[Checklist] How to sell on Amazon Japan with high income


Amazon Japan is a potential marketplace for retailers that there are traffic’s tens of millions of visitors each month. If you would like to expand your business, you will have a great opportunity. Selling on Amazon in Japan is not difficult if you are familiar with amazon. But, how to sell on Amazon Just like in the US, you can sign up for the seller central account in Japan. Get started in just a few steps.

1. How to sell on Amazon Japan?

Step 1:  Register for your selling account with Amazon in Japan.

Signing up for japan seller central is really easy. You can use your existing credentials. So you don’t need to establish a Japanese entity or open a Japanese bank account.

Register for your selling account

Step 2: Go through the seller Identify verification (SIV) Process.

This is a fancy way of saying amazon wants to verify who you are. So you will need to upload PDF copies of your bank statement and your national ID and don’t forget both sides.

Step 3:  Access your account via Seller Central

After you’ve created the account managing it should feel familiar.

There might a few different features that are region specific but for the most part, the seller central you’re used to, it’s going to be the same in Japan. Let’s access your account to explore.

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2. Some Tips will help you increase profits

2.1. Is your product suitable for Amazon in Japan?

How to sell on Amazon Japan?

One of the preparations for selling on Amazon in Japan is that you need to figure out whether your products are actually suitable for the consumer market. It’s necessary to research and analysis the market before any market entry strategy. Some products need to have permission before you are able to list your products on the marketplace.  Even they are prohibited in Japan. You need to find out the list of good that is following Japan’s local regulations and laws. when you have extensive knowledge of the market, you will have more advantages than your competitors

Tip: you can search the current best sellers on amazon.co.jp to know what is accepted. Then you will have a general idea about what you are going to buy on Amazon Japan.

2.2. Add product listing

Take advantage of Amazon’s powerful tools to manage your products. You can use the “Add a products” tool or use pre-prepared inventory file templates to list your products in bulk. You also can synchronize product listings in all markets and set up your own pricing rules.

2.3. Ship and Fulfill

Delivery service is very developed in Japan. Most cargoes are delivered on the same day and the next day. You can ship products that you sell on Amazon in Japan from your local inventory or a base in Japan. To optimize your shipping, you should understand what’s involved in shipping to and fulfilling in Japan, including costs, times, and requirements.

2.4. Managing Your Business and Core Operations

To maintain your business run smoothly, you need a clear and detailed plan. Besides, you should focus on customer service and consider it is one of the core Operations. Obviously, you have a good after-sales service you will have a lot of loyal customers.

2.5. Marketing Your Products

Tips for selling in Amazon Japan

Certainly, there will be many other sellers who have the same products. You should have a strong marketing strategy so that they always are on top of search results.

2.6. Important Considerations and Tips

Understand Japanese consumer culture. The Japanese are very meticulous and fastidious in their daily life. They often list the price for each product according to the general market price. Therefore, they will buy something following the listed price without bargaining. Because of this, you should consider carefully the price before you launch them on Amazon Japan. Moreover, you also need to understand clearly the regulations related to goods and sales policies. There are many kinds of goods that you cannot sell in Japan. You should know to avoid violating as well as relevant troublers.

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3. Conclusion

In general, the article has provided instructions on how to sell on Amazon Japan. Japan is a great opportunity for anyone who has a business passion. However, you need good preparation for your business both of the products and knowledge about the Japanese market. If you are ready to launch your brand then please contact us. We will be a good instructor for you. We can help you to understand the logistics, costs involved better.

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