Top 10 Limited Edition G-Shocks worth investing in


Limited edition G-Shocks models feature exclusive colors and design details and the utmost in metal and plastic style required for the MT-G series. With an eye-catching appearance achieved by a novel exterior style and color scheme. These are one of the things that people will have a hard time ignoring because of their sports, youthful, and dynamic aesthetic.

Struggle in finding the best model to buy? In this article, we will include the rarest ones that were included in the limited edition G-Shocks so that you can have some choices to choose from. 

I/ Why is it called “limited edition G-shocks”?

When a watch is included in the limited edition G-shocks, one primary focus is to take a collaborative approach. The partnership between the world’s leading fashion house Marcelo Burlon and the rugged, reliable G-Shock watch line. 

Since the standard color of the G-Shock line of watches is black, this collaboration model gives the user a fresh take on the classic G-Shock design by covering it in a cobra pattern. In addition, the G shock limited edition watches’ strap, crown, and clasp are all ion-plated in a glossy black finish. Such exquisiteness inspired, for instance, the GA-100MRB-1A timepiece.

As well, there are limited color palettes to choose from. These timepieces’ designs are a nod to the 1970s fashion era’s eclectic mix of hippie, bohemian, and classic elements, drawing inspiration from tribal motifs that are both timeless and modern.

About limited edition G-shocks

Customers of the limited edition G-Shocks range may generally expect tired eyes due to the restricted color options available. Whether it’s a model with a variety of colors, one that alternates between warm and cold tones, or a more unique one with a single hue,… 

These are the designs that young people have been seeking for a while now because of their youthful hues, fashionable silhouettes, and affordable prices.

You can’t just look at the color scheme of the limited edition G-Shocks and not be impressed by their quality of design and construction. With a depth rating of 200 meters, a battery life of 4–5 years, a monthly deviation of only 20–30 seconds, and an auto-oning LED light, these limited edition G-Shocks are a no-brainer. If you’re ever in a low-light situation, you won’t have to worry about the watch’s face breaking since it’s constructed of tempered glass.

1. GBDH1000-4

GBDH1000-4 is one of the limited edition G-Shocks from Japan that can withstand shock and has a water resistance of at least 200 meters. These are the newest models of G-G-SQUAD SHOCK’s sports watch series, which has in-built GPS and heart rate monitors. Accelerometers, barometric pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and optical heart rate monitors are all helpful during exercise.

The information gathered by these 5 sensors is real-time and comprehensive. With the ability to pick up GPS signals, you can always find your way when you need it. When used in conjunction with a stopwatch, this enables runners to keep tabs on their performance metrics, whether that be total time logged, total distance covered, average speed, average pace, etc. The maximum oxygen consumption rate (VO2 max) indicates your cardiovascular fitness.


This statistic on these limited edition G-Shocks is critical for runners and other athletes who are trying to increase their endurance. Additionally, there are new phone applications available that make it simple to adjust your watch’s settings and control your exercises. You can monitor your fitness and training progress, and the app can even create a custom workout routine for you based on your preferences and desired outcomes. 

Accuracy-enhancing algorithms facilitate more advanced stages of training. The rear covers of these models feature an ergonomic design that prevents them from digging into the palm of your hand, and a pliable urethane band offers a more comfortable fit around the wrist. The high-definition MIP LCD and the two-color molded buttons were created to make using the device as simple as possible.

With additional outdoor capabilities and the legendary G-limited edition g-shock watches toughness, the new G-SQUAD watch series is a must-have for every adventurer.

2. GM2100SS-1A


Put on a watch in limited edition G-Shocks with a street style that mixes the originality of graffiti with modern design. Introducing a new collection of street-savvy timepieces with a G-SHOCK-inspired bezel. 

The strap and bezel are decorated with colorful sprays of original graffiti art, making it suitable for any outfit. There’s the DW-5000 in its trademark casing, the GM-5600 and GM-2100 with their metal bezels, the GA-110 and GX-56 in their enormous cases, and so on. Surely, these limited edition G-Shocks are bright, fashionable extras to complement any look.

