Top 10 Best Japanese Watch Brands (2021 Complete Guide)

Top 15 Best Japanese Watch Brands You Should Know In 2021

Japan is a watchmaking behemoth, producing some of the greatest watches in the world in virtually every category and at nearly every price range. When you think of Japanese watch brands, you are probably thinking of low-cost quartz and mechanical alternatives from companies like Casio, Seiko, and Citizen. Watches like the Casio G-Shock line and cheap automatic Seiko diver’s watches like the SKX series have helped Japan become the worldwide value leader in the watch business.

We will find out about some of the best Japanese watch brands in this Janbox article. While there are many more Japanese watch brands than the ones we’ve listed, we’ll go through the most significant ones, as well as a few lesser-known businesses worth keeping an eye on, to give you a comprehensive overview of the Japanese watch industry.

1. The top 10 Japanese watch brands you should know about

If Swiss watches are known for their durability and high brand value, which comes at a high price, Japanese watches are an equally formidable rival, but with a cheaper price point. This is also the reason for the consistently strong sales of Japanese watch models in our nation. It’s not simple to pick a genuine Japanese watch amid so many different brands on the market. However, the following 10 Japanese watch brands list may be useful.


Top Japanese watch brands
Seiko Watch high-quality

Price range: $100 to $50,000+


Founded: 1881

Seiko has a long history of dominating Japan’s watchmaking culture, having been founded in 1881 as a jewelry business and later as a clockmaker in 1892.  Seiko has a reputation for producing high-quality, accurate timepieces at a reasonable price. Seiko not only makes Quartz watches but also mechanical timepieces. Seiko Kinetic, Seiko Premier, Seiko Quartz, Seiko 5, Seiko Automatic, and other popular product lines are now available around the world.

Seiko watches come in a variety of styles, are high-fashion, well-made, and include high-quality materials. The sapphire and 316L stainless steel surfaces provide high scratch resistance as well as water resistance.

Seiko introduced both mechanical and battery-powered timepieces. Some items mix Quartz and Automatic technology while maintaining high accuracy. As a result, Seiko was compared to the well-known Swiss watch companies.

Seiko continues to promote its capabilities and introduces new product lines all the time, such as Kinetic, Millennium Plus Calendar, Spring Drive, and so on, all of which have gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers. A hybrid electro-mechanical movement with a mechanical gear train and an electronic regulator is known as Spring Drive. It stands noteworthy for its gliding second hand and exceptional accuracy of +1/-1 second every day.


  • Seiko has been in business since the late 1800s, making it a globally recognized brand.
  • To produce outstanding timepieces at a low price, they rely on sturdy materials and meticulous attention to detail.
  • All of Seiko’s timepieces come with excellent customer service and warranties.
  • For those looking for a premium watch, Seiko owns Grand Seiko.


  • While Seiko is well-known, it is not the greatest pick for high-end occasions. You have the option of selecting a Grand Seiko or another brand from the list. It is worth noting that if you do not attend these events, this may not be an issue.


Best Japanese Watch Brands
Citizen Watch Brand – Japanese watchmaker

The price range is $25 to $1000+


Founded: 1946

Casio is a well-known Japanese watchmaker. The well-known brand is recognized for its high-tensile electrical gadgets and hand-held calculators. In addition, Casio is a favorite among watch collectors all over the world. Even though the watch was introduced late, Casio has produced watch lines appropriate for a wide range of ages over time.

Casio watches are known for their various and multi-style designs, which provide men politeness and masculinity while also giving ladies charm, sweetness, and youthfulness.

Casio chooses quart operation, which operates solely on batteries, to solve the challenge of optimizing pricing and cost in comparison to other watchmakers. Casio timepieces are always thought to be less expensive than the retail price.

Casio watches are known for their distinctive styles, such as electronic watches and sports watches, which give their owners their own individuality and flair. Scratch resistance is enhanced by the use of sapphire surfaces. The strap is constructed of long-lasting materials including rubber, stainless steel, plastic, and genuine leather. Casio watches’ water resistance is likewise ranked first for outstanding water resistance. You may wear Casio to the beach or go swimming without worrying about the watch becoming wet or rusting.

Tadao Kashio started Casio in 1946, and his first significant product was a Yubiwa pipe. Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is the company’s official name. Casio went on to develop electro-mechanical calculators in the 1950s. Casio, on the other hand, did not make its first watch until the 1970s. It was named the Casiotron, and it was a quartz watch, as you might expect.

