Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now

You are looking for the best gifts from Japan what to buy to present to your family and friends. They will be so happy when receiving your souvenirs because it means that you love them and always think about them during your trip. So, what are the best gifts from Japan to buy?

You do not know what souvenir has a special meaning and symbolizes the land of the rising sun, do you? So, today, Janbox will introduce a list of the top 20 amazing gifts to buy from Japan right away. Don’t let you wait anymore, go ahead!

1. Top 20 best gifts from Japan you’ll want to buy now

With regard to Japanese souvenirs, the list seems to be endless. There are plenty of beautiful and lovely things you can only buy in Japan. Below are the top 20 best Japanese gifts.

1.1. Yukata or Kimono

When it comes to Japan, Yukata or Kimono may be the first thing that arises in your mind. As we all know, kimonos are known as one of the most traditional symbols of Japanese culture. That is the reason why it belongs to the list of the best gifts to buy from Japan. A kimono’s cost depends on the material used to create it. In general, the kimonos made of cotton cost about ¥20,000 while those made of silk may be much more expensive.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Although yukatas or kimonos are not cheap

What’s about yukata? This is a casual summer kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. You can easily buy yukata sets in tourist areas such as Akihabara, Asakusa, or Kyoto. The set is so charming, including a yukata, an obi (sash), geta (shoes), and himo (yukata strings). They promise to give users a comfortable feeling and a timelessly stylish look. So, there is no reason for you to refuse to buy this special gift for your friends or relatives.

Although yukatas or kimonos are not cheap, they are a perfect souvenir that you should not ignore when visiting this beautiful country. Besides, the advice for you is that you can purchase second-hand kimonos at a cheaper price in the flea markets in some places like Kyoto.

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1.2. Wagashi

Wagashi is one of the gifts from Japan that you buy during your trip. It is a surprising present for sweet food lovers. Well-known as a type of Japanese sweet, it is made of red bean paste and a sort of rice paste called mochi. Japanese often enjoy wagashi along with matcha as a way to balance its taste. Come rain or shine, it must be an original souvenir to buy in Japan.

Wagashi - best Japanese sweets
Wagashi – best Japanese sweets

1.3. Inkan/Hanko stamp

Japanese often use inkan or hanko stamps to verify documents instead of using signatures. A personal Japanese name is carved on a small wooden cylinder’s base. Then, it is repeatedly coated in ink and stamped on paper in necessary cases. Usually covered with ornate packaging, inkan and hanko are more and more beloved and popular as lovely gifts.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Some types of Japanese Hanko

1.4. Kanzashi hair accessories

Kanzashi are hair ornaments that are used in traditional hairstyles of Japanese women. It refers to a lot of accessories such as hairpins, fabric flowers, and fabric hair ties, or barrettes. The Japanese appreciate the beauty and they use these accessories to enhance their look. As a result, many Japanese stores are dedicated to Kanzashi accessories and jewelry from the gorgeously traditional to the ultra-hip. So, if you are wondering what to buy from Japan as gifts, Kanzashi hair Accessories are one of the best souvenirs.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Several models of Kanzashi hairpins

1.5. Anime, manga merchandise

If you are interested in Japanese culture, you must know about manga and anime genres. Characters in manga and anime are sketched in a realistic and vivid way. This creates special and unique Anime and Manga characters, which are embedded in many people’s memories. Some well-known Anime characters like Pikachu, Doremon have become the most beloved ones of children all over the world.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Anime and manga characters as souvenirs

These Anime and Manga characters have gone beyond cartoons and have been popular until now. For that reason, people take the idea to create souvenirs from these characters. There are also a variety of cards with characters from manga comics that are marketed and quickly are sought after by teenagers in many countries. So, whether you are a big fan or not, you will definitely want to get a glimpse of anime and manga culture that has taken the world by storm. You are able to buy these cards at Japanese e-commerce sites.

1.6. Furin – wind chimes

In Japan, furin is also known as a wind chime, a symbol of summer. Usually, the wind chimes are hung outside of the home or near the windows so that people can enjoy the relaxing sounds whenever the wind blows. In general, furin consists of a bowl-shaped exterior, the clapper (zetsu) inside that makes the sound, and a strip of paper hung from the zetsu. This is a meaningful gift that reminds you of your Japanese adventure.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Furin or Japanese wind chimes

1.7. Omamori charms

When talking about gifts from Japan, we cannot miss Omamori charms. Omamori charms are decorated with special symbols and words that symbolize spiritual connections. They are believed to give us blessings and words in our life. If you want to wish other people luck, happiness, and health, don’t hesitate to pick omamori charms when traveling to Japan. You are bound to buy omamori charms in some stalls selling colorful amulets when you arrive in Japan’s Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines as well.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Colorful omamori charms of Japan