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3. GM6900GDA-9


The newest G-SHOCK timepiece features Daruma, and its message honors tenacity, perseverance, and good fortune with the slogan “Fall 7 times, get up 8 times.” This timepiece in limited edition G-Shocks combines the traditional Japanese daruma, a sign of hard labor and luck with the voyage, with the vibrant yellow hue, which is associated with riches and success. time indefinitely trying to find the most durable G-SHOCK possible.

With their “Never give up” attitude, the DW-6900 and GM-6900 models are a testament to that very philosophy. The now-iconic front buttons were the first thing they worked on. They then adorned the dial with a Daruma motif, resulting in a bright yellow face. Daruma designs are printed on the bracelet as a final flourish for these limited edition G-Shocks. 

Black Eye Patch’s original design for the watch’s face and the package. You can tell it’s a Japanese product since it comes from Tokyo.

4. DW5000SS-1


Wear some authentic graffiti art on your wrist and hit the streets. The G-SHOCK case design serves as the canvas for a new collection of timepieces called the Street Spirit. These trendy patterns in limited edition G-Shocks include creative graffiti art splashed throughout the bezel and band, making a statement in any fashion setting. 

The DW5000 has a recognizable casing, whereas the GM5600 and GM2100 have a metallic bezel, and the GA110 and GX56 have enormous cases. Colorful, stylish accessories that complement any ensemble.

5. GA110SS-1A


Wear a limited edition Casio G Shock that embodies the fusion of graffiti creativity and cutting-edge design. There is a new line of hip, G-SHOCK-inspired watches on the market. This watch is perfect for everyday wear due to its simple design and the colorful graffiti sprays that adorn both the bezel and the strap.

Components of the case and its rim: It’s a nice touch that the case and bezel are made of resin. Plastic is used to make the strap. The building itself is resistant to both electromagnetic fields and sudden impacts. Having a depth of 200 meters of water resistance. With approximately 2 years of use, the G Shock limited edition list can be expected from a fully charged battery.

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6. BA110XSM-2A

BABY-G, a line of sporty watches for women, has made a new model in collaboration with the Sailor Moon franchise. Sailor Moon and BABY-G are two of the most well-known anime series of all time. The evolution of Sailor Moon’s signature romantic flair serves as the inspiration for this latest limited edition G-Shocks. 

This new timepiece, based on the best-selling BABY-G BA-110, takes design cues from the mutated Sailor Moon. Featuring a semi-translucent navy blue body decorated with stars, moons, hearts, and blue, red, and yellow Sailor Moon images, this ensembled limited edition G-Shocks is reminiscent of the night sky and is sure to be a hit. 


When compared to the glistening dial, the rose gold strap stands out as a striking contrast. Sailor Moon’s iconic image is completely reinvented by this one-of-a-kind design, making it instantly recognizable and enduring. The back of the watch is etched with a design that matches the Sailor Moon print bracelet.

This product’s packaging was designed with Sailor Moon fans in mind. This model was created to honor the unique partnership between BABY-G and Sailor Moon, the all-time favorite superheroine among female fans.

7. GA2200NN-1A

The Casio G-Shock GA-2200M-1A is a men’s watch that has a carbon core guard design.

It’s a G-Shock watch in limited edition G-Shocks, made in Japan, with shock resistance as its specialty, water resistance tested to at least 200 meters and a pressure rating. Use this carbon-core guard wristwatch to answer the call of exploration. You should definitely add this to your collection of camping equipment.


Using a three-tier layout, the bezel, case back, and buttons are all neatly incorporated into one another, bringing the total thickness of the case down to only 12.4 mm. There is no need for a bulky button cover on these limited edition G-Shocks since the large side buttons can withstand accidental impacts. With all of these improvements built in, the watch is still very user-friendly.

The six screw-on embellishments that adorn the circular bezel give it the rugged look necessary for big and little tasks alike. The semicircular housing of the indicator on the cage dial (which takes design cues from vehicle brake discs) and the water vapor deposition coating give the rugged outdoor product a metallic sheen.

The dials and parts are designed and built independently before being combined to provide a dynamic, three-dimensional appearance to the face. The diagonal placement of the digital display, between 4 and 6 o’clock, is a nice touch.

