Shop Japanese Products

Shop Japanese Products

One of the earliest developed countries for online shopping; Japan has become a large and very resolvable market for e-commerce. With the world’s leading giants fighting for the leadership of e-commerce companies, Japan is the powerful place for competition and a huge market share for the benefit of the economy. The Japanese e-commerce side can be compared directly to the superpower “United States”. The wealth of the Japanese and their ways of using online marketplace makes Japan the most influential, attractive places around the world. Using both mobile and computer devices for online shopping, the Japanese purchase a variety of goods and services on the Internet.

Japanese market is very advanced when it comes to technology, with solvency, competition, and high penetration methodology. The Japanese spending power is fierce, despite knowing foreign companies strong position in the country, some specialized platforms such as Janbox are still able to maintain a decent reputation for delivering goods or products internationally.

To give you more information about the state of the market competition in the Japanese e-commerce landscape, here are some of the current top leaders of e-commerce platforms in Japan:

Zozo Town

Zozo Town, is also one of the names in the Japanese Market specializing in footwear and fashion online purchasing. The company was founded in the year 2004, and it later became the largest specialty fashion e-commerce retailer in Japan, offering products from a broad range of local and international brands. The success of Zozo Town has helped launch ZoZo, from over 72 countries and custom-fitted clothing brands, and at-home measurement system Zozo Suite.


Merari is a marketplace app launched in 2013 that allows people to buy and sell their own products, as well as electronics, from fashion to toys, sporting goods, directly from their smartphones. The app specifically attributes its success to specific features including a live streaming e-commerce channel and Mercury Now service, which allows users to receive instant cash for their items.

Yahoo! Japan

Yahoo! Japan Shopping is the e-commerce store of Yahoo’s diverse web portal! Japan. It offers a broad variety of products including electronics, cosmetics, clothing, home appliances, footwear, furniture and decorations items as well.

In addition to these platforms operating through a wide range of products, some brands may also be highlighted for their importance in the Japanese economy, particularly for standing out. Although they are not open platforms, they still manage to sell mobile phones and various telecommunications products and services on their website. They still carry considerable weight in the Japanese e-commerce landscape.


The company helps you purchasing Japanese product around the world like shopping in your country with easy payment as well as shopping in your country. The company offers international shipping to your country only takes 5-7 days with dedicated 7/365 customer support. This e-commerce marketplace enables individuals to buy items from Japan such as clothing, electronics, toys, home appliances and decorations,….. With a wide choice of categories including cosmetics, home appliances, and decoration, clothing, electronics,…. Janbox, the company benefits a large share of mobile users in Japan.