These days, Omamori varies a lot and has 6 main types named: Omamori for safety, Omamori for learning, Omamori for love, Omamori for health, Omamori for fortune, and Omamori for warding off evil spirits. Although each country has its own belief and region, we believe that all people around the world always wish for good things for themselves and their families as well. So, it is quite easy to understand why you should buy Omamori to wear with you or to present to others. So, don’t miss them if you are looking for Japanese gifts

1.8. Chopsticks

If you are still considering what to buy from Japan as a gift, chopsticks are another choice for you. It can be said that chopsticks are one of the most prevalent souvenirs in Japan. When arriving in Japan, you can easily find some stores selling a variety of kinds of chopsticks, including both mass-produced factory sets to high-quality handmade ones.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Choosing chopsticks as a Japanese souvenir

You can purchase good chopsticks at many stores for ¥100. In case, you would like to find something more stylish like a customized set, head to a shop specialized in chopsticks. You can ask the sellers to personalize a set of chopsticks with your name carved on them. One of the most well-known stores selling such special chopsticks is Hashi Gallery Mon, located all over Japan. But the price of these chopsticks may be more expensive. We ensure that these must be unique gifts to buy from Japan for sushi lovers!

1.9. Bento boxes

If you are a cooking lover and are impressed with Japanese cuisine, Bento boxes will become a product you cannot ignore. Created at the end of the Kamakura period (1300 AD), the bento box was quickly loved by the Japanese thanks to its usefulness. The Japanese use them to store food.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
A bento box of lunch for officers

Nowadays, Bento boxes are designed to have many small compartments, which makes them contain more types of food inside. Japanese people often use this box to store food, especially when they go to the office. This product comes in various types, models, and colors, giving us many choices. As a result, Bento boxes are really one of the most worthy gifts to buy.

1.10. Sensu folding fans

When it comes to gifts from Japan, Sensu folding fans are also worth-buying souvenirs. In Japan, the fan was invented between the 6th and 9th centuries. Hiougi was the original Japanese paper fan. After the paper fans became prevalent, people made a creative ideas by drawing pictures or images on them and the name Sensu was born from there.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Fantastic Sensu folding fans in Japanese shops

What is Sensu? It means “fan”. The typical feature of this fan is the small and elegant design, along with the vivid pictures painted on them. Each Sensu fan has about 10-30 fan blades. The Sensu folding fan is not only used for cooling but also a fashion item used in rituals. These days, it is easy to come across Sensu folding fans in souvenir shops on Japanese streets. It is a really cute gift for girls. Just imagine how delicate you are when holding this small and beautiful fan in your hand.

1.11. Sake

No trip to Japan is perfect without drinking some sips of sake. This is a type of traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage. Made from carefully brewed and fermented, its taste will be definitely unforgettable. Sake is said to be the essence of Japan’s soul.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Japanese sake market going international

Thus, if your friend is a person who is fond of rice wine, you don’t have to think a lot about what to buy from Japan as a gift for him. Sake is the best choice. Purchasing a bottle of sake, at a sake brewery or even at the airport on the way back home, is completely worth your money.

1.12. Sweets, kit kats and snacks

Something sweet is definitely a special Japanese gift that is bound to surprise your friends and family. When visiting Japanese streets, you will be completely impressed with the shelves covered with tons of sweets and snacks. The first thing we must mention is Kit Kat, coming in lots of different types and shapes. You can buy the wafer bars to bring home or some other types designed to be baked in the oven.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Nanjakorya daifuku

What’s about sweets and snacks? It is obvious that each region and area of Japan is well-known for its specialty. Take Miyazaki as an example, it takes pride in tasty red bean and fruit rice cakes, called nanjakorya daifuku. However, no need to worry, wherever you are in Japan, it is not hard for you to figure out what that area’s unique snacks and sweets are.

1.13. Matcha (Green Tea)

Another name in the list of best gifts from Japan what to buy is matcha (or green tea). It is a finely ground powder that is produced from the stems and dried leaves of a specific green tea plant. When combined with hot water, it creates a green and earthy beverage with a little textured consistency. Drinking some sips of tea will call you memories of a vacation in Japan thanks to its special flavour. Matcha is really a lovely souvenir, especially for your friends indulging in tea.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Matcha is so popular in Japan that you can find it in many shops and stores all over Japan

Matcha is so popular in Japan that you can find it in many shops and stores all over Japan. But, Uji and Shizouka are famous for being some of the best places selling matcha. Therefore, if you travel to Japan, why don’t you spend time coming here to buy the best match as a souvenir for your family?

1.14. Kendama

Games and toys are always wonderful presents for your kids. If you are looking for such a gift, have a gander at kendama. It is a ball and string toy that came to Japan in the 1700s. It looks like a yo-yo but requires more skills to play. Putting video games or phones aside, kendama promises to give both children and adults alike happy and exciting hours.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Kendama promises to give both children and adults alike happy and exciting hours

These toys are created in various styles and designs, giving buyers a lot of choices. Undoubtedly, kendama is worth one of the perfect gifts to buy from Japan.

