Top 5 Famous Second-hand Stores in Japan

Top 5 Famous Second-hand Stores in Japan

Japanese products are regarded as reliable not only by locals but also by buyers worldwide. Used Japanese goods are still highly well-liked and are renowned for their strength and high quality. Learn more about the Japanese second-hand market by looking at some of the names of the second-hand stores Japan online listed below.

Why is used merchandise so well-liked in Japan?

1. Low-cost

As Japan continues to expand, more is now required for all aspects of daily life. Many Japanese people, as well as foreign students and low-wage workers, choose to shop at second-hand shops or on social networking websites to satisfy this need and save money. Most Japanese second-hand shops offer items for between 50 and 70 percent of their original cost, depending on the item. Even seasonal sales occasionally exist, allowing you to acquire goods for as little as 30% of their original cost.

Although worn, second-hand things still guarantee the quality, the cost of pharmaceuticals has decreased to a small fraction of their initial cost. In addition, purchasing or reselling outdated objects helps the Japanese manage their large living spaces by selling unneeded stuff to people in need. 

2. Product quality remains high

Because Japanese people frequently buy new products rather than used ones, there are almost-new items here that have only been used a single or two times.


3. Utilities

Purchasing items from second-hand websites is a terrific option for individuals who do not have the time to visit flea markets to purchase, and it has grown in popularity among Japanese people in recent years. You may simply and quickly find any items and models you need for your needs on these websites and buy them.

4. Product selection

In Japan nowadays, you can readily purchase products ranging from daily necessities like clothing, home appliances, and furniture to decorative items, wooden furniture, etc.

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The online second-hand shops in Japan

The online second-hand websites offer a wide variety of products for sale, including anything from clothing to electronics to furniture and daily necessities. These websites are for a considerably cheaper cost than purchasing a brand-new item while maintaining the product’s quality.

1. Mercari ( Second-hand site) 

Mercari (メルカリ), the biggest trading software in Japan, is a secure choice for beginners to buy and sell online. Since the app’s first release in 2013, Mercari has logged an astounding 2 billion goods for sale. You will have a wide selection of things to pick from as a buyer. You may be confident as a merchant that customers from all around Japan will see your products.


Mercari is referred to as a “secondhand marketplace app” (フリマアプリ), however, most items are sold there at a set price. Therefore, Mercari is unsuitable for those who want to barter. But occasionally, after respectfully haggling with the customer or after some time passes without a sale, some merchants may change the price.

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2. Kakaku

Another top e-commerce site in Japan is called Kakaku. Consumers can review this website’s assessments of the value and cost of products and services in Japan. Customers particularly value this website’s ability to compare costs, ask questions, examine product characteristics quickly, and assist them in selecting high-quality goods. On Kakaku, there is a wide range of products from several manufacturers, with a focus on offering the best electrical and electronic products available in Japan.


The Kakaku UI is really straightforward and welcoming. Each product sold on must have comprehensive product details, characteristics, and a price list so customers may compare their purchase with those of similar goods from other vendors. This makes it simple for customers to select the proper product that is authentic and available at the lowest cost.

3. Merukari

Merukari has a user-friendly layout and offers detailed and accurate information on the items offered on the Mercari website. Additionally, Merukari’s inclusion of pertinent information aids in promoting purchases on the main Mercari website.


Not only does Merukari provide information on the things being sold, but it also clearly explains the policies and promotions of Mercari. Merukari is technically considered to be a sub-site of Mercari with the objective of giving purchasers important information.

4. Hard-off

The company HARD-OFF CORPORATION engages in reuse. They run thrift shops where they purchase discarded goods from clients and resell them. Before placing each item on the shelves for sale in our stores, they carefully examine and clean it. Since they refer to this process of inspection and reconditioning as “production,” HARD-OFF sees itself as the “maker” and approaches our job with the same sense of pride.

Reused things have a reputation for being scuffed or unclean. Customers believe that everything they purchase used will fail quickly. They want to provide customers the most comfort possible when they buy products by getting rid of the worry connected to used stuff.


