8+ Secret Tip How To Sell On Mercari Fastest


Mercari is a popular e-commerce platform in Japan in recent years. You can buy old but still good quality products from accounts on Mercari. Moreover, you can also sell your unused items here. This article will be useful for anyone who wants to do business in this secondhand market. Read the 8 tips below on how to sell on Mercari fast.

Mercari’s Secret to Big Success

It is not like you randomly choose a product to put up for sale on Mercari and succeed with hundreds of orders per day. You need a serious investment of time to be able to learn all the aspects related to Mercari. 

You first need to have a survey of many types of items to choose which ones can sell, meeting all the needs of buyers. In addition, you can refer to many other shops to see how the current business trends are so that you can refine and apply them to your business. Therefore, you will get how to sell things fast on Mercari.


Refreshing and diversifying your goods regularly will attract more customers and give you the experience in handling different types of goods. You also need to make a plan with specific steps as well as a list of goods management scientifically and reasonably. This saves you time on the item control and gives you more time to find out more cheap and convenient shipping methods.

Applying modern technology to business is also a suggestion to step by step to great success in trading second-hand goods on Mercari. Refer to many applications, web browsers, and software that are suitable for you to be able to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Another way to help you achieve a big success in doing business with Mercari is to build a specific business strategy with clear steps. From there, you just follow it and earn money.

5 potential product types on Mercari

  • Fashion and accessories products

The fashion industry always brings high profits to business people. With big brands like Nike, Patagonia, Funko Pops… even used goods have a certain value.

With a variety of designs and cheap prices, you will easily find the source of fashion items and accompanying accessories. Jackets, shirts, thermal jackets… along with watches and bags are products that are favored by many Japanese consumers. If you have a good supplier and offer a reasonable price with focusing on product designs, not only in Japan but you can also develop the market to other countries.

  • Electronic products

Known as one of the leading countries in engineering and technology, Japan always provides consumers with modern technological equipment with many different uses and utilities. Trading in used technology is a pretty daring idea. The durability of electronic goods from famous Japanese brands such as Toshiba, Panasonic, Sanyo, Mitsubishi… is very perfect. So these items are even consumed in other Asian countries. If you have a stable budget, you can invest in electronics on Mercari. Certainly, you will get rich quickly.

  • Japanese domestic cosmetic products

Developing extremely fast with technology that is the cosmetics industry. On the Mercari e-commerce platforms, the fans of skincare products are always on the lookout for the cosmetic lines of famous brands such as Shu Uemura, Shiseido, Hada Labo… With these cosmetic items, it will be very sensitive, so you need to think carefully if you want to trade this product.

  • Products for mother and baby

Specialized products for children are also sold on Mercari with very high sales. From the milk of Meiji, Moniraga, Gluco, or diapers such as Pampers, Genki, Moony … to children’s clothes, toys are sold in large quantities and a variety of designs.

  • Functional foods, confectionery

If you want to buy some snacks but do not know what to choose, you can use Mercari. There are countless types of sweet candies and food sold on Mercari. You can even find the necessary functional foods for your body on this e-commerce platform. Please rest assured because all items have been carefully tested by Mercari before being sold.

Secret tricks to sell fast on Mercari ( How to sell on Mercari Fast )

  • Relist/Promote Often

Do not leave the old item listings on Mercari for a long time without an update. The more products you list, the more your sales will increase. Every day, buyers search for many different items, so you need to regularly promote the items you sell.

You can use the advertising feature to push your listings to the top of search results so buyers can easily find and click on them. And do not forget to post many new, beautiful photos as well as clear and detailed descriptions of the product to attract customers to buy.

  • List at Night and on Weekends

You should choose the right time to refresh the product listing on Mercari because shoppers will tend to buy a lot on weekends and evenings. This is the “golden time” to attract customers, so you should not miss it.

Daytime is the time when people go to work, so they will not be able to spend time shopping. You can take advantage of your day to pack or find more different product models to add to your product list.

  • List More Items

As mentioned above, the more items you have on Mercari, the more money you will earn so list more items. This is a very useful trick used by many salespeople. Maybe the same product but you post with different content and images, it will create a new product for customers to choose from.

Put yourself in the position of the buyer to be able to choose the right goods to meet the needs of the customer. When seeing a list with a variety of designs, shapes, and types, customers will want to buy. That is the benefit that this trick gives you when selling items on Mercari.

  • Ship accurately

All will be meaningless if your package does not reach the buyer. Shipping is very important so you need to have the most suitable and cheapest form of transportation possible. If you choose a shipping provider with a high price list, then you or the buyer will have to pay that fee. Find ways to save the most on shipping costs for your package through wrapping and applying carrier discount codes.

  • Edit the product description carefully

Why do you need a clear product description? You can be sued and compensated if you post false product descriptions. If serious, your account will be locked and you will not be able to sell any products in that account anymore.

You need to make sure that you understand the products you are selling thoroughly because buyers will be very smart and will look for carefully used products. Therefore, you need to post products with detailed descriptions.

  • Keep the flexible selling price 

There is always a bargain in buying and selling, and especially in the second-hand business. You need to use appraisal software and set prices that are competitive with your competitors. Items with reasonable prices will be easier to sell. Buyers will also have a good impression of the items you sell because of the clarity and reasonableness of the prices. This is a very important tip to help you not only understand the psychology of customers but also get a source of potential customers.

  • Do not post fake or untrue goods for sale

On e-commerce platforms like Mercari, the interests of buyers are always highly valued. Therefore, please say “no” to illegal and counterfeit products. You will be responsible if you trade in the above items because the buyer is always protected with specific policies on Mercari. These policies are allowed by law, so the penalties can result in imprisonment for 10 years or less or a financial fine of up to several tens of thousands of yen (Japanese currency).

  • Beware of sensitive products

You will be at high risk if you trade in items such as massage types of equipment, drugs, foreign cosmetics, etc. Specifically, such as plasters, pregnancy tests, special medicines, and cosmetic products that are carried from abroad… These are products that need clear licensing papers and specific legal procedures. Moreover, you need to ensure a lot of factors such as origin, quality, ingredients…

For those of you who do not have experience in the business field, you should avoid these types of goods to avoid unnecessary risks.

Above are the secret tips for those who want to trade secondhand on the Japanese market through Mercari. Make sure you master how to sell on Mercari fast after reading this article.