1.15. Daruma dolls

In addition to Omamori, Daruma dolls are also regarded as good luck charms. It is said that Daruma dolls will bring good luck to users and make their wishes come true. They often look squat and colorful with decisive red color, having expressive faces with thick facial hair and big eyes. What’s more, there are several daruma sold with blank eyes. What will you do with such Japanese traditional dolls? It is suggested that you should draw a left eye first when you set your goal or dream and finish the right eye when your dream gets done.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
In addition to Omamori, Daruma dolls are also regarded as good luck charms

You can look for daruma at almost all souvenir shops in Japan. But, to get the most memorable shopping experience, spend a day traveling to Takasaki to contemplate Shorinzan Daruma-ji Temple. This temple was constructed in 1679 and is the place where the Japanese lucky daruma dolls originated.

1.16. Japanese face masks

It is undoubted that Japanese cosmetics are famous all over the world. Skincare brands of Japan have introduced a number of sheet masks that combine various ingredients delivering just more than an improvement in hydration.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Some best Japanese face masks

There are lots of face masks with more functions like combating acne, tackling fine lines, and so on. You can buy them for low prices (a few hundred yen) at any Japanese drugstore.

1.17. Mini Zen garden

Mini Zen Garden is renowned for the tabletop version of Japanese rock gardens. Made of basic tools such as a container, sand, and a rake, a mini Zen garden could create a calm and peaceful place for contemplation and meditation as well. This is a great gift for those who are interested in the zen, Buddhism, meditation, and contemplation aspects of Japanese culture.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Japanese Zen garden for desk

The process of building this garden, combining other Zen elements, and ranking the sand gives you a comfortable and relaxing experience. A mini Zen garden would be a perfect gift that brings serenity as well as stillness into busy daily lives within your office or home.

1.18. Japanese teacup gift set

There is nothing more interesting and relaxing than enjoying a great cup of tea, especially when drinking that tea out of a good-looking cup. Hence, Japanese tea sets will definitely make a nice souvenir for your recipient. Take this Japanese teacup gift set in a wooden box as an example.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
A Japanese teacup gift set in Wooden box

This set includes five ceramic tea cups packaged in a sophisticated wooden box. So, a Japanese teacup gift set in a wooden box is one of the best gifts from Japan that you should buy.

1.19. Japanese watches

If you are finding something a bit more expensive, impressive, and luxurious as a souvenir, a Japanese watch is a fantastic gift. Well-known for their outstanding quality as well as elegant designs, these gifts from Japan will never make you disappointed.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Seko watch – a best gift from Japan

A watch represents the time after all and the time is especially appreciated by the Japanese. Some famous Japanese watches you can consider are Seiko, Citizen, Orient, or Casio.

1.20. Skincare set

Referring to good-quality cosmetics, women must think about Japanese products. The Japanese are famous for their carefulness and, therefore, the cosmetics made in this country always meet the standard requirements. So, Japanese skincare sets are exactly one of the perfect gifts to buy from Japan.

Top 20+ Best Gifts From Japan What To Buy 2021 Right Now
Japanese skincare sets are exactly one of the perfect gifts to buy from Japan

Almost all Japanese cosmetics are made from natural ingredients and fit all skin types. There are a variety of cosmetics such as lipstick, lotion, sunscreen, etc. There is not any difficulty for you to pick the most suitable one. A lot of Japanese cosmetic brands you can buy and use include KOSÉ, SHISEIDO, SK-II, HADA LABO, SAKURA, SHU UEMURA, NARIS, DHC, MENARD or KANEBO. Take a look and choose the best one for you.

2. Let’s get ready for your trip at Japan with Janbox

To have a wonderful shopping experience when traveling to Japan, you need to prepare something necessary, especially its shopping culture. Discover some useful information for shopping in Japan with Janbox’s proxy service.

  • No bargaining when buying in Japan: Almost all Japanese products’ prices are appropriate and fixed. So, it is advised that you should not bargain when buying in Japan.
  • Consumption tax in Japan: In fact, you need to pay an extra 5% consumption tax for each product in Japan. So, take a careful look at the price to see whether it includes tax or not.
  • Self-service stores: These stores are quite popular in Japan. You will purchase and pay for yourself at the listed price. But, it is important to remember that you should not dislocate the position of the products here.


Famous for its historical and traditional value, Japan has created a variety of beautiful and meaningful souvenirs. Each gift reflects the human characteristics, culture, and long-lasting history of the country. Do not hesitate to list Japan as one of the must-visit destinations in your life to enjoy its thousand-year beauty. So, we hope that Janbox’s list of the best gifts from Japan what to buy will be helpful to you. If you haven’t had a chance to visit this beautiful country but still want to possess these cute souvenirs, just access our Janbox online shopping app right away! We are sure that you will have an unforgettable experience.

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