An Efficient Service for Buying Goods from Japan to UK

An Efficient Service for Buying Goods from Japan to UK

Janbox is a well-established supply chain that runs from Japan to all over the world. The company is headquartered in Chiba Ken, Japan. It is also labeled as a Joint Stock Company as it deals with bulk-buying and wholesale shopping. Janbox deals with goods of every nature ranging from electronics, fashion, home appliances, sports, and more. They have an online platform from where customers can buy or auction as individuals or businesses. Buyers can visit the official Janbox website and browse through the products.

Ordering quality products from Japan has been made incredibly easy with Janbox. As the service is widespread and reliable, you do not have to worry about shipping. Janbox delivers almost everywhere, and the website offers a smooth ordering process. Whether you are shopping for yourself or setting up a business, Janbox strives to meet all your needs regarding supplies and goods. The company has partnered with several well-known shopping platforms such as Amazon, and Yahoo!. For this reason, it is very unlikely that the product you are looking for is not in stock.

1. Ordering From Japan

Japanese goods are shipped everywhere in the world because of their durability, quality, and reasonable cost. Since Janbox is a foreign-based website that primarily deals with Japanese products, it becomes the most efficient online service to order from Japan. From groceries, cars, clothes, and furniture, anything can be found and bought on Janbox Japan.

The shipping process is quite quick when compared to other shopping platforms. Products are usually delivered within a week on your doorstep, and the delivery requires your signature for a more secure deal. Janbox is well-experienced with distributing imported products sold by foreign online platforms. These include items that are not currently available within Japan and may not be up to the customer’s standards. Janbox imports these products and offers its clients a most diverse range of specialties to choose from.

2. The Proxy Shopping Service

Janbox Japan stands out from other wholesale dealers because of its proxy shopping tool. It offers customers the ability to buy any Japanese item that they want. The dealers in Japan will simply buy the product for the customers and ship it back to them. However, there is a small handling fee involved in the process. This is because the sellers may have to go through some inconvenience to purchase and ship the goods for you. Despite this, the handling fee is quite less if you compare it to the cost of traveling to Japan yourself and buying the product you want.

With the proxy shopping on Janbox Japan, you do not have to browse countless other Japanese websites. Simply put in the product you are looking for on Janbox and the website will do the searching for you. No matter the obscurity of the product, you will almost always find a Japanese seller willing to buy and ship it to you.

What are EZ points?

EZ points are a form of virtual currency that is used exclusively for Janbox Japan. You can buy the points via credit card, as it is a one-time purchase. One EZ point equals One Japanese Yen. Once you have bought the required number of points, you will no longer need your credit card to make payments on Janbox Japan.

3. Buying Procedure

For directly buying a product from Janbox Japan, customers are advised to type it in the search bar on the website. Then, they are given three shopping search engines to choose from: Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten and Amazon. Alternatively, customers can copy and paste the URL of the product they want to buy into the search bar. After this, you can scroll and browse through the different products until you find one that matches your needs.

Once you have reached your desired product, Janbox encourages you to read the description attached to it carefully. You also need to consider the difference between the selling price and the final price which includes the shipping charges and taxes. If you are comfortable with the price and the product’s description, continue to add the product to your virtual cart. However, if you do not plan to buy any more products, you can select the ‘buy now’ option and proceed to checkout.

Then, enter your shipping address and other contact details that the website will request you. After this, you have to select an import or shipping method which will vary from country to country. Lastly, make the payment through a debit/credit card or EZ points and complete your order. You will receive a notification from the website once your order has been submitted successfully.

4. Auctioning Procedure

Purchasing goods from Janbox Japan through Auctioning is a slightly different process. Search for the product by pasting the Yahoo Auction ID code in the search bar. You can also simply search by typing the name of the product. Then, review the description and select the ‘Bid’ option. This will add the product into your ‘Auction Cart’ which you can view from your personal page on the website. If your bid was the highest one among the customers, you will win the product and Janbox Japan will notify you by email.

Yahoo! Auctions are quite popular among the Japanese market. They are considered the best platform for proxy shopping and wholesale dealing. Yahoo! Auctions also provide the chance to browse used and lesser-known products. If something is out of stock on Amazon, or other retail websites, chances are, it will be available on Yahoo! Auctions. The auctions are set up professionally, and the bidding process is fair and just.