The G-Shock line is perhaps Casio’s most well-known brand today. G-Shocks have become cultural and horological icons since their introduction in 1983. Casio began to produce more expensive and modern G-Shocks in the last decade, including stainless steel construction, carbon fiber casings, advanced sensors such as GPS, and Bluetooth connection. The G-Shock MR-G collection, in particular, pays homage to Japanese heritage by having timepieces adorned by traditional Japanese artisans employing techniques such as hammering.

There are two watch products that make users crazy:

  • Casio G-Shock DW5600 ($70)

Many fans consider the 5600 series to be the G-Shock, as it shares a lot of DNA with the original G-Shock, the DW5000C. The 5600 boasts 200m of water resistance, amazing shock resistance, and a decent set of features, including a timer, for less than $50 in most situations.

  • Casio A168WA-1 ($25)

The amazing Casio A168WA-1 is one of the cheapest genuine watches you can purchase, with an alarm function, a 1/100th of a second chronograph, and surprisingly robust construction, all for less than $25 in most circumstances.


  • Casio watches are inexpensive.
  • They’re perfect for those who require a watch for sports or a physically demanding profession.
  • The company provides a wide selection of analog and digital designs.


  • Casio watches are not appropriate for formal meals, meetings, or other comparable occasions.
  • Other watches on the list don’t have the same level of craftsmanship or attention to detail.


Top Japanese watch brands
Citizen Watch – Domination the Japanese watch industry

The price range: $130 – $2500+


Founded: 1918

In many respects, two companies dominate the Japanese watch industry: Citizen and Seiko. Citizen was originally called the Shokosha Watch Research Institute when it was formed in 1918. After being taken over by a consortium of Japanese and Swiss investors, it was given the name Citizen. Citizen began mass manufacture of low-cost, high-accuracy quartz timepieces in the 1970s. Citizen advanced quartz technology by developing the world’s first solar-powered analog quartz watch in 1976.

The fact is that while putting on hands and listening to each rhythmic tick of the watch, citizen’s designs always provide a smooth and light sensation. Citizen watches also use high-quality materials including Sapphire glass, stainless steel 316L, and high-end leather wire in their construction.

Favorite Citizen timepieces include:

  • BN2039-59E Citizen Promaster Aqualand – $556

The Aqualand, an analog-digital diver’s watch launched in 1985, is one of Citizen’s most historic timepieces. The BN2039-59E, an Eco-Drive (solar) powered analog diver’s watch with an integrated depth gauge, is the most current version of that design idea.

  • JY8108-53E and JY8075-51E Citizen Promaster Skyhawk A-T – $716

The Promaster Skyhawk, in any color, is a great example of a Citizen’s attention to detail and technology. The Citizen Skyhawk A-T delivers about as much data as you can want in a solar-rechargeable box with an unnecessary but awesome 200 meters of water resistance.


  • Minase watches are ideal for special events, trips, and other activities.
  • They are handcrafted by experienced experts with decades of experience in the watchmaking industry.
  • Non-reflective sapphire glass is used in every Minase watch.


  • Minase timepieces are definitely pricey.

1.4. Grand Seiko

Top Japanese watch brands
Grand Seiko Watch – A subsidiary brand

The Price: $2000- $20000+


In 1960, Seiko launched Grand Seiko, a subsidiary brand that employs master watchmakers and other craftspeople to create exquisite watches. Grand Seiko watches are now widely regarded as some of the greatest luxury timepieces available, owing to their outstanding workmanship, remarkable movements, and enticing designs.

In 1960, the first Grand Seiko was introduced. When it comes to workmanship, the contemporary Grand Seiko is often regarded as providing excellent value for money. The casings are finished with the Zaratsu polish, which is applied by pressing the case against a revolving tin plate. The dial craftsmanship is widely considered as among the best at any price range, with finely textured surfaces and elegant and well-polished indices and hands.

The SBGA011, often known as the “Snowflake,” is Grand Seiko’s most famous and well-known watch. It derives its name from its highly textured white dial, which is claimed to have been inspired by snowy landscapes near the Grand Seiko factory in the Suwa area. The company just unveiled the 9SA5, a new high-beat caliber that will power a new generation of timepieces. This movement has a completely new escapement, balance, and gear train, demonstrating the excellent value Grand Seiko watches offer.


Top Japanese watch brands
Orient watch – Japan’s biggest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces

Price range: $40 – $2600


Founded: 1950

Orient, founded in 1950, is Japan’s biggest manufacturer of mechanical timepieces, with all watch components manufactured in-house. Although this may appear to be a high price, Orient timepieces are quite affordable. Orient provides a wide selection of affordable mechanical timepieces, from Bambino dress watches to Mako dives to Defender field watches.

