How do you know about Pixiv Booth? [Guide 2024]


You must be familiar with the term Pixiv Booth if you are someone who enjoys and studies the culture of “the country of the rising sun”. Have you really grasped what Pixiv means, though? What is Pixiv Booth? Does Pixiv Booth ship overseas? Or what is the international shipping fee? So read this article through to the conclusion to learn more for yourself!

I/ What is Pixiv Booth? 

Japan is a creative and artistic country. The opportunities for Japanese artists to express their talents to those who value them are countless nowadays. The largest online community for Japanese artists is the pixiv booth website, which serves as an illustration of this. You may find Japanese artists who create items based on your favorite anime, game, or idol on Pixiv. There are also innumerable others who produce original works every day.

What is Pixiv Booth

Many artists have turned their works into numerous products since they now have more freedom than ever to distribute their ideas. These creator-made goods can be a fantastic way for fans to support their favorite artists while also owning something unique.

II/ Catalogs on sale at Pixiv booth is the name of the official online marketplace for pixiv creators. Original books, artwork, and clothing are some of the most well-liked goods on this site. Naturally, there is also a ton of on-sale catalogs developed by creators for things like Fate/Grand Order, Vtubers, the Touhou Project, and even one-time products for unique events like Comiket. You can purchase the entire selection of creator goods on’s Japanese website, so if there’s anything you want to get your hands on, you can do it there.

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III/ How to buy from

Step 1: Visit the official website.
Visit the official website

You’ll notice that the majority of the website is still in Japanese even though some of the words printed in English may already stick out to you at first glance. You can use Google Translate to identify which is which on the homepage to make your way around.

Step 2: Begin identifying your goods.

If you don’t have anything specific in mind and there are so many various goods being sold on, you can browse the list of product categories to get a better understanding of what has to offer. The word ” カテゴリ” can be found in the website’s middle section if you scroll down (Category). You can use the small symbols to see what each category stands for, or you can look at the image below for the complete English translations.

Begin identifying your goods

The best way to discover an item if you already know what you want is to copy and paste the Japanese name of the character, series, or artist whose merchandise you desire into the website’s top left search field (where you’ll see 商品検索, or “product search”).

Step 3: Examine the item’s specifications.

Before placing a purchase, there are a few things that you should thoroughly examine. One thing to keep in mind is that sells both physical and digital goods. Consider novels and artwork as two examples where it’s crucial to know whether you’re buying a digital or physical copy.

A large number of the things available on are also custom-made. This indicates that before beginning to produce the item, the maker must receive your order confirmation. Frequently, they will need at least two weeks before they can begin shipping your item.

How to buy from

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 10% Japanese consumption tax is automatically added to all prices that display on the website. If they are still taking orders for the items, it is the last thing you need to confirm. For a brief period of time, some items on the website are discounted. If the button shows 販売時間外です, it is not available for purchase at this time. Typically, the dates they were sold are listed on the same page.

You might also come across a button that says 入荷お知らせメールを受け取る (Receive email notifications of new arrivals) in some situations. This indicates that although the product isn’t already on the market, future sales are anticipated. By clicking the icon, you’ll be sent to a Japanese page where you may create an account with pixiv and sign up for email notifications when they refill the item. Please be aware, though, that refilling may take a few days to a few months. The items marked with a green button that reads カートに入れる (Add to your cart) are your best bet.

Step 4: Finish your order form and pay the bill.

Finish your order form and pay the bill

You can select the shipping method after filling out your order form. Then you choose the payment options below for domestic orders in Japan based on your needs.

  • PayPal: By choosing “PayPal,” JCB and American Express can be utilized.
  • Use a credit card: Payment through Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Mitsubishi, MUFG Bank, Japan Post Bank, Resona Saisaki
  • ATMs
  • Japan Post Bank
  • Convenience store payment

IV/ Buy from with Janbox

To find out how to buy from Pixiv Booth, sign up for a Janbox account, and just do some following simple steps to purchase from Booth. It’s time to place your order after verifying all the information on your item. All you have to do is copy the item’s URL and put it into Janbox’s search bar (it must be the URL from the seller’s BOOTH Page).
Buy from with Janbox

You must enter the item’s name precisely as it appears on the website (in Japanese) and the number of products you wish to order. Make careful to fill out these fields as well if an item has many size or color choices because Janbox requires them in order to process your order. Your things will be dispatched to Janbox’s distribution center once you have received all invoices and paid Charges (item costs, local and international shipping fees). After that, your order will arrive in a few days.

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Q1. What is Pixiv? 

A Japanese online social network called Pixiv attempts to establish a location where artists may produce and exhibit their works, such as manga, paintings, books, etc. There will now be additional people and artists available to comment, evaluate the piece, or exchange ideas.

Q2. Does Pixiv Booth ship overseas? 

If you are not in Japan, the best option is to use an intermediate shopping service because this website does not allow worldwide delivery. So you cannot pay the Pixiv Booth international shipping fee as well as order oversea.


You can purchase the entire selection of creator Japanese goods on, so if there’s anything you want to get your hands on, you can do it there. You no longer need to question about Pixiv Booth after following the simple instructions above. Take full use of the manga universe with Booth.