[Guide] How to sell clothes on Mercari easy with few steps


Whether your purpose is to use Mercari to sell unused items or earn money through Mercari with clothing products, you need to carefully study how to do business on Mercari. Keep reading to know how to sell clothes on Mercari!

How to start selling clothes on Mercari

The first thing about how to sell clothes fast on Mercari is to sign up for a Mercari sales account. Therefore, you need to follow the steps below to create an account and verify it correctly.

Conditions for account registration on Mercari:

  • Over 16 years old.
  • In Japan and have a phone or computer.
  • Have a Japanese bank account or credit card for payment.

Sign up for an account

  • Step 1: Download the Mercari application to your computer or phone. If you use a phone, you need a Japanese AppStore account to proceed with the application download process. In case you do not have an account, you need to create an AppStore account first. You can also create an account on Mercari via Facebook or Gmail for easier and more convenient login.
  • Step 2: Start the Mercari app and go through its introductions. Then press [さあ、はじめよう] at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step 3: Log in with your email or Facebook account or AppStore account on your smartphone and select [次へ].
  • Step 4: Enter the password and select [次へ].
  • Step 5: Fill in gender information and select [次へ].
  • Step 6: Fill in your personal information in the form and select [次へ].
  • Step 7: Enter the phone number and select [次へ].
  • Step 8: Enter the confirmation code that you received on your phone and select [認証して完了].

Congratulations! You have completed the account registration process on Mercari. However, you need to provide shipping address information and confirm your account one more time to start trading on Mercari.

You must complete this final validation step before you can trade on Mercari, so do not rush, and calmly follow the steps below.

Mercari account confirmation steps:

Step 1: You select [マイページ] in the main screen interface and then select [個人情報設定].

Step 2: Click to select [本人情報].

Step 3: You click [本人確認書類のアップロード].

Step 4: To confirm your identity, click on [在留カード] or the type of document you have.

Step 5: Upload a clear photo of the front and back of the card and then click [在留カード].

Finally, update your home address so that you can proceed with the pickup process for shipping. To enter the address, select [マイページ] and then select [発送元・お届け住所]. Once done, select [登録する].


This is an important issue for a Mercari clothing seller to know. Mercari offers a usage fee formula = 12.9% + $0.30.

  • 12.9% is the seller’s fee
  • $0.30 is the payment processing fee

Fill in the product information

One of the important factors that determine the purchase of customers is product information. Buyers will access information about your product on Mercari. Then, they will evaluate and select products. If you fill in all the information about the product – what customers always want to know specifically when making a purchase – then that product can bring you certain benefits. For instance, customers will look at that description to evaluate whether your work is suitable for their requirements or not. Looking at a detailed product description will stimulate the customer’s purchase intention. Therefore, you need to invest in providing product information to customers effectively.

Some tips to sell clothes better on Mercari

The following tips will make it easy to run a secondhand clothing business on Mercari. Read and think!

The items for selling and the price

The first question when starting a business is what products to sell, designs, models, and categories like? Once you have decided on the items you want to sell, you need to figure out if they are popular. This is to determine the buying and selling preferences of the customer. In addition, it also gives you the answer to the question: What attracts customers to buy second-hand clothes? 

Choose to sell clothing seasonally so buyers can find your items easily and first. The reason is that consumers are always looking for items that match current trends rather than cheap ones.

Offering a suitable price also plays an essential role in selling second-hand clothes. The customers will buy items that are reasonably priced compared to the quality of the product.

Product pictures

Product advertising through images is a very smart business way that you should apply. Beautiful product images will allow you to sell more products. You can take a photography training course or simply search online for tips on how to post product photos like adjusting the background, lighting.

Be honest when selling

It is very clear that if you only give complete product information, it is not enough for buyers to click to buy. What you need to pay attention to is providing accurate product information. Honesty pointing out possible product defects or tips on how to fix them will make consumers feel secure when buying clothes from you. Nothing is perfect, and of course, the same goes for the second-hand clothing business. You should build your own reputation and credibility rather than focusing on superficial things that are not transparent.

Learn the Etiquette

Customer care also needs to be taken into account. To get good reviews, you need to try to respond to messages and questions from customers enthusiastically and conscientiously. The quick response time to customers will make them feel respected and appreciated when using your product. Put yourself in the position of the customer to answer all their requests in a dedicated and thoughtful way.

Hope that you know well about how to sell clothes on Mercari after reading this article. Good Luck!