What is a Tamagotchi?


Undoubtedly, most of us remember Tamagotchi, the innovative digital pet we all owned before smart smartphones, tablets, and all of the sophisticated apps we all use now. Let us show you the exact answer to the question ” What is a Tamagotchi?” and the instructions for Tamagotchi in this article. 

I. What is a Tamagotchi?

What is a Tamagotchi? The Tamagotchi, often known as the “Egg Watch”, is a portable digital pet that was developed in Japan by WiZ’s Akihiro Yokoi and Bandai’s Aki Maita. One of the biggest toy crazes of the late 1990s and early 2000s, it was first published by Bandai on November 23, 1996, in Japan, then in the USA on May 1, 1997. Over 83 million units had been sold as of March 2021. The majority of Tamagotchi is contained in a tiny, egg-shaped handheld video game with a three-button interface; the Tamagotchi Pix also has a shutter on top to operate the camera.


The Tamagotchi meaning or its name is a portmanteau created by fusing the Japanese terms Tamago, which means “egg”, and Uotchi, according to Bandai (watch). In Japan, the name is occasionally romanized as Tamagotchi without the I after the initial English spelling of watch. With very few exceptions, the names of Tamagotchi characters typically finish in chi (ち) in Japanese.

It has been released and rereleased numerous times in various formats and colors over the past 20 years. However, the gameplay and egg-shaped design of the gadget itself scarcely altered throughout time, making it simple for anyone to pick it up, identify it, and begin playing.

II. How to play Tamagotchi

If you want to know how to play Tamagotchi or how to turn off Tamagotchi, the following sentences will give you a reply. An egg shows on the screen as soon as the pet is activated. The egg will move for a while after the device’s clock is set before hatching into a little animal. Later versions added the requirement that the player enters their name and birthday when setting the clock, and at birth, they could name the pet and discover its family group and/or gender.

The outcome relies on the player’s choices, and the player can provide the pet with as much or as little care as they like. The only way to pause the initial Tamagotchis was to go set the clock, which effectively stopped time moving forward in the game. Later models added a pause function.

To gauge how healthy and well-behaved a pet is, there is a Hunger meter, a Happy meter, and a Training meter. Additionally, a function to check the pet’s age and weight are available. Feeding the pet a meal (often a hamburger or loaf of bread) or a snack will fill the Hunger meter (usually a piece of candy or cake). Playing with the pet in mini-games or giving it food are two ways to increase its happiness (there are no limits to this, but there are limits to how many meals can be fed). Versions typically have different mini-games.


When a pet calls for help but declines to play or be fed, the “scold” option can be used to fill the Discipline meter. The pet will occasionally leave feces on the screen, which if not cleaned properly might make the owner sick. The animal will make a face and develop stink lines around it before going potty. The pet will use a toilet if the player activates the toilet symbol during this animation but before the animal has used the restroom. Pets can be potty trained with enough practice. With caution, the training meter can be filled. No matter how old the pet is, it will instantly evolve when the Training meter is full.

If the pet becomes ill, a skull icon with an unhappy face displays next to the pet while it lies motionless at the bottom of the screen. Numerous factors, such as overfeeding snacks or neglecting to pick up poop, might cause the pet to become ill. If the illness is not treated, the pet may die. The “Medicine” option can be selected to treat the animal, however, it might be necessary to select it more than once. When sick, a pet typically won’t play or eat.

III. Tips for the Tamagotchi game


TIP 1:  Using your Tamagotchi device to navigate 

When your Tamagotchi character has “hatched,” you’ll be prepared to learn all the essential advice so that it can lead the best life possible. Make sure you are familiar with the function of each button before continuing. Your settings are displayed when you press the button “A,” which also serves as a scroll bar for navigating the options. Your selecting tool will be button “B.” You can leave the current option or screen by pressing the “C” key. Keep an eye out for more Tamagotchi Tips and Tricks blog pieces since the lifespan of your Tamagotchi character is totally dependent on how well you take care of it.

TIP 2: Maintain your Tamagotchi’s health

Happiness and Hunger Check: If the happy meter is full, it’s an easy way to tell if your Tamagotchi character is content. If it isn’t, continue reading to find out how to make your Tamagotchi character content. Having said that, avoid letting your Tamagotchi character become overly hungry as this could lower its level of happiness.

Happy and Hungry Meter: The hunger meter can be used to determine when to feed your Tamagotchi pet. Discover how to achieve it by reading on! Press “A” to bring up the menu page, then “A” to choose PROFILE SETTING, “A” to choose PROFILE again, then “A” again to view the Happy and Hungry Meters!

Biology: Tamagotchi Years equal on Earth Day. Before becoming an adult, your Tamagotchi character will undergo a number of changes. Your Tamagotchi’s shape and personality will depend on how well you care for it. Your Tamagotchi will age faster and your family tree may become larger if you take exceptionally good care of it. If not, it will expire, and you will have to start over.

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TIP 3: Take care of your Tamagotchi

FEED: Everyone, even our Tamagotchi pet, needs to eat. Press “A” to make a knife and fork appear so you can feed your Tamagotchi, then “A” again to choose whether to go to the restaurant or the refrigerator. You can select a MEAL or SNACK for your Tamagotchi character under either choice. Press “B” to feed your Tamagotchi after you’ve made your choice. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even travel to different TOWNS to buy food to bring back to the FRIDGE of your Tamagotchi character. 

MEDICINE: If a sick insect shows on the screen, your Tamagotchi needs some tender loving care. To administer their medication, press “B” once the FIRST AID KIT icon has been highlighted by pressing “A.”

