Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands 2021 You Must Buy

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands 2021 You Must Buy

We all know that Japanese fashion is well-known for high-quality products and many special designs. Japanese menswear fashion is especially an attractive subject that impresses everyone. Janbox has been following a number of Japanese men clothing brands making waves in the worldwide industry, so we have compiled a list of those brands that are worth checking out.

If you are interested in the style, the list of top 15 best Japanese menswear brands in 2021 is for you. Therefore, we hope that you won’t ignore thist collection we’ve made if you want to make a distinctive style for yourself.

1. Top 15 Japanese menswear brands you should know

1.1. Visvim

Visvim, the trendy Japanese menswear brand, was founded in 2000 by Hiroki Nakamura. He used to work as a designer at Burton Snowboards. But after that, he decided to leave and start his own business. Nowadays, the label has headquarters in Tokyo and some other stores in Japan as well as the United States.

The brand is famous for its carefully sourced raw materials and impeccable artisanship. Each collection is inspired by American fashion paired with elements of high-tech, traditional craftsmanship, and high-quality materials.

1.2. Mastermind Japan

In 1997, Masaaki Honma founded Mastermind Japan which is often abbreviated as MMJ. The company stands for timeless cool with a distinctively Japanese style. Black and the Skull & Crossbones logo are the two ingredients that make the mastermind stand out.

Although Mastermind no longer delivers its seasonal pieces, it continues to collaborate with other brands such as Adidas Originals. Every product is made in Japan, and it comes with a tag that lists the name of those who helped manufacture it.

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands
Mastermind Japan

1.3. Undercover

The Undercover clothing line was founded in 1993 by Jun Takahashi. Its debut collection made Japanese men’s fashion popular worldwide. Undercover’s debut at Paris Fashion Week in 2002 cemented the brand’s status as one of the most recognizable labels in Japan.

The Japanese menswear label combines streetwear and high fashion in its collections, ushering in new trends and creative pieces. For nearly 30 years, the designer’s distinctive style has influenced stylists across the globe where contemporary fashion stands today. Some of the earliest Undercover designs are now highly desirable.

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1.4. Neighbourhood

In 1994, designer Shinsuke Takizawa started the Neighbourhood fashion label in Tokyo. He has a deep interest in motorcycles. Therefore, the concept for craft basic Japanese men’s clothing is inspired by unique interpretations of elements from motorcycles, the military, and outdoor activities.

As a result, the collection includes denim, leather jackets, motorcycle goods, eyewear, interior items, and more. Furthermore, recently, he created a series named Neighborhood One Third which is only for kids with beautiful items at 1/3 the normal size.

1.5. Uniqlo

When someone mentions Japanese men’s fashion, he can’t miss the name of Uniqlo. The brand was founded in the 1980s as the “Unique Clothing Warehouse”. One of the best advantages which makes the label outstanding in the market is its direction. A perfect balance is maintained between straightforward, classic designs and creative, wildcard designs. Because it’s a brand from Japan, the material used in their Japanese clothing brands for men is obviously comfortable and durable.

When you take a quick look at the Japanese fashion market, almost all businesses focus on quality and high prices. Uniqlo becomes special because of its affordable rate compared with its durable quality.

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands

1.6. White Mountaineering

The White Mountaineering brand was founded in 2006 by Yosuke Aizawa. Before this year, he worked in Junya Watanabe, where he was inspired by details like embroidered fabrics, jacquards, elaborate patterns, and patterned fabric blends. Aizawa admitted in interviews in the past that his designs may not be suitable for mountaineering.

However, his fascination with cold-weather aesthetics has contributed to some of the most interesting looks in recent Japanese fashion. Recently, the business has even had chances to collaborate with many famous labels all around the world like Barbour, Saucony sneakers, and Adidas Originals.

1.7. Cav Empt

Cav Empt was founded in 2012 by SK8THING (Billionaire Boys Club, BAPE) and Toby Feltwell (Mo’Wax Records). The Japanese menswear brand name of the iconic clothing store is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase ‘buyer beware. Among many menswear in the world, Cav Empt is welcomed by many consumers because of its colorful designs. Their graphics and colorways are eye-catching and represent a culture clash, much like an old Mo’Wax 12 inch.

Cav Empt’s clothing collection draws its inspiration from Italian horror films from the 20th century. Throughout the years, the company has continued to sell its products through select retail outlets.

