How to ship from Japan to Australia [Detailed instructions]

shipping from japan to australia

Do you need to ship items to family and friends who live in Australia or do you want to know the shipping from Japan to Australia, but you’re not sure how to go about it? What paperwork are you required to deliver products internationally? With the rising need for knowledge, not all information is thorough and reliable. As a result, through the content of the article below, Janbox will address in-depth the subject of how to transport goods from Japan to Australia.

I. Shipping from Japan to Australia

There are a variety of shipping ways available to transfer products from Japan to Australia, but the two most common and often used ones are sea and air.

1. Shipping from Japan to Australia by Sea

Sea freight, often known as ocean freight, refers to goods that are loaded into ships and transported by sea. It’s worth noting that over 90% of global trade is transported by sea, with cargo weighing more than 100 kg being sent as a general rule. This, of course, will depend on local rules.

2. Shipping from Japan to Australia by Air

Janbox is concerned about the security of your precious goods. We make sure your goods are safe and secure at all times by providing the greatest security and cargo protection available. 

From using CCTVs to monitor storage and handling to conducting weight checks at both origin and destination, monitoring ULD (Unit Load Devices) build-up with seals and ULD numbers, and having comprehensive checklists to track your cargo’s condition throughout its supply chain journey, we’ve got you covered.

II. Shipping process at Janbox

1. Look for goods


You may search for your favorite item by typing its name or URL into our search bar.

2. Carefully read the information

Please read the item and seller’s details carefully, including the price, size, weight, and reputation. To place an order, click “Buy Now,” or Add to Cart if you want to keep shopping.


3. The initial charge

You must make a payment that includes the item’s price as well as the service charge once you have confirmed the order details.


4. Wait for a few days

The item will be purchased by Janbox’s purchasing department. The shipment from the vendor to the Janbox warehouse in Japan will take a few days. When your item arrives at the warehouse, Janbox will instantly send you an email. You can view the “Package management” section of your “My Page” list for looking further information.


If you want to add Package Consolidation, first select the package to which you want to add the service, then click the “Package Consolidation” option. When you have two or more shipments imported into the Janbox warehouse, you can use the Package Consolidation Service. Please proceed to the next step if you do not require optional services.

5. Define abroad shipping details

You select an international carrier and extra services such as a protective service or a customized service when the item arrives at the Janbox warehouse (if necessary). Please keep in mind that you cannot combine protection and special services in the same bundle.


6. The second payment (Pay for domestic, and international shipping fees and optional service fees)

To complete your payment, please pick a payment option and check your payment details before clicking the “Payment” button. The product will be dispatched overseas after payment is received.


Shipping High-Value Items: Because customs inspections have gotten more stringent, parcels with a total value of 200,000 JPY or more may be returned to the Janbox warehouse. Janbox will postpone the shipment of some of the packages by mailing them on various days in this situation.

7. Get your items 

The goods will be sent to your registered address in a secure way.

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III. How long does it take for shipping from Japan to Australia? 

There are numerous questions about shipping products from Japan to Australia, the most prevalent of which is “how long does it take to ship from Japan to Australia?”. The expected shipping time from Japan to Australia by sea and air is mentioned below.


1. By sea

Services to the ports of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle, and Hobart are available for shipping from Japan to Australia by ship. The following are the average port-to-port shipping times for maritime freights from Tokyo or Yokohama, Japan to ports in Australia:

  • 27 to 32 days in Sydney
  • 28 to 33 days in Melbourne
  • 30 to 37 days from Brisbane to Fremantle
  • 35 to 45 days in Adelaide
  • 40 to 50 days (via Melbourne) to Hobart

2. By air 

For those who choose the air freight shipping method, express shipping can take as short as 5-10 days from Japan to Australia. However, distance, shipment mode, route, and season all have an influence on freight transport travel time. 

  • The weather 

Airplanes are the primary mode of transportation in the airspace, which is the most weather-prone sector. Flights are easily delayed or canceled in the worst weather circumstances, such as thunder, thunderstorms, and so on, hurting people and international commodities movement. 