TOILET: Your Tamagotchi character must use the restroom, just like we do, and you must clean up after them, or else they will become unwell! Prior to it peeing in your living room, push the “A” button until the “BATHROOM” indicator is highlighted. Do not fear; they will perform a brief potty dance prior to having an accident. Watch them closely to prevent a mess! If they do have an accident, just select BATHROOM once again, and a broom will show up to clean up the mess.


TIP 4: Make your Tamagotchi pet happy

You may make your Tamagotchi pets happy in a number of ways. You can play with anything you have outside in the yard. Even better, you can carry an ITEM with you to another Land to offer more play!

  • Press “A” till you reach your ITEM BOX, then “B” to access the choices, “B” once more to access your ITEMS, then “B” to start using the item. Play more games with your Tamagotchi pet to make it happier. The fresh air is always a nice alternative, but you could also play with your Tamagotchi outside in your yard to keep it happy.
  • To send your Tamagotchi outside, press “B.” In the TAMA SHOP, you can also purchase an ACCESSORY for your Tamagotchi, which you can then have them wear to alter their appearance.
  • To add an accessory to your Tamagotchi character’s wardrobe, press “A” till you reach your ITEM BOX, “B” to bring up the menu, “A” to scroll down to “Item,” and “A” to select your accessory!
  • You can take your Tamagotchi character to the RESTAURANT if they’re hungry and could use a little cheering up to fill their Happy meter!
  • Press “A” once more to choose between “FRIDGE” or “RESTAURANT” once a knife and fork appear. You can select whether to give your Tamagotchi character dinner or a snack under each selection.

TIP 5: Important information for Tamagotchi parents

TIME FUNCTION: Simply press “B” twice to find out the time!

Pause Function: You can leave it at the TAMA HOTEL for babysitting for 10 Gotchi Points each hour if you’re really busy. Alternatively, if you have a My Tama generation, you can leave them at their parents’ house.

RESET: A new Tamagotchi character egg will emerge, ready to hatch, after pressing the tiny reset button on the rear with a small instrument like a pen or pencil. You can select CONTINUE or RESET ALL after the reset.

SOUND: You can disable the sound on your Tamagotchi gadget for some quiet time by going to your PROFILE, choosing SETTINGS, and then clicking on SOUNDS.

BATTERY: Remove the old batteries by loosening the screw on the rear. Reinstall the back cover and add 2 fresh AAA batteries after that. Your Tamagotchi On will then come back on, and the screen will allow you to either “CONTINUE” and pick up where you left off or “RESET ALL” and start over. Just be sure to confirm that the time is accurate.

IV. How long can a Tamagotchi live?

Throughout its life cycle, the pet passes through a number of various stages of growth. Depending on the toy’s model, each stage lasts for a specific number of days. When the toy enters a new stage, a jingle is played, and the pet’s appearance changes. Poor care, aging, illness, and in a few versions, predators, can all cause the pet to “die.” There are five stages in the pet’s life cycle: Baby, Child, Teenager, Adult, and Special. A Senior stage once existed. Once the animal awakens from slumber, its age will often rise.


A pet may pass away from neglect, however on some releases, it may also pass away from old age. If an elderly pet passes away without having children, the family line has been broken. The English-language versions of the Japanese Tamagotchi toys have been altered to show an angel instead of a ghost and a headstone after the pet passes away. There may occasionally be multiple fatalities. The pet’s age can be seen by pressing the C button. By simultaneously pressing the A and C buttons, a player can start the game over once their pet dies.

V. Why was Tamagotchi so popular?

Numerous features of games that make them enjoyable and popular to play were captured by the Tamagotchi. For instance, because of a sense of obligation, it was able to evoke significant emotional reactions and attachments among players. Due to the constant gaming, gamers felt a sense of duty or obligation to check in on their virtual pet every few hours to ensure its well-being.

This style of gameplay, in which the game continues even if you turn off your gadget, was invented by the Tamagotchi. Before the Tamagotchi’s release, this was practically unheard of, but it is now prevalent in some of the most well-known video games, including World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online.

VI. Tamagotchi new version – The difference

The 20th anniversary of the franchise is being commemorated with the manufacturing of new Tamagotchis. They’re being made available in North America. Bandai has not yet formally acknowledged a UK release. They are both egg-shaped and have a small LCD panel without illumination. The new model is 60% smaller than the original, which is the primary distinction between the two. As a result, the screen is around 50% smaller than the original. As a result, the new Tamagotchi is officially referred to as “Mini Tamagotchi”.


The new Tamagotchi is still a tiny keychain egg with three buttons that you push to take care of and clean up after your programmable virtual pet. The gameplay does not include any digital connectivity or Android or iPhone apps. It appears that Bandai is attempting to capitalize on our nostalgia by making it exactly like the original. Your Tamagotchi will continue to eat, sleep, and grow as before.

Your pet’s survival is your top priority. You can turn the device on or off, but there is no main menu where you may adjust the sound or other settings. To learn how to play and locate hidden possibilities, you’ll need to tap about a little bit. Alternatively, you can read the provided instructions for additional information on how Tamagotchi functions. Lots of bleeps and bloops will be heard as it cries out for attention. It will poop, and demand food, and other things.

Just keep in mind to check on it occasionally because, like the original, it’s simple to forget and pass hours without giving it a second thought. If you fully disregard it, it will ultimately pass away. So far as we can tell, the gameplay hasn’t altered much, and if we’re being honest, a Tamagotchi works a lot like a push notification: You’ll be informed when it wants something by loud beeping sounds.


The information on how to reset Tamagotchi or the response to the query, “What is a Tamagotchi?” has been provided above. There are numerous new Tamagotchi versions available right now that have been upgraded to keep the gameplay fresh. You won’t regret trying this kind of game that has a huge global impact and is still quite popular.