Guide to sell and optimize income on Mercari


When there are items that you no longer need but also don’t want to throw away, it is a waste, isn’t it? Well, you won’t have to, just upload your items on websites like Mercari for buying and selling second-hand goods and problem solved, simple and convenient. Keep reading and we will show you the Guide to sell and optimize income on Mercari.

How to Sell on Mercari

1. Create a Mercari account

You want to know how to make money on Mercari? To trade on the Mercari, you need an account and an identity. Mercari account registration requires:

  • You must be over 16 years old.
  • A Japanese phone number.
  • A bank account or credit card for payment.

You need a Japanese App Store account to download the Mercari. Or you can use the Mercari Web version. These are the 9 steps to register for an account on Mercari:

How to sell and optimize income on Mercari
  • Step 1: Download Mercari on Appstore.
  • Step 2: Proceed with account registration. You drag to see all the introduction screens to the last screen.
  • Step 3: Choose how to register for a Mercari account. You can register with your Facebook or Gmail or any mail. We find that signing up with Gmail is the most convenient.
  • Step 4: Enter your Gmail address to log in
  • Step 5: Enter password
  • Step 6: Select gender and enter the referral code JQRBAH to receive 300 Points when completing the registration.
  • Step 7: Fill in your personal information under the form
  • Step 8: Enter your phone number
  • Step 9: A confirmation code will be sent to the phone number you provided. Please enter the code.

You have successfully registered for a Mercari account but still cannot buy or sell goods. You need to confirm your account and update your shipping address to buy and sell.

2. Create the selling lists

Now you have a Mercari account, next log into the Mercari application on your phone or the website on your computer.

Take a photo

On the main screen of App Mercari, you can read all the instructions for the product selection screen image. You need to allow Mercari to access your photo album if you want to upload product photos. Or you can take a photo of the product you want to sell directly.

We recommend taking 3-4 different photos of the product so that customers can see more details about the product.

Add a title

After uploading the photo, the next step is to enter product information such as product name and product description.

Write description

You can go to Amazon or Rakuten to copy the product description of the same product as you intend to sell. You need to update:

  • Product Type
  • Brand of product
  • Status of the product

Then, select the shipping method you want. There are two popular and cheap forms of transportation here: Yamato and the post office. Fees vary by type and size. So, find the shipping method that’s right for your product. After entering all the information, sell the product on Mercari.

Choose a category

Click to カテゴリー to select the Product Categories

Select Brand

Click to ブランド to select the Brand/label

Report Condition

Choose the product condition (新品/未使用: new/unused, 未使用に近い: nearly new, 目立った傷や汚れなし: no noticeable scratches, やや汚れあり: slightly dirty, 傷や汚れあり: dirty and scratched, and 全体に状態が悪い: product is not good)

List color

Choose the most suitable color for the item you sell.

Provide Shipping Information

Click to 発送元の地域 to select the Delivery Location. You can select the province where you send the item.

Waiting for the Buyer

After you have entered the product information you want to sell, click the 【出品する】 button to start the For Sale. Or tap 【下書きに保存】 to Save Draft.

Product Shipping

After the website has asked your item for or agreed to buy, the system will send you a notification. You can check the content of the notice in the section of やることリスト. Next, click the 【取引画面へ】 button to Next. Then choose the product size and the shipping method.

For example, you will send by ゆうパック of the post office and check-in at Lawson. So, you will choose【コンビニ用2次元コードを表示する】. If you choose to check-in at a Yamato post office or counter, click to 次元コードを表示する.

When you come to Lawson’s Combine systems, you will see the white Smart machine. This machine will replace Combine staff to receive items of ゆうパック provided the package has a thickness of less than 3cm, length of less than 34cm, and weight of less than 1kg.

Next, click the start button on the left-hand side of the screen below the letter ゆうパック. Then, place your Mercari barcode in front of the Smart camera to load the information. When the system finishes loading the QR code, your package information will appear on the screen. Please confirm it is correct, and then tap 【次へ】 to continue.

Get Your Money

After sending the goods, you open the Mercari application and click 【商品を発送したので、発送通知をする】 to send the message ” Shipped ” to the buyer.

Guide to sell and optimize income on Mercari

Top purchased items on Mercari

Japanese electronics

The world’s leading technical technology, along with the creativity in products makes Japanese electronics popular. And any Japanese website will sell this item. Japanese electronic goods such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines have many diverse and rich designs. In particular, we must mention the durable quality of these product lines.

Japanese cosmetic products

For Japanese cosmetics, you cannot ignore it. All Japanese cosmetic lines are interested in excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Japanese clothes

Japanese-style fashion lines are very interesting and loved by young people. Japan is a paradise of fashion brands for you to choose from, from affordable to luxurious and noble. Japanese fashion brands all have diverse and rich designs, and the prices are not too expensive.

Baby products

Japanese baby products, from toys to milk and diapers, are always rated very well and are safe for young children.

Japanese confectionery

Japanese confectionery has a delicious taste, variety of colors, and types. All of them are always safe and hygienic.

Mercari Selling Tips

The first trick to earning with Mercari is to research products that can be earned from selling keywords. The keywords that sell are as follows.

List price

If you search for the list price in Mercari, the original list price was about this, but you will find many products that are sold at such a cheap price. So, on the contrary, if the product is still on sale and is sold at a fixed price on Amazon, we can resell it on Amazon purchases. Of course, it is limited to new products, but even used products can be resold if there is a demand from Amazon.


If you search in Showa, you will find retro items that are no longer sold.


You can see that the products that are found by searching for restocking are popular.

Pricing tips

The second trick to earning with Mercari is to handle insignificant items in the price range of up to 3,000 yen. Mercari is a flea market to the last. So if you keep selling it regularly, it sells things up to 3,000 yen more easily than expensive ones.

It is because many people buy using the proceeds. And if it is below 3,000 yen, it is easy to buy. Since the number of young people who use Mercari is the largest, it is also a point to aim for that!

How to write great listing?

The product description introduces the quality features, functions, and benefits of a product posted on a sales website. It gives viewers complete information about the product so that they can have a basis of choice when making a purchase.

Have you ever wondered that you also sell goods like them, have a professional sales website provided, and a series of attractive promotions but why can’t you sell goods? Review your product description. Maybe it is not attractive. Or the description is sketchy, mechanical, lazy, and disturbing. You have forgotten that good product description articles are the message you send to your customers so they can evaluate and decide to buy the product.

Customers are increasingly fastidious and cautious, especially when buying online. So, they usually spend a lot of time looking for information about products before deciding. Short but complete, cute product descriptions will stimulate customer demand and give you unexpected results.

How to take a great photo?

Guide to sell and optimize income on Mercari

For business activities, especially online businesses, product images play an extremely important role. A set of shimmering, beautiful photos will influence 90% of customers’ purchasing decisions, according to a survey by US ETSY.

To have quality photos, you first need to learn how to take product photos beautifully and properly. With just a smartphone, you can self-publish professional product photos as if they just came out of expensive studios.

So, basically there are steps and tips you can take to ensure having a good business to run on Mercari. Are these insights helpful? If they are, there’s no reason not to share with like-minded friends, co-workers. They might be searching for some guide like this.