Their objective is to establish shops that completely eliminate 5Us. They provide clean, odorless, hospitable, lovely, and safe items, in contrast to the traditional picture of filthy, disagreeable, uninviting, and hazardous.

Depending on the products they sell, they run a variety of storefronts. They now operate BOOK-OFF locations under a franchised model in addition to six additional retail names. By carrying fewer products, they hope to improve employee product expertise and develop highly specialized stores.

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5. Book-off

The most well-known used book store in Japan is called BOOK OFF, and they have over 800 stores around Japan. In addition to used books, BOOK OFF also sells CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, cameras, home appliances, musical instruments, clothing, sporting goods, trading cards, toys, baby products, brand-name items, precious metals, and everyday essentials. Despite being used, the products are in excellent shape, allowing you to obtain quality items for a fair price. When you relocate from Japan, they also acquire old or unwanted stuff, which is convenient.


In addition to the aforementioned five significant websites, 2nd Street Japan Online is another online store that offers high-quality used Japanese items. Customers may purchase Japanese products like clothing, musical instruments, electrical goods, bicycles, sports equipment, furniture, and home appliances through this website. You also may go directly to Second Street stores in all of Japan’s prefectures if you do not want to shop online.

Is it challenging to purchase used products online in Japan?

Japanese shoppers are renowned for being thorough and watchful. They are still prepared to sell retailers many things that are still 80–90% brand new. As a result, the market for used products is expanding swiftly, and it is relatively simple for foreigners to purchase the second hand in Japan. The simplest venues to “search” for high-quality, low-cost used products in Japan, like many other nations throughout the world, are flea markets or 2nd in Japanese websites.

It will be simple for those of you in Japan to select your preferred used things at flea markets. You can visit a handful of the locations listed below:

  • Yoyogi Park Market: The oldest market in Tokyo is located at Yoyogi Park. There are around 1000 stalls at the market, selling a wide range of things. which is dominated by cuisine, crafts, and fashion. Every month, the event is hosted on the sidewalks adjacent to Yoyogi Park.
  • Heiwajima Antique Market: With more than 280 vendors, the Heiwajima Antique Market is well known for its antiques. Only five times a year are these markets open. Therefore, before arriving, confirm the precise time information with the locals.
  • Yasukumi Shrine Flea Market: With approximately 200 vendors, this market is rather tiny yet incredibly well-known in Tokyo. The market mostly offers ceramic goods. The market, which is next to Kudanshita Station’s Exit 1, is only open twice a month on Saturdays from 10 am to 3 pm.
  • Akihabara Market: The largest electronics market in Japan is located in Tokyo in Akihabara. The selection of electronics in this country is vast, including both new and secondhand products such as computers, phones, cameras, etc.
  • Mottainai Flea Market: The Mottainai Flea Market is a sanctuary for vintage and used clothes. The exceptional benefits of the Mottainai market include a wide variety of items, gorgeous designs, and affordable rates. The unique aspect of the Mottainai market is that it takes place all around Tokyo from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day.

Janbox’s services  

People who are currently overseas are not permitted to utilize second-hand websites in Japan; you must currently reside and work in Japan. To effortlessly and efficiently deal with secondhand websites in Japan, you must establish an account and an international payment card. Currently, Japanese secondhand websites do not offer worldwide delivery, therefore if you want to order items and have them delivered to your location, you must utilize other shipping services.

You may reduce shipping expenses from order packaging with the aid of Janbox. Sending items to Janbox’s warehouse for inventory and repacking to lighten the package and decrease shipping costs is free of charge for clients. One of the remarkable benefits that Janbox offers to its clients is this. With the aid of Janbox’s smart buying solution, you can overcome all of these challenges. You may purchase high-quality products in Japan and the US with only a few easy clicks while getting the quickest, safest delivery possible!

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These second-hand stores Japan will be a great option for you if you have unworn clothing from retailers like Uniqlo, H&M, and Zara or goods you purchased in the wrong size. You can get rid of extra stuff while also making money from them. We hope this article has given you a lot of valuable information about Japanese second-hand.