Is bape cheaper in Japan? How to save 50% on Bape

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As you know Bape is a very famous street fashion brand. The motifs on Bape’s product line are quite eye-catching and stylish. Besides the main product is T-shirts, you can also buy trousers, jackets, shoes and some other accessories. Bape has many stores not only in Japan but also many countries around the world: the USA, Taiwan loan, Hong Kong… Is Bape cheaper in Japan? Let’s find out with us

Is Bape cheaper in japan?

This is the first Camo Shark Polo shirt that you can find on the American Bape website and as you can see, the price is 202 USD.

On the Japanese website, the same t-shirt costs just 16,500 yen (tax included), which is about 150 USD.

So you have saved about 40%. And this savings amount, you can also buy many other items. It’s reasonable, isn’t it?

It’s not difficult to realize that the product lines are the best- sellers and they are often out of stock. Because of the reasonable price, many people buy this product. If you are not quick, you have to wait for the next turn and the price may change a bit.

Is Bape cheaper in japan?
Is Bape cheaper in japan?

Reputable Bape shopping websites

In addition to Bape’s own website, you can also buy Bape’s product lines at other reputable websites such as:

Zozotown is one of the leading e-commerce websites in the country of cherry blossoms. This website specializes in providing fashion items, clothes, shoes, bags, fashion accessories for men and women of all ages, especially for the youth with leading Japanese trends. This is also a reliable site for you to buy Bape products.

Web Links: A BATHING APE | (men) – ZOZOTOWN


This is a popular e-commerce site for retailers. You can also buy authentic Bape products there. You can search for any Bape products on this page. Moreover, you can also choose for yourself many accessories to coordinate with your clothes. You will definitely find it very interesting.

Link web:

Is Bape cheaper in japan?Is Bape cheaper in japan?
Is Bape cheaper in japan?

How to become a smart consumer when buying at Japanese websites?

It can be said that Japanese products are increasingly reaching out to the international market. Especially with the fashion field, it is gradually asserting the brand in the hearts of consumers. Japanese fashion always has a unique, unmistakable feature. But it also blends into the world fashion market. They are both common and different.

How to become a smart consumer when buying in Japan?

Don’t buy emotionally:

Shopping is a hobby of many women. Even men spend a lot of money on buying. This is a very normal psychological phenomenon when shopping they feel happy and comfortable. However, you need to consider how much you need to buy. Avoid buying multiple items at once.  Maybe you just love this product at that moment Once you have made a mistake, you will lose some costs related to international purchases. So learn to control your emotions.

Consult quality and price from many sources

With the same product, each shop will have a different selling price. A lot of people buy a certain item, they often refer to the quality and price from many different sources. Because du, when they want to buy a pair of shoes, they will consult the price in at least 2 different shops. Obviously, which shop sells cheaper, they will prefer to buy at that store. This helps you buy goods at an affordable price. Not being bought too expensive but still ensure prestige.

Don’t buy too cheap

After consulting prices from different sources, you have found a place that sells cheaper than others. But you should not buy goods where the price is too cheap. Because it is very likely that you buy fake goods, poor quality goods

Buy from reputable stores

Not every shop sells authentic products, because there are a lot of fake brands which are bought in many shops. So you need to think carefully before buying. Find the right reputable shops to buy. Normally, reputable shops have good reviews. You should read the comments of previous buyers for reference

Choose a reputable buying company

After you have chosen a product that you love, you should also find a reputable proxy to buy on the Japanese online. They will help you buy the right product according to your requirements and save a lot of money and ensure the safety of your goods. Janbox is such a proxy. We always put the interests of our customers first. If you use Janbox’s service you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, we always update the promotions of Japanese shopping websites. So you will not miss the opportunity to buy reputable cheap products at all.

Hopefully, after the article, you will have an answer to the question “Is Bape cheaper in Japan” And good you have a good experience with Janbox.