The packaging is ornate and quirky, which appeals to younger cosmetics junkies. The colors are vibrant and glistening. The blush and mascara items, in particular, are of exceptional quality. More significantly, the products have skin-friendly chemicals that can help prevent acne and sebum production. Of course, its complexion products are hydrating.

The Poreless Freezer is one of its best-selling products since it keeps your skin grease-free and smooth beneath all your makeup. When you want your doll-like lashes to be precisely parted and not clumped together, the Lash Gorgeous Neo Mascara is a must-have. In the meanwhile, the Wonder Fixer Ex will keep your makeup in place while combating sebum and stickiness caused by humid conditions. To see more Japanese cosmetics, go to the website:

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5. Daiso

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Japan’s largest chain – Daiso

As Japan’s largest chain of ¥100 stores, Daiso is responsible for a number of popular cosmetic goods in the country, including this miraculous makeup brush and sponge cleaner. It thoroughly eliminates even the most tenacious cream products and restores the appearance of your equipment, all while leaving no scent behind.

On the Japanese cosmetic review sites, Daiso cosmetics (particularly Elfa Pearl Eye Shadow) enjoy a stellar reputation. The link is available for buying makeup items.

6. Visée

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Visee – a Kose cosmetics product,

Visee, a Kose cosmetics product, is distinguished by its elegant black container and lacey overlay. Its Crystal Dual Lipstick is a transparent balm with a matte substance that creates a sheer seductive pout that won’t dry out while giving lips a natural pigmentation. It’s designed for young adults who wish to seem more attractive and fashionable.

While the packaging is more muted than Majolica Majorca’s fairytale-inspired packaging, flowers and other decorations still adorn the items. For something long-lasting and absolutely in trend, try the matte lip colors.

Search for Visée:

7. Kate

Kanebo’s KATE is one of Japan’s most well-known drugstore brands. KATE is for the stylish lady. This Japanese makeup brand offers a wide range of colors in handy packaging at low rates. Get the eyeshadow compacts for a full, powerful, and modern eye look.

KATE has been one of the best-selling make-up brands in Japan and worldwide since its inception in 1997. KATE’s make-up line is full of high-quality items that are ideal for a glamorous and edgy “Tokyo” look.

Check out KATE’s best-selling beauty items on the site

8. Acseine

Try Acseine if you have sensitive skin. This cosmetics company, which isn’t as well-known as some other drugstore choices, avoids the latest fads and hoopla in favor of offering high-quality makeup. Arcsine products are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies, rashes, breakouts, or other skin sensitivities.

You can also give a recommendation to your friends about this cosmetic company through the following link:

9. Koh Gen Do

Best Japanese Makeup Brands
Koh Gen Do products

Acne-prone yet obsessed with foundation? Your prayers have been answered with Koh Gen Do. This Japanese cosmetics and skincare company manufactures both skincare and cosmetics. Koh Gen Do products combine botanicals with Japanese skincare technology to preserve and feed your skin’s natural capacity to rejuvenate.

All of their complexion makeup products use cutting-edge skincare technology that is made up of plant-based components that have healing capabilities. So, while you may not realize it, Koh Gen Do’s unique composition really heals your skin while you’re wearing their products all day.

The Maifanshi Aqua Foundation is without a doubt the brand’s most sought product and you can access the brand link ( to buy. Because of its pore-minimizing impact and capacity to resist perspiration and grease, professional makeup artists swear by it and even use it on blockbuster productions. Furthermore, owing to its skin-conditioning emollients, it maintains your skin moisturized and healthy.


RUMIKO, a Kanebo subsidiary, created a transparent, pure foundation to “show off the natural beauty of skin,” kicking off a trend that eventually led to the present natural cosmetics craze. Their goal is to “get down to the core of that person’s attractiveness.” It is also well-known in other countries for its great quality and suitability for a wide spectrum of persons from their twenties to their fifties.

Try RMK for makeup that enhances your characteristics without hiding them. They emphasize natural beauty rather than showy makeup, which explains its appeal in Japan, where nature is the preferred look. As a result, their foundations and base cosmetics are very excellent. Click to to get more information.

11. Shiseido

Best Japanese Makeup Brands

Shiseido is one of the most well-known cosmetics companies on the planet and one of the most famous Japanese makeup brands in Japan. Shiseido has been present in 120 countries and has developed hundreds of high-quality skincare products since its founding in 1872.

Shiseido’s goods range from skincare to cosmetics to fragrances, among other things, and the company also caters to males. Anessa sunscreen, Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate… are some of the well-known Shiseido goods that are now trusted by many women.

For who those is a fan of Shiseido products:

12. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is a well-known cosmetics company created in 1965 by Shu Uemura, the world’s most recognized make-up artist. Shu Uemura has released a skincare line using red plant extracts that successfully reduces and fades wrinkles. Shu’s lipstick line, in particular, is now highly popular on the market.