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands
Cav Empt

1.8. Beams

Beams was established in 1976 by Etsuzo Shitara and Osamu Shigematsu. Shigematsu’s love of vintage fashion, especially of the classic Americana variety, led him to many trips to the United States to purchase items. However, because the physical characteristics of Japanese men differ from those of American men, Japanese shoppers require tailored products. Therefore, creating unique pieces is the essence of beams menswear, where international trends are interpreted through a Japanese perspective.

As of today, the brand has been enhanced with the Ivy League edge – the brand is favored as much by men who appreciate madras shirts and button-down Oxford shirts.

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1.9. orSlow

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands

orSlow was founded by clothing hoarder and designer Ichiro Nakatsu. He started collecting vintage military items and working clothes, and in 2005. Then, he established this Japanese men’s fashion brand name to produce clothes with a long and more complex production process. One of his main purposes is bringing simple items with the best quality which customers can use for a long time.

The brand is inspired by Americana from the 1960s, Japanese military uniforms, and European workwear. Therefore, orSlow’s hardy clothing is woven on traditional shuttle looms before being washed and aged for a look that is truly vintage.

1.10. Comme des Garçons

The Japanese menswear brand, Comme des Garçons was founded in 1969 by Rei Kawakubo and gained popularity in Japan during the 1970s before launching in Paris in 1981. It can be said that the list can’t be completed if it doesn’t have the name of this label. The mission of Comme des Garçons is to bring you the latest fashion trends because it represents the epitome of Japanese tailor-made and high-end clothing. While it remains a luxury collection, a few years ago it began to roll out affordable collections to broaden its customer base.

1.11. Y-3

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands

It is the result of a collaboration between Adidas and Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. He is known as a person who combines traditional Japanese design with contemporary perspectives in his designs. When Y-3 was launched in 2002, it was breaking the boundaries between fashion and sport. The items from this brand are always coveted by collectors worldwide. Many people estimate that its style is both fashionable and practical, with a distinguishing Japanese character and modern design.

1.12. Remi Relief

In 2007, Yutaka Goto founded Remi Relief. He draws inspiration from the American culture of the 1960s and 1970s, especially Californian skateboarding and surfing. Therefore, the brand is a perfect example of how another country can make something that looks like something from the U.S. but is 100% its own. The founder, Yutaka Goto, set up the label’s own factory in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, where most Japanese artisanal products are made. Additionally, Goto uses soft cotton that not only enhances the aged style he seeks but also provides unbelievably comfortable results.

1.13. Blue Blue Japan

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands
Blue Blue Japan

Founded in 1996 as an internal Japanese men’s clothing brand for the Tokyo clothing store Okura, Blue Blue Japan quickly expanded beyond Okura. Today, Blue Blue Japan is known around the world as its own brand, inspired by traditional workwear styles and traditional indigo dyeing techniques. In every item of this company, we can see clearly the local vibes of ancient times. At that time, kimonos with the deep blue hue of the label’s clothing were treasured.

Blue Blue Japan draws inspiration from its home country’s history to produce seasonally-themed collections of simple. These local outfits are decorated with traditional Japanese patterns and colors.


Kapital was originally called Capital after its hometown of Kojima, where it was founded in 1985 by Toshikiyo Hirata. Capital began as a sewing and dyeing factory and eventually developed into one of the world’s most highly respected denim specialists. The best Japanese menswear brand with a special feature of the smiley-face label makes a name for itself. With more than 30 years of experience, Kapital has become one of the most perfect Americana styles. Especially, its design is for those who love creative crafts and dyeing techniques.


United Arrows was founded by Beams guru Osamu Shigematsu in 1989. Thanks to designers Poggy Kogi and Yasuto Kamoshita, United Arrows is a well-known name on the streets of Tokyo. Even, last year, the Japanese men’s fashion brand opened its 256th store in Roppongi Hills.

Moreover, the label cooperates with The North Face Purple Label for the water-repellent, relaxed-cut Field Denali Jacket, as well as Dr. Martens. In addition, they collaborate with Russell Athletic for their oversized polo shirts estimated to be the basic item for every menswear collector.

Top 15 Best Japanese Menswear Brands
United Arrows

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Here is the list of the top 15 best Japanese menswear brands 2021 which you should know if you have the intention to buy any item for yourself or your beloved ones. We hope that with this list from Janbox, you will get more interesting information about this type of fashion in the nation. You can see that each brand has its own story and special features which make its own name. But the same point is their quality and creative designs. Every creation looks like a masterpiece of each designer and stylist. Therefore, all you need is simply to contemplate their design and pick one suitable for your style. Hope that you will choose your favorite item. And it’s time for a happy shopping!

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