In 1901, the Yoshida Watch Shop in Tokyo became Orient Watches in 1950. This renowned Japanese watch company, now owned by Seiko Group, specializes in high-quality self-winding and hand-winding mechanical movements. It does, however, manufacture quartz and solar-powered versions.

The Orient Company has produced several premium Japanese watch lines, including the Orient Classic, the Orient Contemporary, and the Orient Sports, by blending Japanese craftsmanship with contemporary technology.

The Bambino, a traditionally designed dress watch that has experienced numerous variations over the years, is perhaps Orient’s most popular watch these days. Orient is also known for its diving watches, such as the Kamasu, which has been a hit with many dive watch enthusiasts and is one of my favorite bargain watches from Japan. They prefer to riff on traditional trends in terms of design, keeping things safe and modest. Divers that see one snowflake hand away from a Tudor to traditional moon phase pieces with guilloche dials are among them.


  • Orient timepieces are reasonably priced.
  • They are composed of high-quality, water-resistant materials.
  • The heritage of Orient watches dates back decades.
  • The mineral crystal is scratch-resistant and glare-free.


  • Orient watches, like Casio, are not regarded as top-of-the-line. They are, nevertheless, of greater quality than Casio and attract more attention.

1.6. Hajime Asaoka

Top Japanese watch brands
Hajime Asaoka Watch – a self-taught independent watchmaker

The Price Range: $4,000 to $50,000+


Hajime Asaoka, a self-taught independent watchmaker, began manufacturing watches in 2005 after a successful career in product design. Four years later, he debuted his first tourbillon watch. Hajime Asaoka continued to develop superbly constructed watches over the next decade, and his collection now includes the three-handed Tsunami, the complicated Tourbillon Pura, and the open-worked dial Chronograph.

The time-only Tsunami watch is Asaoka’s claim to fame, a classic-looking watch with a twist: it features a 16mm (which is enormous) titanium balance. Since then, he has added two tourbillons and a chronograph to his collection, all of which are fully handcrafted by Asaoka. Asaoka just debuted the Kurono line, which has timepieces that are significantly less expensive. Although these watches aren’t produced by Asaoka and use third-party movements, he designs them and supervises manufacturing to guarantee that they match his high standards.


  • These timepieces are completely handcrafted.
  • They’re ideal for watch collectors, special events, and other occasions.


  • Obtaining a new model is quite tough.
  • Hajime Asaoka watches, both used and new, may cost as much as a vehicle.

1.7. Minase

Top Japanese watch brands
Minase watch – The brand’s eye-catching Five Windows model

Price Range: $3,000 to $8,000


Founded: 2005

Minase is a small Japanese watch brand that was founded in 2005 and manufactures just around 500 watches each year. Minase’s Divido, Horizon, and Windows watch collections, which were previously only available in Japan, are now available worldwide.

Given their focus on cases, it is no wonder that many of Minase’s models have unique and distinctive case designs that stand out for their high degree of craftsmanship. The brand’s eye-catching Five Windows model, for example, is named for the case’s five pieces of sapphire crystal, which allow users to see into the watch’s inner workings. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was photographed wearing a Minase Divido during the G20 meeting in Osaka in June 2019, bringing Minase to the attention of a wider audience.

The Divido has a more traditional appearance, but its angular casing and intricate dial once again demonstrate the excellent level of metalwork. The Divido has a more traditional appearance, but its angular case and intricate dial once again demonstrate the amount of craftsmanship that goes into a Minase watch.

The movement is a basic Swiss-made ETA that has been somewhat modified by Minase, lowering the price from where it might have gone. The Divido, their iconic circular style, will set you back at around £2,900. That’s not bad for a stunning, perfectly polished watch.


  • Minase watches are ideal for special events, trips, and other activities.
  • They are handcrafted by experienced experts with decades of experience in the watchmaking industry.
  • Non-reflective sapphire glass is used in every Minase watch.


  • Minase timepieces are definitely pricey.

1.8. Knot

Top Japanese watch brands
Knot watch – The Land of the Rising Sun

The Price Range: $150-$200+


Founded: 2014

The Knot brand is another “rookie” from the Land of the Rising Sun, having only debuted in 2014, yet it has already marked a significant turning point in the local Japanese watch market. The majority of Knot’s timepieces are fitted with two movements from Miyota and Seiko, and the costs of these watches vary based on the specific edition, for example:

  • Classic Series: For designs with tiny seconds hands and square dials, Miyota movements will be utilized, whereas, for Chronograph variants, Seiko movements will be used. Seiko’s Quartz movement will power the AC-39 Chronograph series.
  • The 38-T series, however, features Miyota movements and a Fukushima Prefecture casing.
  • The 38-T series, meanwhile, has Miyota movements, as well as a Sukagawa casing from Fukushima Prefecture and a self-made dial.