The skin cleaning oil was Shu Uemura’s debut product, and it has been on the company’s top bestseller list ever since. Shu Uemura’s makeup removal oil, in particular, uses a unique oil-to-milk technique in combination with other natural medicinal herbs including green tea, ginkgo, prunes, ginger, and others.

See more cosmetic products on

13. DHC

Best Japanese Makeup Brands

It is unquestionably necessary for the name DHC to be at the top of the list of Japanese Makeup Brands in 2023. The firm also places a great value on the user’s safety and well-being when using cosmetics. Aside from great product lines, the firm also introduces functional meals with high nutritional value and exceptional skin-nourishing properties.

DHC’s best-selling Deep Cleansing Oil and Olive Virgin Oil are primarily made with olive oil, which contains antioxidants, for example, vitamin E and polyphenols. These remove sunscreen, sebum, and waterproof makeup, as well as any other form of facial filth under the sun. DHC’s products moisturize your skin without clogging your pores, thanks to one of the world’s most nourishing oils.

Visit for more cosmetic goods.

14. Cezanne

Based on their policy: favorable to the environment, budget, and your skin, CEZANNE has managed to offer make-up products at very cheap pricing with high quality for the past 50 years.

The Cezanne Gel Eyeliner, a 2-in-1 liner that can draw or smudge your eyeliners, is a waterproof product they have. Cezanne is ideal for buying as mementos for you and your friends because of its excellent performance and low price. Cezanne’s cosmetics are produced using a basic and safe composition that is ideal for people who prefer. Cezanne’s appeal is partly fueled by affordability and a wide range of options.

On, you may find many cosmetic items.

15. Hada Labo

Hada Labo is a Rohto cosmetics brand that was launched in 2004. This is a well-known Japanese pharmaceutical and cosmetics company with over 100 years of expertise. Aside from Hada Labo, the company owns a slew of additional high-end brands, including Obagi, CC Melano, Fufufu, Rohto eye drops, and so on.

Hada Labo, unlike other renowned Japanese cosmetic firms, has always prioritized research and thinks that moisture is the key to having beautiful and healthy skin. Hada Labo’s products are all based on Hyaluronic Acid and Nano Hyaluronic Acid components because of this. The Goku-jyun Clear Lotion, Goku-jyun Face Wash, and Goku-jyun Mask are among Hada Labo’s best-selling items.

You may purchase cosmetics from this Japanese makeup brands online store at for free.

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IV. FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Japanese Cosmetics

4.1. What are the most popular cosmetics in Japan?

The Japanese have a strong preference for whitening products. They are also essential in the cleansing and anti-aging of the skin, thus the makeup removers, cleansers, and anti-aging creams are on the Japanese’s daily shopping list. Brand names that Japanese people trust include Hada Labo, DHC, Kose, and SKII.

4.2. What Japanese cosmetic brands are suitable for acne-prone skin?

Prioritize the use of benign, safe products, especially those that are non-irritating to the skin, such as DHC, Kosé, Shu Uemura…To enhance our weak skin, we could also use the following acne creams: Shiseido Pimplit Acne Remedy Cream, Meishoku Bigansui Medicated Acne Lotion, DHC Pimple Spot Acne Cream, Sake PDC Wafood Cream, Kracie Hadabisei Acne Cream, Curel Sebum Trouble Care Anti-Inflammatory Gel…

4.3. What are the best Japanese cosmetics for oily skin?

Many people believe that oily skin is caused by too much water, but it is actually caused by a shortage of water, thus sebaceous snow works harder to keep the skin wet. It is important to apply hydrating and moisturizing products to this type of skin. Besides, to avoid blocking pores, the most essential thing to remember while using cosmetics for oily skin is to give enough hydration, limit the quantity of oil, and use light cream. Some Japanese beauty brands, such as Hada-Labo, Shiseido, SK II, and Kose have product lines designed particularly for oily skin.

4.4. What kinds of Japanese cosmetics are used to cure freckles?

Aside from the whitening and anti-aging properties of Japanese cosmetics, the function of curing skin imperfections, such as freckles, is also extremely good. If you have a problem with freckles on your face, these items will be your “true love”:

  • Melasma Cream Treatment Transino Whitening Essence
  • Shiseido Haku Melasma and Freckles Cream
  • H2 Skin Spot Cream
  • Kobayashi Melasma Cream


In Japan, you can get amazing cosmetics at every price point, whether you’re a pharmacist or a huge spender at department store makeup counters. We hope that this post will assist you in selecting the finest Japanese makeup brands for you. However, if comparing Japanese cosmetic products is a challenge for you, Janbox’s website can help you make an informed decision.