Because the weather is an objective issue, it is impossible for airlines to actively manage the situation when delays occur. It’s tough to prevent delivery delays if your items are frequently shipped to nations or locations that are prone to storms, harsh weather, or other natural disasters. Despite the fact that the prevalence of aviation accidents is quite low, the damage caused by an accident is very considerable, according to current figures.

It is easy to run into similar complications not just on international routes, but also on local routes for quick airfreight, resulting in items arriving later than intended.  These are unusual circumstances that make shipping businesses uncomfortable with customers, therefore customers should not be concerned if their items are delivered by air.

  • Some minor issues on the plane 

Goods wishing to board a plane must pass through a series of inspections and tight processes in order to avoid potential dangers during the journey. Supervisors monitor passengers and carry-on bags even in routine passenger transit. In the aviation business, there are required requirements.

Furthermore, because the preparation for a flight before take-off is extremely comprehensive, the airline can cease flight operations if a detail about equipment or harmful information arrives on the plane. The plane was forced to return to the waiting room immediately, and passengers and luggage on that trip were transferred to another flight.

  • Each country’s requirements and condition

Although delivery by plane is speedy, your products may arrive later than planned in some situations. Goods may be intercepted at the airport in the transit nation upon request in some countries with an unstable political environment or tight customs. Many routes cannot fly straight to the receiving nation but must travel through certain countries with aircraft, so the products may meet challenges during the transit test stage, depending on the supervision requirements in each country.

Before being authorized to import products into a country, each country has its own set of standards for items as well as import and export restrictions. Certain types of commodities may be eligible for import before being dispatched, but after they arrive in the recipient nation, difficulties with the supervision agency arise, preventing importation or creating numerous barriers.

Janbox, on the other hand, makes every effort to minimize risks during transit in order to ensure that shipments are delivered on time. As a result, the number of orders shipped by air is steadily rising, giving customers a strong belief in this mode of delivery.

IV. What items can’t be delivered?


All transportation demands are handled with a range of shipping alternatives. Fast transit times, several flights in a single day, comparatively low freight rates, and safe and undamaged cargo throughout the shipping process are all advantages of air transportation.

Despite the benefits of this means of transportation, there are still restrictions in terms of the commodities that can be moved. When you wish to ship, swap, or purchase and sell items overseas, you must first learn about the country where the goods will be sent or received. Because certain nations have forbidden or limited things from being shipped. Thus, before you begin shopping online, make sure to review our list of shipping limitations.

  1. Drugs, addictive substances, narcotic substances, nerve stimulants;
  2. Weapons, ammunition, military equipment;
  3. Depraved and reactionary cultural products, publications, and documents with defiant contents cause insecurity, undermining national solidarity;
  4. Explosive substances,  dangerous substances, or unhygienic, polluting the environment;
  5. The types of products are banned from circulation, trading, export, or import;
  6. Living organism;
  7. Prohibited items from import according to the World Postal Union (UPU);
  8. Currency, checks, and papers of value such as money;
  9. Letter in the parcel;
  10. Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, …), gemstones, or other products made from precious metals;
  11. Publications for the blind;
  12. Types of medical equipment that are not yet allowed to be used;
  13. Medicines for human treatment, vaccines, medical-biological, cosmetics, and chemicals for insecticidal and bactericidal in the field of household and medical use have not been permitted for use;
  14. Illegal items or products with an unclear origin that cannot be proved for their origin will be confiscated by the authorities and not be compensated;
  15. The types of medical cosmetics that have not been announced to the competent authority.


Above is Janbox’s process for shipping from Japan to Australia by air; if you need to transfer your goods or assets in this method to save money and be more proactive throughout the process, please contact us. Access the Janbox website as soon as possible to obtain the most thorough answers, guidance, and assistance. Shippers will be satisfied by Janbox’s expert air freight service, not only in terms of pricing and service quality but also in terms of other criteria.