Knot created all of the designs, but there is a lot of variety within the possible collection. They begin with basic quartz watches with white displays and black casings, almost Bauhaus in style. Then there is Citizen’s Eco-Drive, which features robust automatic chronographs and a variety of solar-powered pieces.


  • Knot watches may be modified to suit your needs.
  • You can build a dressy watch for work or a more casual watch for weekend activities.


  • Because each adjustment raises or reduces the cost, knot watches have an unpredictably wide price range.

1.9. Credor

Top Japanese watch brands
Credor Watch brand – Last of gold

The Price: +$100


Credor is derived from the French Créte d’Or, which means “last of gold,” emphasizing Seiko’s desire to convey depth and value to customers. Credor is also Seiko’s moniker for the line, which began in 1974 with a range of high-end timepieces constructed of precious metals. Credor is a brand of watches created by Seiko to compete in the luxury watch industry. The materials used are primarily precious metals like sapphire, quartz, or gold to demonstrate their elegance and class. Not only that, but some of these priceless timepieces are also painstakingly handmade. Credor Eichi II and Seiko Credor Minute Repeater are two outstanding Seiko Credor watches.


  • Compete with other Japanese watch companies by using high-quality gem materials.
  • Because the watch is handcrafted, it is delicate and elegant.


  • The selling price of Credor is rather high.

1.10. Frank Miura

Top Japanese watch brands
Frank Miura – The Japanese version of Swatch

Founded: 2012

If you are searching for a watch brand that sells unusual models, go no further than Frank Miura. Frank Miura swiftly established itself as a unique watch brand when it first entered the Japanese market in 2012. To be honest, the company’s timepieces have stood out due to their simple yet unconventional design.

Many of Frank Miura’s timepieces have similar characteristics and designs, such as the Sengoku Warlords Sanada Yukimura Model Watch. A quartz movement and a face with a curved edge are among them. Furthermore, they have creatively created characters, which adds to their visual appeal.

This brand is the Japanese version of Swatch, providing a range of tonneau cased wacky designs, generally made of plastic or metal, at a cheap price point. These are without a doubt the lowest-quality alternatives on the list, but they do provide a massive selection of timepieces, many of which are inspired by Japanese culture. Frank Muller watches may also go into the hundreds of dollars, so these are definitely your best bet if you want a comparable appearance for a fraction of the price.


  • Simple design is ideal for individuals who dislike fussy, complex designs.
  • The watch features a variety of design images that are influenced by Japanese culture.


  • These watches are of poor quality at a reasonable price.

2. Why are Japanese watches so popular around the world?

Japanese watches are “time machines” produced in Japan, and their designs are well-known for their dependability and accuracy. The following are some of the reasons why numerous Japanese watch brands are so popular:

2.1. Price

Japanese watch companies’ designs are reasonably priced, varied, and offer a wide range of options for buyers.

2.2. Design

A typical aspect of Japanese timepieces is their robust, durable, yet attractive design, which has won over a wide range of clients.

2.3. Durability

Japanese watches are extremely robust due to their thick construction, which is made entirely of stainless steel. The mechanism is resistant to shocks and water contact.

2.4. Feature

There will be matching watch models based on the models and costs, with the battery-powered machine having more features than the mechanical one.

3. General FAQs about Japanese watch brands?

Q. Are Japanese watches better than Swiss?

A. Both Japanese and Swiss timepieces have their own characteristics, but none is inherently superior to the other. Swiss watches are all about luxury and design, whilst Japanese watches are focused on utility and technology. As a result, when it comes to purchasing a new timepiece, it all comes down to what is more important to you.

Q. Which is the best Japanese watch brand?

A. Citizen, Seiko, Orient, and Casio G-Shock are just a few of the many outstanding Japanese watch brands available.


Top 10 best Japanese watch brands have been progressively exerting their presence in the Asian market in particular, and the globe in general, with reasonable pricing, various styles, and long-lasting quality. Hopefully, we have derived a particular response to the question: Which Japanese watch brands are good for buyer? As a result of this Janbox article, deciding which best Japanese watch brands to buy is no longer a source of anxiety!

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