The Yahoo! Japan Shopping Experience


What is Yahoo! Japan?

Japan is regularly ranked among the top five e-commerce markets in the world today. The industries in Japan have managed to keep up their quality standards while also progressing above and far in the international market. Japanese products are now in high demand everywhere, and new platforms are being launched to meet these demands. Japanese products have managed to make a strong foothold in the international market. Industries in Japan are focused on delivering the highest quality possible. This is because they have a hold of the newest equipment and technology, which helps make their products superior to countless others in the market. Japan’s manufactured cars and other automobiles have earned a high reputation in the respective industry. Japanese cars have been proven by many to be more durable, sophisticated, and high-quality.

Yahoo Shopping for 

Yahoo! Japan is deemed one of the most trustworthy sellers in the e-commerce market of Japan. It was founded over twenty-five years ago in 1996 and has managed to become the default search engine in Japan and other nearby countries. The number of people using Yahoo! JAPAN is more than 49.01 million at the current moment. Ever since eBay closed its Japanese service, Yahoo! Japan became the first auction platform in Japan. It gained a large number of customers and became one of the top-most brands in no time.

What does Yahoo! Japan offer?

Many sellers migrated from other shopping platforms to sell their products on Yahoo! Japan. These include rare, used, unused, and new products in all categories and prices. For this reason, Yahoo! Japan is one of the best options to buy and sell used products at great prices. Foreigners can get products from Yahoo! Japan through a proxy buying service. What you have to do is just need to tell the proxy service about which products they need to place a bid on, and one of their proxy-buyers will participate in the auction on your behalf. If your bid is the highest, the proxy-buyer will receive the product, and the item will be shipped to your door. Therefore, you can participate in Yahoo! Japan auctions just as if you lived in Japan.

Ordering quality products from Japan has been made incredibly easy with Yahoo! Japan.  As the service is widespread and reliable, you do not have to worry about shipping. Yahoo! Japan delivers almost everywhere, and the website offers a smooth ordering process. Whether you are shopping for yourself or setting up a business, Yahoo! Japan strives to meet all your needs regarding supplies and goods.

How Does Yahoo! Japan Work?

Yahoo! Japan has set up localized versions of their services, properties, and search engines that are biased towards their hubs. This means that a search performed on Y! Ireland or Y! Japan will not return the same results as each other or as Y! (America) will. Even Y! Canada can yield results that are quite different. This variety in products has constantly attracted customers since the launch of Yahoo! Japan.

However, some people find it inconveniencing as they think it would be a difficult process to order their favorite products from their native countries. They do not need to worry, because this where the proxy shopping service comes in. Yahoo! Japan stands out from other wholesale dealers because of its proxy shopping tool. It offers customers the ability to buy any Japanese item that they want. The dealers in Japan will simply buy the product for the customers and ship it back to them. However, there is a small handling fee involved in the process. This is because the sellers may have to go through some inconvenience to purchase and ship the goods for you. Despite this, the handling fee is quite less if you compare it to the cost of traveling to Japan yourself and buying the product you want.

With the Yahoo! Japan proxy auctioning on Janbox, you do not have to browse countless other Japanese websites. Simply put in the product you are looking for on Yahoo! Japan and the website will do the searching for you. No matter the obscurity of the product, you will almost always find a Japanese seller willing to buy and ship it to you.

Shipping by Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! uses Japan Post services (EMS, SAL, Airmail, Surface Mail) to ship your items to you, and by the private transportation companies, such as TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx, and so on. Once your orders are dispatched, you will receive an automatic notification via email that holds all the tracking information. With this, you can see where your package has reached and how much distance it covers. It also gives you an idea of how much time is left before you receive your package.

Although the limitations on the weight of your parcel will vary by which country you are ordering from, the maximum allowed weight is 30 kg or 20 kg in general, the length is a maximum of 150 cm or 105 cm in general, depending on the country and shipping method. Your purchases can be consolidated for shipment unless they fit the limits. Therefore, it is important to be well aware of the rules and regulations of your country. You do not want to create any problems with ordering any prohibited items.

Japanese goods are shipped everywhere in the world because of their durability, quality, and reasonable cost. Since Yahoo! Japan is a based website that primarily deals with Japanese products, it becomes the most efficient online service to order from Japan. From groceries, cars, clothes, and furniture, anything can be found and bought on Yahoo! Japan.