Anecdote Candles Review – What you need to know before buying 


This Anecdote Candles review will provide you with some intriguing suggestions if you’re a romantic and a fan of scented candles. This business offers high-quality candles for a very fair price. The firm that makes these fragrant candles has also earned the hearts of many customers because of its dedication to hand-filling candles and utilizing only natural materials. We have to admit that Anecdote Candles is well worth the price between the delicate smells and tempting headlines.

Story of Anecdote Candles


Anecdote Candles delivers large smells and modest tales. These candles are conversation starters more than just decorative elements, as their clever titles attest. This endearing candle company, aimed at millennials, is filled to the brim with wax and character. Each scent comes with a lighthearted remark, making them a great complement to any space. The Adulting fragrance, for instance, smells like “early nights and stable earnings.”

The firm makes all of the candles by hand in the USA without the use of any additives, colors, phthalates, or preservatives. They are constructed with an all-natural base of coconut and soy wax and premium fragrance oils to provide a strong throw across the space. The cotton core wick also provides a clean, even burn.

Anecdote Candles is distinctive since it involves customers in the creation of its products. To help develop the next tale for a distinctive perfume, the general public is invited to offer their experiences and recollections. The New York-based company was founded by Julie Maskulka in January 2019, and since then, it has received significant kudos from magazines like Forbes, Oprah Magazine, The Cut, and others. The brand has a 24k Instagram following, which shows that it is still in the early stages of development.

Anecdote Candles reviews – Bestsellers Products 

To help you determine whether the company’s products are worthwhile to purchase, we’ll look at its best-selling items, share user reviews, and address frequently asked questions in the sections that follow. Are you prepared to inject some comedy into your life? We encourage you to read this Anecdote Candles review first. 

1. Anecdote Candles Quarter-Life Crisis


The aroma subtly encapsulates regret from the past together with exhilaration and dread for the future. Like life, the grapefruit and mint notes awaken your senses in a hectic and thrilling way.

When getting to your coffee maker in the morning seems impossible, we advise burning this energetic candle. Alternately, if things become too chaotic, use a yoga session to center yourself.

2. Anecdote Candles Adulting 

Adults usually eat their vegetables, go to bed early, finish their jobs, and never overindulge, right? Let the order, seriousness, and elegance of the Anecdote Candles Adulting scent motivate you to get back on track after you’ve strayed.


If you don’t forget to light it before your visitors arrive, at least this candle will fool them into believing you have your life together with its main notes of fig and sandalwood.

3. Anecdote Candles Bottomless Mimosas

Anecdote captures this Sunday tradition in a candle called Bottomless Mimosas. With possibly the only alcoholic morning beverage that is socially acceptable, the citrus, blood orange, and bergamot fresh overtones are described as “positive feelings and fresh gossip.”


On those lazy weekend mornings, you’ll want to burn Bottomless Mimosas whether you’re really drinking champagne or just want to add a calming scent to your morning ritual.

4. Anecdote Candles Comfort Zone 

If you are an introvert, Anecdote also has you in mind. Burn Comfort Zone for evenings when you want to unwind on the sofa with a drink or two of wine and binge-watch the most recent episode of your favorite program.


You’ll first be greeted by the soothing aromas of coffee and orange blossom before the calming scent of JOMO, or the “joy of missing out,” fills your house. Patchouli, vanilla, and cedarwood will make a cameo appearance while it burns in order to complete the fragrance profile. Any homebody may feel toasty with Anecdote Candles Comfort Zone. Staying in is self-care on occasion, and the brand undoubtedly concurs.

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5. Anecdote Candles Landry Day 


It has a week’s worth of folding-related odor. If you like the smell of freshly cleaned clothes in the morning, this candle is for you. It provides you with a healthy energy boost and encourages peaceful relaxation after life’s worries. The time-consuming washing and drying process is beneficial when you have clean linens. A powdery foundation with a hint of sweet musk and delicate top notes of rose, jasmine, and lily glide above for subtly refined appeal.

6. Anecdote Candles Home Cycle 


As one of the best Anecdote Candles, with this motivating scent, you will want to move. You are instantly inspired to run one more sprint or climb one more hill by the zingy blend of cassis, bergamot, and rosemary. Patchouli, amber, and clove provide an exciting scent with stability and balance in the base notes.

Where to buy Anecdote Candles

To know where to buy Anecdote Candles and purchase anything from the brand, you just need to access A complete list of partners’ stores, including Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, and others, may be found on the Stockists’ website.

Why is it called “Anecdote”?

Anecdote is described as a “short, humorous anecdote,” which is a perfect description of the company’s candles. Each unit has a short narrative explaining it, whether it’s about accepting adulthood or making friends over Bottomless Mimosas. Each narrative gives the related scent more individuality.

The times when Anecdote Candles are on sale

With the coupon code FREEFALL, the company is now providing free delivery on all domestic orders. Be sure to check Anecdote’s website, Instagram, and Facebook pages frequently for updates on upcoming Anecdote Candles sale deals, or subscribe to its newsletter.


This Anecdote Candles review has covered a lot, but who is the brand intended for? The candle company, in our opinion, is ideal for anyone looking to give their home some personality. Each candle is a discussion piece in and of itself, in addition to having great smells and careful production. The candles are the ideal present for anybody who is about to reach a key milestone.