8. GBD100BAR-4


This watch in limited edition G-Shocks was developed in tandem with the TV documentary Matchday: Inside FC Barcelona, which follows the fortunes of the world-famous Spanish football team. Blue and burgundy, the traditional club colors, are prominently displayed.

One of the newest additions to G-SHOCK’s sports watch lineup, the MOVE is compatible with smartphones via Bluetooth for constant connectivity. The 49 mm watch syncs with a phone’s GPS for quick calibration, so you can get more precise running distance readings even when you’re away from your phone. It has a black rubber strap with a buckle closure and can withstand water pressure up to 200 meters.

9. GMWB5000EH-1

What better way to commemorate G-40th SHOCK’s anniversary than with a unique limited edition G-Shocks, which are in collaboration with acclaimed artist and designer Eric Haze?

Custom metal watch with Eric Haze artwork in ion-plating and laser engraving, based on the GMW-B5000, the original full-metal take on the first-ever G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C.


Haze’s original artwork is replicated as laser-engraved dot patterns on a black ion-plated stainless steel band. His signature graphic motifs are splattered all over the band, and the combination of small, medium, and big dots gives the illusion of tonal shading.

To celebrate G-40th SHOCK’s anniversary, Haze developed a special logo that appears on the diamond-like carbon (DLC)-coated screw-lock case rear.

Haze’s signature emblem will fade in and out as you press the light button.

A great timepiece and unrivaled 40th anniversary celebration, the watch is presented in a distinctive box with the artist-created jubilee emblem.

10. DW5600GU-7

Go on an adventure with G-UNIVERSE, the triangular watch adorned with a group of once recognizable G-SHOCK characters. The DW-5600GU is a white model in the 5600 series that has prints of the 18 original characters seen etched on the backs of earlier G-SHOCK watches. There’s some throwback appeal for G-SHOCK purists, and a fresh take on the brand’s signature round face that’s sure to please fans of the latest iteration.


With an artistic camouflage design, the G-Shock DW-5600GU-7, set for release in Japan and Asia in July 2022, features a printed pattern made up of 18 character drawings taken from the engraved case backs of previous and current “Master of G” models. The gray face of the watch matches the black pattern that appears on the white bezel and band. Since the band keeper is made of see-through resin, the underlying design can be appreciated. The limited edition timepiece is packaged in an aluminum case and box.

The “man” and “master” models, such as the “Frogman,” “Rangeman,” “Mudmaster,” and “Gravitymaster,” belong to the “Master of G” series, which is the professional grade of G-Shock watches made for land, sea, and air. Differentiating themselves from more standard timepieces, Master of G watches are renowned for their cutting-edge innovations and features.

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II/ How to buy Limited edition G-Shocks

To purchase a limited edition G-Shock watch, you can place an order on the official website of the brand or use Janbox’s Japanese shopping proxy service. Janbox offers fast and reliable shopping services from Japan and the US, with a website and app that provide all the necessary features to efficiently order and bid on goods from Japan. To buy limited edition G-shock watches, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Janbox website or download the Janbox shopping app. Log in or create an account to start shopping.

Step 2: Search for the limited edition G-Shock watch. Use the search tool on the website or browse through the product categories. You can also search with keywords like “Limited edition G-Shocks” to display related products.


Step 3: Select the product. Review the available limited edition G-Shock watches on the website and choose the one you want to purchase. Read the product information carefully, including the description, price, and customer reviews.

Step 4: Add the product to your cart. Click on the “Buy Now” button. You will be redirected to the checkout page to provide shipping address and payment method details.

Step 5: Make the first payment, which includes the product price and proxy purchase fee.

Step 6: Wait for Janbox to purchase the item on your behalf and have it delivered to their warehouse. Then proceed with the second payment, which includes the shipping fee and any additional service fees if applicable.

Janbox provides additional features such as order photo capture, packaging, and inventory inspection before shipping to Vietnam, ensuring a comfortable shopping experience for you.

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In this article, we have presented various Limited edition G-Shocks that are included in the G Shock limited edition list. Hope you can have some ideas and be able to find one to purchase.