15 Types of Japanese-Style Makeup

15 Types of Japanese-Style Makeup

Are you sick of wearing the same old, straightforward, daily makeup? You don’t enjoy wearing too much makeup, but you want to look your best when you go on dates with a guy or go out with your sisters. Then it would be wise to give Japanese cosmetics a try. A harmonious fusion of contemporary beauty trends may be seen in Japanese makeup. It can be said that among today’s youth, Japanese-style makeup is starting to become popular. Here are 15 Japanese-inspired makeup styles that you can refer to and choose suitable Japanese makeup styles for yourself. 

1. Everyday makeup

Mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrows are the fundamentals. However, Japanese people focus mostly on eye cosmetics, applying eye shadow and false eyelashes. Pink-toned natural pigments are used to tint lips.

2. Everyday Office makeup

The eyes are the focal point of Japanese cosmetics. But unless you work in a professional place, wearing a lot of cosmetics is expected. Moreover, most Japanese people wear less makeup to the office. This style has a basic pink beige lip color and no fake lashes. Japanese cosmetics that are available at pharmacy shops are used in this instruction.

3. Japanese-Style Makeup Schoolgirl

In Japan, the majority of schools have policies about makeup. Naturally, students figure out a way around the regulations by creating a look that makes it appear as though you aren’t wearing makeup (like the suppin look mentioned above), or by wearing makeup after class. The tear duct is highlighted with this look, which is a major Japanese beauty trick. It accentuates the eye, making it seem bigger, by using eye makeup or an eye shadow pencil (often in white or pink glitter).

4. Japanese-Style Makeup Igari

This more contemporary appearance is comparable to the Ulzzang makeup style. However, the blush’s location is crucial for this appearance. You place the blush on your cheeks’ inner corners for Igari. Almost in the same spot as the nose and the apples of your cheeks. Despite being more modern, the Japanese makeup look is still quite well-liked. Because you use blush to give your cheeks a flushed appearance, it is also known as the “drunk makeup look.”

5. Lolita

Looking innocent is really important to Lolita. The clothing worn by Lolita features numerous embellishments, such as frills and ribbons, and exposes practically no flesh. As a result, Lolita wears a lot of eye makeup and foundation that is lighter than her natural skin tone, creating a charming overall appearance.

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6. Japanese-Style Makeup Idol

In Japan, the meaning of the word “idol” is different from what it is in English. Girls who sing and dance on stage as idols are often in their teens or early twenties (but there are male idols). The majority of them engage with their followers on social media or during gatherings like handshakes or picture opportunities. Using more eyeliner, mascara, and less colored eye shadow, idol styles emphasize purity.

7. Gyaru

Gyaru (ギャル) is a type of Japanese woman-made culture. Recently, the phrase has taken on more of an umbrella meaning, but in essence, it describes a fashion makeup trend that idolizes Barbie dolls. With a lot of mascara and eyeliner, this makeup look focuses on the eyes.

8. Seiso Gyaru

Seiso (清楚) translates as tidy or trim. Seiso Gyaru look is demure and appropriate for the office or a classroom. A notable example of Seiso is the Suppin style. Instead of applying black eyeliner, they are utilizing brown, which softens the overall appearance.

9. Japanese-Style Makeup Harajuku

Those sporting the Harajuku style dress in vivid hues like pink, blue, or yellow, and apply stickers or glitter to their faces. Impact-creation is the idea. With strong eyeliner and artificial lashes, eye makeup is quite thick.

10. Ulzzang

Actually in Korea, the meaning of this term is “Best Face.” The cosmetics appearance is lighter and more natural in the Ulzzang fashion. It adheres to the maxim “less is more.” To get the Ulzzang aesthetic, you employ more natural and naive tones. However, some Japanese females enjoy wearing fake eyelashes to accentuate their eyes. By obtaining a flawless complexion, this style is all about highlighting natural beauty. Japanese girls want to match their skin tone, in contrast to Korean girls who wear foundation that is a touch lighter than their true skin tone. most of the time, at least. Most will utilize fake lashes even though they like to apply barely-there eyeshadow.

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11. No makeup

Suppin Makeup (すっぴんメイク) is a common name for this appearance. Suppin is slang for an unmade-up face. Suppin appearances are preferred by those who wish to use makeup but not to a noticeable degree. It is an ideal makeup style for use at work or school.

12. Hime Gyaru

One subset of Gyaru culture that has been inspired by Lolita culture is Hime Gyaru (姫ギャル). Their appearances are more frilly, pastel, and princess-like than Gyaru’s, but not too much to pass for Lolita.

13. Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is Lolita with punk influences. While it employs heavy black eyeliner and grey or blue eyeshadow, it tones down on the cheeks and shares some heavy eye makeup with Lolita.

14. Japanese-Style Makeup Kimono

This appearance is an allusion to Oiran traditional makeup. High-ranking sex workers known as Oiran (花魁) existed throughout the Edo era. They used crimson powder called Beni (紅) to draw attention to their eyes and painted their faces white.

15. Ganguro

The most dramatic makeup style you will likely see in Japan is called Ganguro. The makeup used by the Ganguro girl will be black and thick. Ganguro literally means “black face”. In order to get this look, the Japanese girl will use a dark foundation, white lipstick, and eyeshadow coupled with black eyeliner. The girl likes to utilize artificial lashes once more for her appearance. It makes sense why Japanese fakes are the greatest. They are used in almost all makeup styles. Additionally, flamboyant accessories and huge hair are a requirement. Less popular and undoubtedly more prevalent in the underground world is the Ganguro appearance. However, it is a well-liked and recognized style in Japan.

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The Japanese-style makeup technique streamlines the application process to highlight the natural beauty of your face. This is the reason the beauty industry is impressed by this makeup look. Why not attempt these Japanese beauty trends if you’re a busy girl who doesn’t have much time to apply elaborate makeup but yet wants to appear stunning? These Japanese-inspired makeup looks are sure to win your heart.